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He Watched His Daughter

This caller was telling me how he felt guilty because last week he watched his daughter and he can’t stop thinking about it. He woke up in the middle of the night since he heard noises and he followed the … Continue reading

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A Hot, Fucking Ride

I was visiting a friend recently in her new luxury high rise condo, it was a lovely building and she paid a good deal for it. We visited a few hours and had dinner and then I left to go … Continue reading

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Fuck Me Hard

I love my boyfriend, but sometimes I just need a bit…..more. I fool around a lot actually and really can’t help myself. Last week I had a plumbing situation, and I called and the regular one was busy, so he … Continue reading

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The Thrill Of It All

Having sex in public is not always the wisest move, sometimes the urge overtakes us and our common sense and doing it where we could get caught possibly isn’t as crazy as ones full on doing it in public with … Continue reading

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Suck Big, Black Cock For Mommy

I hear lots of different spins on the mommy fantasy from guys. Usually ones that want to get caught and have mommy join in and show them how its done. One of my good regulars though had a bit of … Continue reading

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