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I Saw Him Standing There

When I’m alone I like to dance, and chances are, I’m naked. I do it all the time alone in my room. I’ve done it since I was in my early teens. Once when I thought I was alone I … Continue reading

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Family Ties

My brother and I were always close, but something happened recently that brought us even closer. I’d thought I was home alone and was masturbating and because I thought I was alone, I was loud, as I like to be … Continue reading

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Me, Sis, & Her Friend

One of my favorite callers has a fantasy about him, his sister and her friend. Apparently his sister really gave him a hand job when he was a teen, but he was still a virgin, so he didn’t do more … Continue reading

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Sexy Sister, How Much Will You Charge Me?

My client that is heavily into escorts and thinks all truly good sexual encounters need to be paid for had a different spin this week on his fantasies. He wanted to pay his sister for it. She was going to … Continue reading

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Sister And Mommy Playtime

Incest with sister isn’t that common for call fantasies I get, but once in a while I do get them. One that has been calling likes not only sister incest, but mommy as well, and at the same time. He … Continue reading

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