Calling For Phone Sex From a Hotel

Guys calling from hotel rooms is nothing new. They go on business trips and are bored. If they even have a lady, a wife or a girlfriend, they are unlikely to want to have phone sex with them, so they get bored and turn to porn and phone sex girls. So getting calls from guys on business trips is nothing new. Their meetings done for the day, their mediocre dinner behind them, they head to their rooms alone and find themselves getting horny. It’s the perfect opportunity to have phone sex actually, since they have as much privacy as they could hope for.

No prying eyes or ears of the cold wife around, so they many times find themselves seeking the comfort of a female voice for them to masturbate to. Some would have adult movies available in the hotel rooms, but with most everyone carrying their own computer these days when they travel, they can easily access porn wherever they are to titillate themselves with. They find the right gal to talk to, or maybe they already have a favorite they are able to freely call now once more since they have privacy, and out that hard cock comes.

They imagine we are there in the hotel room with them, sucking their cock and getting fucked. Some claim to adore hotel sex, since it’s just more wild and more free for some reason. Also can be arousing, or annoying, to the other guests to listen to. I’m guessing more annoying, but some like to imagine they are turning on the people in nearby rooms. The hot, sexy woman they are fucking the living daylights out of, grabbing her breasts, pounding her pussy, pulling her hair. Making her cum over and over and then they themselves cum as well, hard and thoroughly, draining themselves into her. Yes, hotel sex can indeed be wild.

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I Cheated On My Boyfriend

My boyfriend goes out of town on business a lot and quite frankly, it’s become an issue in our relationship. I need more sex than I am getting and I decided when he goes away on all these business trips, I’m going to see other men. Masturbation will only take you so far. I need cock. There’s a new man that bought the condo unit across from ours that I found attractive from the first moment I laid eyes on him. My boyfriend had a week long business trip coming up, so I made my move when he left town.

I knocked on his door and asked him over for a “welcome to the building drink”, he accepted. I liked him, he was not only fun and personable, but very sexy and good looking. I think he knew I was coming onto him, since he made a move and I did not stop him. We were soon laying there on the couch making out. I told him I got lonely when my boyfriend was out of town and I needed someone for those times. I was honest and upfront about what I was seeking and he said he’d be glad to help me out. He wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but often wanted someone to play with no strings attached.

He carried me to the bedroom and stripped me down. I loved his cock and gave him a great blow job, he said it was the best he’d ever had and I was happy to worship his cock once I saw the size of it. It wasn’t long until he got me on all fours and slid that thing into my wet snatch and I was stretched to the max with his girth. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto that glorious cock as it sunk into my pussy. It wasn’t long until I was having a screaming, five alarm orgasm. He shot his load into me. I knew this new fuck buddy of mine and I would be having a lot of fun.

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Sloppy Blow Job For You

Most guys love a sloppy blow job. The thought of a wet, slippery mouth closing around the head of their dick and sliding up and down is enough to make most hard instantly. Some prefer a blow job to actual sex. They don’t really need to work for their pleasure, they just lay back and relax. So many guys call and ask if I love to give them, do I swallow, they want all the details to go by as they stroke away on their cocks as I paint the salacious picture with my words.

Many love even the sound effects of the blow job, so I keep a fat Sharpie marker next to the phone to suck on for those realistic blow job sounds they love so much. Does just the sound of a woman sucking on something get your cock to twitch and come to life? Some love it so much they have literally asked for just sucking sounds and no talking, which seems easier, but can actually create the same kind of mouth, tongue and jaw fatigue that performing an actually blow job can create, so it can be taxing depending on how long that they want to hear it. You try doing it for a twenty minute call and see how easy it is!

Most men adore being serviced this way and never tire of blow jobs. One said it’s like giving flowers to a woman for a man to get one, always unexpected and always welcome. Some callers that are older and never slept with anyone other than their wives have never had a blow job and are very curious about them since they’ve never had one. Many people would find it hard to think a man in his seventies has made it his whole life without having one, but when I’ve asked, they say their wife would have considered it dirty and disgusting and perverted, so there’s no use in ever having brought it up, so they’ve never had one and have seen it in porn only.

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Chinese Food Delivery Guy

Now if there’s one things Asians are known for, it’s that they usually have the smallest dicks on the planet. I researched global cock sizes in the past and the Koreans had the smallest with an average of three inches. Not very impressive, being half the size of the average North American. So when a guy called and said he had a fantasy about a Chinese food delivery guy, with “brown balls” coming over to fuck him, I couldn’t help but laugh. He said he’d heard of Asian guys with quite large cocks. Again, I was laughing. Now I’m sure there must be a few somewhere that do, but on average they are known for being small in the manhood department.

So the guy knocks on the door, the Chinese food delivery in hand and he gets invited in for a lot more than getting paid. When he seriously said he wanted to put soy sauce on the “brown balls”, I lost it and was laughing full on. The things that people say on a daily basis are enough to send you into hysterics at times. So the soy sauce is shaken all over the brown balls, and I guess he licks it off, sucks the guys apparently shockingly large cock and then gets fucked by him. Hey, why not.

Pizza delivery guys do on occasion make an appearance in phone sex calls, but I can honestly say this is a first for a Chinese food delivery guy to be fantasized about. Perhaps somewhere a guy delivering food has indeed been invited in and things took a turn like they would in a porn movie, stranger things have indeed happened. So the next time you call for take out, just imagine the guy that brings it to you and all the things you could tell him you want to do to him!

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Hand Job On The Open Road

One thing my boyfriend loves is when I start to jack him off in the car when he’s driving. I told him I thought it was dangerous, but he said he’s had it done countless times, even gotten head before, while he’s driving. So I started to jack him off when we’d go on longer drives. He loves when there’s a higher vehicle than ours and they can look down and see what’s going on. There was a bus full of older ladies on their way somewhere and he told me to start stroking him and he pulled up right in the lane next to them.

I was laughing so hard as I looked up and saw their shocked expressions and open mouths as they saw me rub his cock and pump it in my hand. He never stays in any space too long though, since he worries about someone taking out their phone and taking a picture and then a pic of the license plate. He’s smart enough to not want that to happen and be connected to it. I will just unzip his jeans, slip my hand inside and start to rub him, he usually gets hard in seconds. I love how he feels in my hand when he grows hard in it.

I then pull it out, smoothing my hand up and down the hard shaft and smoothing the dripping precum all over his hard dick. Tugging hard, then softer, alternating my movements to drive him crazy and then I get a steady rhythm going and press harder until he squirts. He never gets sick of my hands and fingers teasing him and loves when others catch a passing glimpse of this. Our playtime in the car is always fun and we get to do it a few times a month when we drive for longer distances.

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