Debauchery On The Bus

I was on the bus the other day and it was crowded as usual. I then noticed this couple that was touching one another a bot inappropriately considering it’s a public area. I was at the back and so were they, not many could see them at the angle they were at, but I sure could. His hand slipped under her skirt and I knew he was rubbing her pussy. She put a jacket over her lap so it would not be so obvious, but I could tell from the way his arm was moving that’s what he was doing. He kept looking around to see if anyone was watching them, and I seemed to be the only one that had caught onto their dirty little secret.

I was honestly kind of getting turned on watching, even thought I couldn’t see any flesh at all, but I could tell from their movements and how they kept looking around what they were doing. I could feel myself getting wet and felt like I was intruding on their private little moment. How private is a moment though when it’s being carried out on a public city bus? I wondered if he was going to make her cum, on a bus filled with dozens of people. I watched her face for the telltale signs of an orgasm.

The bus stopped and people got on and off, and still they continued without anyone paying any mind. I then saw her close her eyes and bite her lip and I knew he’d made her cum. I could see the tent in his pants and I’d bet as soon as they got to wherever they were going, they were going to fuck like crazy. I myself went home and masturbated thinking about it. I cannot say I’ve seen anything like that before on the bus and doubt I ever will again, but it was kind of hot, inappropriate, but hot nonetheless.

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He Loves Pantyhose

I knew the man I’ve been seeing had a real thing for pantyhose, since he asked me not long after we met if I wore them. I do, I think the bare leg craze looks quite ridiculous honestly, and no pair of legs no matter how shapely, looks better bare than when covered with nylons. He grinned from ear to ear when I told him my stance on the matter. I soon wondered why he was so pro nylons, and soon found out.

On our third date he gave me a gift bag with several pair in them. Some had seams up the back, others had some jewels and sparkles and bows, the pair however that was the most suggestive was crotchless. I had a feeling what he had in mind for that pair. He wanted me to wear them when we had sex for the first time. I was fine to go along with his little fetish. We had our first date for sex set and I wore the pantyhose. His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when he saw me mince in wearing them with nothing but heels on.

We fooled around on the bed and he finally slid his cock into me, and he was pretty good. His cock was large and thick and fully satisfied me and I was nicely filled. He knew he was getting close to cumming after we’d been fucking for a while, so he pulled out and he shot onto the belly of the crotchless pantyhose and the cum squirted all over the black hose and sank in. I could feel its wetness on my skin as it seeped through. He said he loved pantyhose so much and he thanked me for wearing them and it was a different experience. It was certainly more to his liking than mine, so maybe the next time we have sex we can do things my way, but I was happy to let him have his moment with the pantyhose.

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The Gym

One of my callers has been telling me about this new gym he joined and how much action he’s been getting since joining. I hear callers all the time telling me how horny they get after working out, so I guess it’s no surprise when a bunch of horny men are walking around naked after working out and showering that some could get an erection and things go from there. This caller has been curious about other men for a long time but until now had never had the opportunity to do anything about it. He’s since taken the plunge though.

It was a slow night at this gym and only he and a few others were around. He’d just taken a shower and noticed a good looking guy going in and he took his time drying off and pretending to get dressed waiting for this guy to finish. The other guy came out and had a hard on and he went into the steam room. My caller followed him. He said within minutes the other guy approached him and had his hand on his cock, jerking him off.

He gave his first blow job in that steam room a few minutes after. He’s done the same for a few other men there and he said he thinks about sucking new cocks night and day now. Last night he took it up the ass for the first time and he said it hurt, but he’s not been able to stop thinking about it and he can’t wait to try it again. I guess the owners of the gym don’t seem too concerned about the hijinks that seem to be going on in the locker room and steam room, since they said they have no privacy concerns. He’s certainly exploring an entirely new side of his sexuality of late since joining and he only wished he’d started this exploration a lot sooner.

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Naughty Santa

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, but this year, things got a little naughty at the office Christmas party. Everyone of course was drinking way too much highly spiked eggnog, and half in the bag drunk. The man that had come as Santa Claus was a real perv, but we ladies were quite in the Christmas spirit and enjoying his hands grabbing us as we laughed and squirmed away. The man came to me as the party was breaking up and asked if I’d like to go home with him. He said he was a lot younger than he looked without his costume on and he started to remove it and he was, he was only in his early forties. I was drunk and horny, so I went with Santa Claus.

I knew he hadn’t been drinking, and I had, so figured he was better behind the wheel than I was. He lived not too far away and I walked into his home once we pulled in the driveway. He really went all in for Christmas and it was all beautifully decorated and I felt like I’d walked into a winter wonderland. He laid me on the floor in front of the Christmas tree and we kissed and I was soon undressed, as was he. He kissed me all over and went down on my pussy and told me I was his favorite girl on the naughty list this year.

He licked me to orgasm and then climbed up on top of me and slid his cock into me and he filled me very well and he fucked me until my pussy was clenching around his cock during my second orgasm. He was a good fuck for sure, a “giver” like you’d assume Santa would be. I stayed a few more hours and it was a lovely end to a fun evening. I do hope to meet up with Santa again next year.

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Scat Phone Sex

No matter how bizarre the fetish is, there will be some into it, even if most people are grossed out by it and even downright horrified. Scat is not a fetish for everyone, in fact it’s really quite a niche, small fetish because it’s just too gross for more to be into. Watersports on the other hand has a much wider appeal. Both are gross to many, but each have their fans. Not all girls will do calls on this topic because it’s just unsavory. It’s recommended if you want to talk about this to ask first to find out if the operator is willing to.

Imagine being with a guy and out of the blue he tells you he’d like you to shit on him during sex, or some even have the fetish for eating it and want you to shit in their mouth. I cannot even imagine, thankfully no one has ever asked me that in real life and honestly very few ever ask on the phone for it and if they do I try and redirect their interests or recommend they call another girl. Some love to smear it all over themselves, their own, or their partners. There are some very depraved fetishes out there that some have.

Normal minds do not think of such things, but some, not al but some, that call are anything but normal. Are you a depraved shit eater? Do you like to talk dirty to girls as you stroke your cock and think of them using you as a human toilet? There are toilet slaves out there, how they are not all deathly ill or suffering from hepatitis I don’t know, but they exist and they want to talk about eating excrement. Depraved, degenerate souls that seek out the filthiest of the filthy, and there are girls willing to talk to them. You dirty bastard, pick up that phone and find a Mistress willing to talk to your sick self right now!

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