He Watched His Daughter

This caller was telling me how he felt guilty because last week he watched his daughter and he can’t stop thinking about it. He woke up in the middle of the night since he heard noises and he followed the noises and they were coming from his daughter’s bedroom. The door was open a crack, the lights were off but there was light coming in from the window and he could see her masturbating with the sheets off of her and her hand working her pussy. He said he got hard instantly and he just stood there and watched her. She had no idea he was outside the door watching, she was so lost in her masturbation.

She’s a young teen, and he knew he shouldn’t be standing there watching her, but he was frozen to the spot. He could see her young pussy glistening in the moonlight from the window and he felt his cock throb as he watched her work her young clit for several moments and then let herself cum. He then tiptoed back to his room down the hall and masturbated to several orgasms, with thoughts of her playing with her horny, young pussy.

He’s gone past her door a few times hoping to see a repeat performance, but he’s not been so lucky to have that happen. He’s been jerking off a lot and calling to talk about this most unexpected experience. He of course won’t mention it to her, or her mom, who was out of town when it happened, but it’s gotten his engine revved up big time just thinking about it. How often does she do it, how many times does she make herself cum? So he had lots of questions about my masturbation habits when I was her age, which I was happy to answer. So many people watching things they shouldn’t. People really need to learn to close their doors unless they live alone.

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