Spit Roast Special

I had a threesome recently and it was a lot of fun. My boyfriend brought the idea up. Apparently his friend finds me very attractive and he felt comfortable enough to tell my boyfriend this without him getting jealous. I was flattered of course, since he’s also a good looking guy and I was attracted to him as well. It didn’t take long after this little revelation for the topic of a threesome to be brought up. My guy wanted to know if I’d ever consider such a thing, and I said I would be happy to do it. We planned for the coming weekend.

His friend showed up and we had a few drinks and things quickly heated up from there. I sat between them on the sofa and had a hand on each of their thighs. I began to rub up and down and they were both soon straining against their jeans. I unzipped them both and took out their cocks and was stroking them in each hand. I then got down on the floor between them and started to suck on each one alternately. They were both groaning with pleasure.

It didn’t take long for me to sit on my boyfriend’s cock and be sucking off his friend as he stood up in front of me, then I got on all fours and they switched places. I sucked and fucked them both, and enjoyed every moment of it. His friend had a beautiful cock and it felt good in my pussy. Different than my guy’s, maybe a little thicker and longer, it filled me up differently and it was a very pleasant sensation to feel. We all came several times and the room echoed with our cries of pleasure we gave one another. I have a feeling this might turn into a regular thing.

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Mommy Knows Best

The number of callers that are obsessed with mommy is staggering. The first woman in a man’s life, is of course their mother. Usually she is also the one they sexually fantasize about as they masturbate. Many of course claim that their mom helped them masturbate or watched them, I’m sure this is all in their fantasies, but there’s no harm in going along with it and indulging them. One last night said his mom was so beautiful, that in her nightgown she looked just like a movie star, and he’d go to his room and jerk off and imagine her coming in to check on him and catch him stroking his cock and she’d just sit down beside him and put her hand on top of his and continue to stroke it for him.

He’d lay back and let her work on it, and when he was particularly lucky, she’d even put his cock in her mouth and suck on it for him. Going down on her own, teenaged son, licking her boys sweet precum off of his cock and then making sure to swallow every drop of it when he’d shoot his load. His mom’s mouth was the first one ever around his young dick, and mommy all but spoiled him for other women she was so perfect.

Some that are older and still live at home often claim they are in a sexual relationship with their mother, that dad died and now they are all each other has in the world, and what is wrong with them finding comfort with one another? Well, I suppose nothing is wrong with it, it’s their own business, but if mom was such a hot tamale, they likely wouldn’t need to be calling phone sex girls, since they’d be fucking mom day and night, right?

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My Best Friend’s Guy

When I first met my girlfriend’s new boyfriend, I knew there was going to be a problem. I was instantly attracted to him, but I value my friendship with her. I couldn’t very well tell her I wanted to jump his bones, so I just tried to avoid being around him and saw her alone. I thought she would find it odd though I never wanted to be around him. I was beginning to think he was attracted to me as well, since on the rare occasions we did see one another, his eyes bore holes into me with the way he stared at me.

It didn’t take long to realize I was right. She went to go fix drinks and the second she was out of the room he leaned forward and slipped a hand up my thigh and kissed me. This was not going to end well. I didn’t stay long and went home as soon as I could. I wasn’t in the door ten minutes before he was knocking on it to come in. I let him in. In moments we were undressed on my bed, our tongues exploring one another’s bodies, hands and breasts and a hard cock, all getting to know one another very quickly.

This had to remain our little secret, my friendship with her depended on it. He would come by a few nights a week and we’d fuck like animals, it’s a wonder he had anything left for her, but he seemed to be satisfying the both of us just fine. I love his cock, the way he pounds it into my pussy, stretching me open. I’ve never cum harder with any man. I love sucking his dick and taking a load down my throat, it pleases him a lot, especially since he said she won’t give him head. I don’t mind, her loss. I’m not sure how things will pan out for us all, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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Guys Love Girls Together

It’s no secret most guys love watching two girls together. I love to tell them about experiences I’ve had with other girls in the past as they masturbate, it arouses them to hear me tell about it and it’s kind of exciting for me as well to share it with them. How the best friend I had in high school used to come frequently to my house for sleep overs and my parents had no idea we were in my room masturbating together and touching one another and kissing, how hot it was and how they had no clue this was happening just down the hall from them.

If my teenage brother had known, he’d have been stroking his cock the entire time I’m sure to think this was going on just through the next wall. I’d stroke her clit and she’d stroke mine, we’d see who could cum the most times, time ourselves to see who could cum the fastest from cold start to finish. All the while of course trying to be as quiet as possible so not to let on what we were doing. One time I went downstairs to get us some snacks and my mom asked me why I was so flushed in the face, lol, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

I wasn’t exactly going to tell her. We never went down on one another, it was just mutual masturbation and kissing, but it was fun and a naughty secret we had. I’m sure lots of girls have similar naughty secrets though of the same sort with their good female friends as well. Not all of course but a lot of them would do these kinds of things. I still look back fondly to this day at those teenaged nights in my room when I masturbate even now.

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Let’s Get Physical

I’m quite into fitness, I have several very good quality workout machines at home and was looking to upgrade to them to even sturdier models recently, so I placed my current ones online for sale. This man emailed me back about my treadmill and said he could come by after work to have a look at it. I was in workout clothes when he arrived and I could see he admired my great body. He too was in good shape and I enjoyed his looks as well. It was better than his current model he said and he wanted to try it out.

He got on and worked up to a run and was able to keep up nicely. I could see he was in great shape. He said he’d take the treadmill, so I helped him load it into his car. He gave me his number, so I knew he was attracted to me and hoped I’d contact him. The next week I did call him and we met for drinks. We hit it off and I asked him back to my place. Needless to say we put both of those physically fit bodies to good use and fucked our brains out all night long.

I rode his cock and he played with my tits while I bounced on him. I loved the way it felt in my pussy to fuck him with that thick, hard dick. I loved every minute of it. My clit was so stiff from arousal, I just rotated my hips in little circles to make it rub against his dick. I soon came and gushed all over his shaft. He then grabbed me by the hips and thrust upwards, ramming his cock deep into me and then shot his load, jets of hot cum washing the insides of my pussy. Sex with another really fit person is so much sexier. I think we just may become one another’s favorite workout.

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