My Clit Licking Toy

My boyfriend is really good at oral sex, he loves going down on my pussy more than just about anything. When he said he had to go on a business trip for a couple of weeks, I was pretty bummed out. I knew we’d miss one another something awful. On his last night, he gave me a present and I was surprised when I opened it. It was a sex toy. I’m not really into toys, but he said he knew how much I enjoyed him going down on me and this was a clit licking vibe. He wanted me to use it when we’d talk on the phone each night. I was game to try.

The next night after he was done with his meetings and we were both fed and relaxed, he told me to go in the bedroom and lay down on the bed and get out the toy he’d gotten me. He’d charged it and it was ready to go. I laid back and turned it on, and oh my God, it was one of the best orgasms I’d ever had in my life. He loved listening to me cum and I knew he was stroking away as well.

He told me to make myself cum three times with it and I did, and it was not hard. I laughed and told him this toy was giving him a run for his money. We talked nearly every night that he was away and masturbated for one another. The night he finally arrived back home, we had one passionate reunion and I loved every second of it. He loved tasting my pussy after being without it for so long and we made love until nearly dawn. The toy is back in the drawer, I’ve got my honey back now, but playing with that toy while he listened was a lot of fun, but nothing beats the real thing.

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I Masturbated at Work

I have been so horny lately, I’ve been masturbating more than usual. I know I shouldn’t take the risk, but today I masturbated at work in my office. I locked the door and got out my pocket sized vibe and quickly used it to cum with. It only takes me around five minutes to cum using it, so I figured I’d do it without anyone noticing, and I did. I commonly lock my door so as not to be disturbed when on the phone with important clients, so I knew that in and of itself would not raise any suspicions.

I locked it and got out my vibe, raised my skirt, put one foot up on the corner of my desk, pulled my panties off to the side and turned on the vibe. It’s a quiet little thing, so I really had no worries about being heard using it. I spread open my cunt lips, and I was already dripping. I swear I do not know what’s come over me lately for me to be so horny. I turned on the vibe and its buzz got me even more aroused, knowing the pleasure it would bring. I placed it on my stiffened clit and bit my lip to stop from crying out.

I had one leg over the arm of my office chair, the other foot on the desk corner, I began to wildly buck against the buzzing toy. It did not take long for me to cum. I could feel my pussy contracting as I came. I did not want my coworkers outside my office to know obviously. I caught my breath and then straightened myself up and went to the ladies room. I know many people, mostly men, seem to masturbate in their work offices, but there are definitely some women that are getting naughty with themselves as well.

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How Do You Feel About Tits?

Big tits are usually popular with a lot of callers. Many have fantasies about some big titted gal they know in their own life and wonder what it would be like to squeeze them and feel them up. Titty fucks are a popular thing to fantasize about as well. That doesn’t really bring any physical pleasure to a woman, so you know she’s all about giving the pleasure to a man when she gives him one. Those big, billowy breasts wrapped around his hard shaft, they just love the idea of it if they are into tits. Some are downright obsessed with them and will not really look at a woman otherwise. If the tits are too small, they just will not be interested. (Guess what guys, we feel the same about small dicks! So hope you measure up!)

Do you like some big, sexy nipples to suck on and get hard? Do they make your dick just as hard playing and toying with them? Not all men into big breasts love breast milk as well, but it is a popular fetish as well. Milk leaking all over your cock as you fuck those milky titties, some men go wild for such a scenario. Some are having the mommy fantasy when it comes to the breast milk fetish, but not all.

How big is too big for tits? Some only want the natural look and no implants ever, only one caller over the year has mentioned implants as his preference. Many callers will ask if I’ve had mine augmented or if they are natural, it seems to be a question many are curious about, they ask about if you shave or do not shave in the same manner, as if it matter to talk to someone over the phone what condition their tits and or pussy are in. Men can be strange creatures, and you cannot please all of them all of the time, no one can. What one loves, another finds distasteful, and so it goes.

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Passing The Class

I knew when I was in school I was a bad student. I hated school and preferred to socialize, so always was struggling to pass my classes. This one new teacher I knew liked me. I’d seen him staring at me and looking down my blouse when I was bending over his desk to put my test paper on it. I knew I was also likely going to fail the subject he taught. I stayed after class one day and before he knew what hit him, I’d locked the door, pulled down the window shade and climbed on his desk.

His jaw literally dropped. I knew he was peeking at my pussy under my short skirt since I’d not worn panties that day in preparation for just this incident. I did a little bump and grind for him and smiled when I saw the rise in his pants as a result. I told him I knew I was not going to pass, so I was willing to do whatever it took to pass the class, if you got my drift. He said he did indeed “get the drift”. He said he’d had girls like me in the past and they knew how to get things going. I got down off the desk and bent over it, leaning on my elbows, offering him my teenage cunt from behind.

He wasted no time and I heard him unzip himself and I was soon filled balls deep with his cock. He was so aroused at my young pussy, he didn’t take long to cum. He said if I was willing to do this once a week after class, I could consider myself passed. I said it was a deal, and I didn’t mind it at all. Little did he know I had the same deal with a few other teachers as well. I really was a little slut, and a crafty, resourceful one at that.

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Let’s Get Physical

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions, but not everyone sticks to them. I however have. I joined a gym and have been going twice a week. Perhaps the fact that the instructor I have is gorgeous helps a bit as well. I had this dream about him and couldn’t stop thinking about him afterwards. I even dreamed about us fucking and now I want to make it a reality. The problem is I think half the other females in the class have the exact same aspirations! I was discussing it with one of the other ladies and she’s got the hots for him as well.

I got bold and asked him over for a drink and answered the door in a very sexy outfit. He looked aroused judging from the bulge in his pants when he saw me. He said he’d been working late and his shoulders were all sore, so of course I offered to give him a neck massage and I hoped it would go further. My hands wandered down his chest from behind and I was so bold as to give his bulge a squeeze. He did not stop me from doing so. I unzipped him and let my hand wander into his pants and he leaned back and groaned with pleasure. I jerked him off, leaning over his shoulder and asked if he’d like to take things into the bedroom. He stood up and smiled and took me by the hand and I led him there.

I laid him on the bed, totally taking the lead and undressing him. Then I undressed myself and I got up and straddled him. His cock was rock hard and I sank down onto it, filling myself with his turgid manhood. I slowly began to rock back and forth on top of him, my tits in his face and his cock rubbing my clit. I squeezed my cunt muscles and knew I was going to explode. He grabbed me by the hips and thrust upwards into me, I came clenching his cock within me and he shot his milky load into me. This was by far the most fun I’d had working out with him yet.

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