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He Watched His Daughter

This caller was telling me how he felt guilty because last week he watched his daughter and he can’t stop thinking about it. He woke up in the middle of the night since he heard noises and he followed the … Continue reading

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Keep It In The Family

Lots of male callers have the tried and true fantasy of the mom and daughter threesome. Like mother, like daughter. Maybe mom has taught her daughter a thing or two in the ways of plaseing a man. Also, many guys … Continue reading

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Mommy Daughter Threesome

My mom and I have always been close, but last week we got a whole lot closer when she brought home this new guy. He was a lot younger than she is, he was only a couple of years older … Continue reading

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Daddy Daughter Love

Some callers want their little girl in a very naughty and unnatural way. They want their dear daughter to crawl into their bed and have them suck their cock, fuck them, give their young, virgin pussies to daddy. Can you … Continue reading

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Cum For Daddy

There’s been all kinds of naughty daddy’s calling this week, another one that called wanted to have a daddy daughter fantasy. Most calling for incest calls like the mommy son dynamic, it’s fairly rare I get the daddy daughter requests, … Continue reading

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