The Best Man

I went to a wedding recently and had a one night stand with the best man. I’d never met him before. You kind of feel safe doing this with a friend of a friend, since you know if they did anything, it would get back to the people we both know, so there’s a feeling of security in that you wouldn’t have with a guy you met in a club. He was a great looking guy and we were staying in the same hotel on the same floor and we spent some time together after the wedding, and found we really liked one another.

Both of us between partners, it just sort of happened and will be a fond memory. He came back to my room and I’d taken an extra bottle of the champagne from the reception and we had both had a bit much to drink, and got along so well. He kissed me, and I could tell from how he kissed me, he’d be good in bed, and I wanted to find out. I wasn’t wrong. He was great. Lovely cock and I got to suck it and lick his sweet precum off the tip of it before he slid it into my horny pussy. I hadn’t had sex in over six months, and was so overdue for some cock.

He had around eight inches, and boy, did he stretch me out. I rode him hard, and he loved my big tits bouncing near his face, he toyed with my nipples and made them hard as I ground my clit on his hard cock. I rocked back and forth on him until he blew that load of hot seed into my hungry pussy. He stayed the night and we fucked again in the morning before he went back to his room and then packed for home. Not sure if our paths will cross again, but it was one hot night neither of us will forget.

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Riding My Lover

I am luckily quite flexible, and my husband loves that. We try all sorts of sexual positions, but I’d say my favorite is the woman on top one, since I can control the pace, the depth, and how I rub myself on my partner. The one on top does all the work as they say, so hubby is quite happy to have me do the work as well. That slow, sensual riding back and forth, my clit rubbing against his hard shaft, mmm, nothing quite like it. I love when he holds open my pussy lips, further exposing my clit to rub on his hard cock.

Drizzle some lube right in that particular spot and it makes for a smooth ride. He loves to fondle my tits when I’m on top of him, and I love it too. The nipples are quite sensitive and I enjoy having them pinched and rubbed and tweaked as we fuck. I love to milk his cock inside of me, squeezing my muscles around his throbbing member inside of me. Knowing his balls are filling up with cum because of me doing that, it makes me feel such control over his dick. Sometimes I will ride him facing his feet and that way I can rub and pull on his balls as I grind on him, he really likes that.

Last week he had me slip a toy in his ass while I rode him reverse cowgirl, he just went wild. I was moving it in and out of him as I bounced up and down on him. I cranked it up high and he shot a ton of cum. His cock just kept squirting and squirting inside of me. It was dribbling back out of me and onto his balls. I do love to please my man, as he does me.

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Mommy Caught Him Masturbating

One of the top fantasies men have and call about is being caught by mom. Sometimes it’s actually happened to them, many times decades ago, and it still has a huge impact on them to this day. Sometimes it was a very bad and negative experience, other times neutral where nothing was said, they just turned around and left, sometimes though it was something the boy wanted and even actively set up, not locking a door, being intentionally careless. One man called last night and said when he was a young teen and there was only one computer in the house, such an event happened to him, though I’ve heard many similar tales before.

He said how at three in the morning he was in his mom’s office, naked in her chair, cock lubed up with baby oil and watching MILF porn on the computer and she woke up and came in when she heard noise and saw him there, watching it, sick in his oiled hand. He said he was so enthralled in his masturbation he didn’t even quite jerking when she walked in and they locked eyes. Then she started yelling at him to get his clothes on and get out of the office. I’m sure scenes like this play out constantly all over the world.

He of course in his fantasies wanted her to come in and ask to help and then she kneel down beside him and start jerking it off for him, that’s what he’d have liked to happen. So many boys want mom’s help, no one knows how to do things like mom does, so of course she should be the one to help her son learn all about orgasms and how to have them properly and to the maximum pleasure. Were you ever caught by mom? I bet you’d love to tell one of our understanding and sexy operators about it.

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We Fucked in Front of the Therapist

My boyfriend and I had been having problems and we had decided to go into couples therapy, since we knew a couple that had really been helped by it. We went a few times and things were getting a bit better, but the therapist suggested one final thing. We’d told her about some of our sex issues and she said she felt if she could see us actually having sex, just pretend she wasn’t even there, she might be able to better diagnose our problems. We were a bit unsure as to whether we should take this most intimate of steps, but we finally agreed.

The appointment finally came and we were to have sex on the sofa in front of her, she had moved her chair so she wasn’t so close, but could see everything. Then she would speak up as we were having sex and tell us her thoughts, her observations, as to the power struggle that we were working out through our sex life. It was odd, but it did work. I have to say, it was odd and yet strangely arousing to know every move we made was being watched so very closely.

I had to admit I was wetter than normal and I think my boyfriend performed better, knowing we had an audience, but we didn’t fundamentally change how we fucked and she pointed out several things for us to try and it did go well. She asked how we’d be to try it again in a few weeks, and I have to admit, I’m kind of hot thinking about how it will go, what we will do, how things will turn out for us both fucking for an audience, even an audience of one. It is very intense knowing she’s watching his cock slide in and out of my pussy, and watching how he licks my cunt. I bet it makes her wet as well.

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The Neglected Husband

One thing we phone sex girls hear a lot about is the neglected husband. The wife won’t fuck them anymore, and their minds wander around to possible available females they might be able to easily fuck. Many have an eye for the young ones, youth being so appealing and all that, so the family babysitter can be someone that will catch their eye. They see them a lot, maybe drive them home after they looked after their kids, and perhaps she’s a nubile young student with a hot little figure. She very well might first enter the man’s mind when he’s masturbating, or he might have a sex dream about her and then start to think about her.

Some of these young girls aren’t so innocent and for an extra bit of money, they might easily be persuaded to give the man a blow job or a hand job. They see their perky breasts, tight, young ass, maybe the wife has let herself go after squeezing out a couple of kids and she has zero interest anymore regardless, so the poor schlub turns his libido to the babysitter. One called a few nights ago and said he’d given the babysitter an extra fifty bucks for a blow job and she was happy to do it. He only lasted a few minutes, so she got paid well for a few minutes work.

If you were having lots of satisfying sex with your wife, you likely wouldn’t be here on a phone sex site reading this. You’re horny, you’re lonely, and you likely have a cold bitch at home that has zero intention of giving you any pussy. Have you played around with a babysitter before? What happened, was it hot? Is it ongoing? Are you worried wifey might find out about it? We’d love to hear all about it.

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