Forced Intox Phone Sex

One of my callers is quite the drinker. Now many likely are, but they do not incorporate that into their phone sex calls. Some however do. They either call after they’ve had a few, or some have their booze at the ready and love to be told when to drink, like some kind of college drinking game. One last night had three tall boy beers and two bottles of red wine and I could hear him opening the cans, drinking them down, he was also taking pills. Many like to incorporate pills or poppers, but not all. In all honesty they are going to drink whether you tell them to or not, so it’s not that big of a deal.

They can then develop the problem of cumming when they’ve had a few too many, the old “whiskey dickie” comes into play. Their desire is there, but they just can’t quite get over that edge to cum when they’ve had a bit too much. A frustrating conundrum to be sure, for them. Many ladies like drunk callers, because drunk callers are longer callers, and of course longer calls make you more money. Some will plead for you to stop making them drink more, but it is ultimately their hand holding the glass to their lips, and they know this.

Drinking to a point can make you feel very good and horny, have too much, and no matter how horny you are, you likely won’t be able to cum. The callers into this fetish like the idea that the other person is making them drink more and more, against their will of course. Do you like to hit the bottle hard while trying to masturbate? Do you like the idea of a lady telling you to drink much more than you normally would? Then forced into phone sex is the type for you to try. Maybe you’re already a fan. Give one of our ladies a call tonight.

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Erotic Lactation For You!

One of the calls I had today was a breast milk feeding call, I don’t get too many of those, but there are absolutely guys out there who have this fetish. He was not even looking for mommy to be the one breastfeeding, just a sexy woman with big, milk filled titties for him to latch onto and nurse from as I stroked his cock and caressed his balls. Does erotic lactation drive you wild? Do you fantasize about big titted women with giant breasts overflowing with warm, sweet milk that you’d suck on and swallow down your throat?

It’s a turn on for many guys, but some are afraid it’s an odd fetish or a turn off. Not all women are comfortable with this sort of fantasy, but for many of us, it’s not a big deal to indulge at all. A huge, warm pair of pillow like breasts for you to nestle into and kiss and suck and derive nourishment from. Lots of guys do fantasize about titty fucks. Sliding their cock between the breasts and having the lady lick the tip of their cock when it’s pushed up underneath, it really gets ones into tits excited. Of course some want it to be mommy who’s doing the breastfeeding and that’s fine as well, after all, no one can nourish her little boy like mommy can, right?

Smearing the nipples with your dripping precum and watching us suck our nipples drives many guys over the edge of pleasure. The thought of those soft breasts being wrapped around their shaft and glided up and down is enough to make them cum in their pants. Sometimes seeing a big breasted woman is enough to get this fantasy going in their minds, wanting to suck and to squeeze those great big tits. Does breastfeeding drive you wild? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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The Horny Librarian

I’ve worked as a librarian in the past and always loved the calm, quiet environment the library offered. I also got to study many young men that were reading and absorbed in their books and studies. They likely had no clue the horny librarian was observing them. One did however, and we had lots of fun. He saw how I stared at the otherwise occupied young men and when he came up to me to check a book out, he leaned in and said as much, the cheeky young thing. He was good looking and apparently observant, and he asked me if my cougar pussy was craving some young cock, like his.

Such nerve he had, but he was right and he knew it. He slipped me his email address and a few hours later when I was finished with work I emailed him and he came over to my place. He knew I wanted that young, hard cock and he started kissing me as soon as I closed my door. Our clothes were soon a trail on the floor on the way to the bedroom. He pushed me back on the bed and called me his little slut. I was hungry for his cock and it didn’t take him long to shove it down my throat. I sucked on him until he shot down my throat.

He remained hard, and flipped me over on all fours and ploughed me from behind, stretching me open with his cock. I loved how he handled me. He grabbed my hips and just thrust his dick into me over and over and over, until I creamed down my leg and all over his cock. I shuddered with each orgasm, and he shot me full of his young cum. We’ve played many times and I never tire of his young, hard cock.

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Playing On The Beach

The warm weather just makes me even more adventuresome than usual. I can’t help it, I just want to get naked when it’s sunny, warm and there’s a lovely breeze outside. I was at this beach a few weeks ago and there wasn’t anyone nearby, so I didn’t see the harm in stripping down and being comfortable. The nearest people were so far I could barely see them. I stripped down and laid out my towel to lay in the sun and feel its warmth on my skin. The breeze played over me, the water was lapping at the shore, it wasn’t long until my nipples were standing at attention in the wind.

I started to feel horny. I began to rub suntan lotion all over myself and soon my hand was wandering down between my thighs. I again looked around and didn’t see anyone close by, so I decided to go for it and just masturbate. I stroked my already hard little clit with abandon. It felt incredible. I was wet already, the bit of suntan lotion on my fingers just made it even more slippery. I spread my legs as I looked out at the water and just stroked myself, bucking my hips a bit as I played with myself.

I spread the gooey wetness over my pussy lips and knew I was getting close to cumming. I sped up my actions and soon went over that edge of please and came hard, right there on my beach towel there on the beach in the sunshine. I got up and walked down to the water and went in for a refreshing swim. I was all hot and sticky from my playing and the water felt marvelous on my nude body. Only went I was swimming out a bit did I look up and notice a man sitting on a little cliff above where I’d been playing. He’d been watching me the entire time. I’m hoping he enjoyed the show.

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Calling For Phone Sex From a Hotel

Guys calling from hotel rooms is nothing new. They go on business trips and are bored. If they even have a lady, a wife or a girlfriend, they are unlikely to want to have phone sex with them, so they get bored and turn to porn and phone sex girls. So getting calls from guys on business trips is nothing new. Their meetings done for the day, their mediocre dinner behind them, they head to their rooms alone and find themselves getting horny. It’s the perfect opportunity to have phone sex actually, since they have as much privacy as they could hope for.

No prying eyes or ears of the cold wife around, so they many times find themselves seeking the comfort of a female voice for them to masturbate to. Some would have adult movies available in the hotel rooms, but with most everyone carrying their own computer these days when they travel, they can easily access porn wherever they are to titillate themselves with. They find the right gal to talk to, or maybe they already have a favorite they are able to freely call now once more since they have privacy, and out that hard cock comes.

They imagine we are there in the hotel room with them, sucking their cock and getting fucked. Some claim to adore hotel sex, since it’s just more wild and more free for some reason. Also can be arousing, or annoying, to the other guests to listen to. I’m guessing more annoying, but some like to imagine they are turning on the people in nearby rooms. The hot, sexy woman they are fucking the living daylights out of, grabbing her breasts, pounding her pussy, pulling her hair. Making her cum over and over and then they themselves cum as well, hard and thoroughly, draining themselves into her. Yes, hotel sex can indeed be wild.

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