He Watched His Daughter

This caller was telling me how he felt guilty because last week he watched his daughter and he can’t stop thinking about it. He woke up in the middle of the night since he heard noises and he followed the noises and they were coming from his daughter’s bedroom. The door was open a crack, the lights were off but there was light coming in from the window and he could see her masturbating with the sheets off of her and her hand working her pussy. He said he got hard instantly and he just stood there and watched her. She had no idea he was outside the door watching, she was so lost in her masturbation.

She’s a young teen, and he knew he shouldn’t be standing there watching her, but he was frozen to the spot. He could see her young pussy glistening in the moonlight from the window and he felt his cock throb as he watched her work her young clit for several moments and then let herself cum. He then tiptoed back to his room down the hall and masturbated to several orgasms, with thoughts of her playing with her horny, young pussy.

He’s gone past her door a few times hoping to see a repeat performance, but he’s not been so lucky to have that happen. He’s been jerking off a lot and calling to talk about this most unexpected experience. He of course won’t mention it to her, or her mom, who was out of town when it happened, but it’s gotten his engine revved up big time just thinking about it. How often does she do it, how many times does she make herself cum? So he had lots of questions about my masturbation habits when I was her age, which I was happy to answer. So many people watching things they shouldn’t. People really need to learn to close their doors unless they live alone.

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Now that the cooler weather is coming I’ve had the furnace cleaned to get it ready for the coming season. The man that came to clean and service it was a nice looking man, they hadn’t sent him before. I must say, he was getting me hot while I looked at him. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but wanted to let him know if he made a move, it would be welcomed. I bent over and let him get a good look at my tits down my blouse, with no bra on. I think that gave him the signal he needed.

When he came up to collect payment, I was ready for him. I asked if he’d like to have a tour of the house. I knew it sounded quite ridiculous to say that to a serviceman, but it was a way to get him into my bedroom without being so direct as to ask it outright. He smiled and I thought he got the drift of things and he said he’d love to have a tour. I didn’t take long to get to the bedroom. Once in there, we wasted no time.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed at his belt to release his already hard cock. I took him hungrily into my mouth and he was grateful to be sucked. he didn’t let me suck on his dick too long before he pulled me up and pushed me down on the bed and stripped me bare. I saw his bobbing cock advancing towards me and spread for him. He slid into me and I wrapped my arms and legs around him and we bucked against one another, seeking our release together. it was hot, it was primal and very satisfying. I have no idea if I will see that man again, but he was a hell of a good fuck.

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Fuck Buddy Roommate

My roommate and I ended up spending a lot of time together in lockdown the last few months, and neither of us had a partner to begin with. What can I say, isolation, desperation, and familiarity all led to one thing, us becoming fuck buddies as well as roommates. I am glad it happened, he’s great in bed, fantastic at licking pussy, he’s convenient since he’s always here and he’s horny a lot of the time like I am, so it’s worked out very well for the both of us. You know one another is safe when no one is going out and doing anything.

There’s only so much t.v. one can watch before you get bored of everything, and sex is a form of exercise, it’s very easy to pack on the pounds when you aren’t leaving the house and going out to work. It’s allowed us to sport fuck and relax, I honestly don’t know what we didn’t do it sooner. I wake up early and I love going in and waking him up with a hand job to start his day, I know he enjoys it as well. Sex in the shower, sex before bed, sex during the afternoon. We certainly have gotten to know one another better and have had all the time in the world to do so.

Lots of times I’d masturbate before bed, now it’s a lot nicer having someone to fuck before bed, it’s nice end to the day and is very comforting and really fulfills that skin hunger you can have for another person. I think once things are more normal we will likely find other girlfriends and boyfriends, but for right now this is giving us both what we need and we are getting in a lot of good “fuck time!”

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Shake That Booty

Last night I stripped for my boyfriend and he was surprised and turned on by it. I wanted to try something different, and boy, this was different. I’d watched several videos about it and didn’t want it to be comical, but sexy. He said I did a pretty good job. I tried my best. I sat him down on the bed and put on some “stripper music” and wiggled around for him and did my best. He was not expecting this little display of creativity and seemed to enjoy it all. Once I was fully nude, the real fun began. Doesn’t it always?

I sashayed over to him and shook my tits in his face and he grabbed my titties and played with them a bit before I gave him a lap dance. That he really was not expecting, but he got hard pretty quickly as I did the bump and grind on his lap and his hard cock. I knelt down before him and took out his hard cock and started to give him a nice, juicy blow job as I looked him right in the eye. He certainly appreciated that. It was one of his favorite things.

I then just straddled him, his dick was out but he was still fully clothed. I fucked him right there in the chair, clothes be damned. It was fast and hard and kind of rough, and I knew he’d love it. He really grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me hard down onto his cock as he thrust up towards me. We kissed hard and deep and his cock was in me all the way up the balls as I played stripper and lap dancer on his lap. It was fun and kinky and something different and he came buckets in my hot, waiting cunt, just like I’d hoped he would.

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Anal Masturbation

There’s no shortage of callers that are using toys when they call. Not all of them are pocket pussies or Fleshlights. Many are anal stimulation toys, like prostate massagers or one I watched recently on cam that has his own fucking machine. I’d seen pics and videos of these fucking machines before, but they were always used by women. He saw one and knew it was the right thing for him. He is afraid to ask his girlfriend to fuck him up the ass with a strap on, he knows she wouldn’t do it, so he bought this machine. He’s afraid she will find it in his apartment, but he uses it several times a week and he said he cums harder from this than anything. I told him he’s a fag in denial, lol.

He said just using the toy is enough to make him cum. He doesn’t even need to rub or touch his cock. This toy will make him squirt his load, and a big one, from the anal stimulation alone. I saw him do it. He lubes up the cock on the machine and he leans himself back into it. He positioned it so he can sort of lean on the edge of the bed as he does it and he cock got hard on its own, no touching required.

He was grunting in pleasure as this thing fucked his ass, and I could tell he was in sheer ecstasy as he used it. He’s never had cock up his ass, but been a lifelong toy user. He said he can’t even imagine what a real cock would feel like, but at least this one is safe and no worries of diseases. He said he’d be embarrassed if his girlfriend walked in while he was using it. I don’t know, I think subconsciously he wants her to. I saw him cum a lot after this thing had fucked him for around seven minutes. Maybe you use toys as well, why not call one of our operators and tell us all about it?

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