He Fingered Me in the Library

My boyfriend has always had a wild streak. He likes sex in high risk places. It can be exciting, there’s not a doubt, but I am terrified of getting caught and getting arrested. Last week he suggested we go to the library. I didn’t think this was too odd, since we do go there once in a while. We got there and it was fairly quiet. We went back to this more private area where students usually go to study, but being summer now, there were none there at all. I was beginning to think he had something up his sleeve taking me back there. I was right.

He sat beside me at the table we were at and I soon found his hand between my legs, teasing my pussy. I looked around and it didn’t seem anyone was nearby. Fortunately I had a good view of anyone approaching, so it didn’t seem as risky as I first thought. I think he’d planned this all out. It felt so good, how he was touching me. I just let him do it and was soon dripping wet. His fingertips slid all over my shaved cunt and I could feel my clit growing stiff at his touch, as it always did.

I thought someone was coming, but they turned down another stack of books. I could feel his fingers sliding into me and I bit my lip to not cry out for the orgasm I knew was fast approaching. He pressed and rubbed harder into my tender flesh and I bucked against his hand, as I held onto the table. I felt it wash over me and I trembled. Little did I know a teenaged male was watching the entire thing, likely hard a rock. He withdrew his hand and I pulled down my skirt. We soon walked out and the teenage boy smirked at me. I knew then he’d seen, but I knew he wouldn’t be telling anyone. He had a hard on in his pants I noticed. Sometimes these little adventures are fun, other times I worry. This was a fun one for sure.

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Spying on Mom

One of the more common stories we phone sex gals hear is men that when they were in their teens spied on their mom getting out of the shower. Ladies really need to get door locks and use them, since they seem to be clueless their sons are spying on them and then jerking off after doing so. One man loves older women to this day that called me last night and was telling me about his first experience of seeing a naked woman, his mom. He’s masturbated to this memory for years. He’d seen pics of women in Playboy, but never a live one until one day he came home early from school and saw his mom through the crack in the door.

He stood there, frozen, seeing her naked form step out of the shower and then drying off. He said his young cock began to grow hard in his pants and instinctively he reached down and started to fondle himself. She was unaware he’d come home and was in no hurry to get out, and continued on, rubbing lotion on herself, shaving, all sorts of after shower beauty routines we ladies go through and he watched the whole thing through the sliver of the door that was open.

He recalls the scent of her lotion mixed with the steam escaping through the door crack and how he furiously jerked his cock off watching her as she bent over shaving her legs and then rubbed moisturizer on them as her son was masturbating right on the other side of the door. When she put on her robe and he knew she was about to exit the room, he crept away quickly to his room and continued to masturbate thinking about what he’d seen until dinner time. It’s been decades since the incident, but it had a huge effect on his. So many young men have encounters like this they share with us.

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The Sexy Temp

There’s a new temp in the office and I want him badly. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I stare at him like a starving man would eye a steak. I try not to stare too much so he won’t notice, but every night as I masturbate before bed, I imagine it’s him coming to ravish me. I get out my clit sucking vibe and attach it to my aroused, stiffened clit. I turn it on and close my eyes and imagine him standing beside my bed, coming to me in the near darkness, his cock hard, and he offers me his fingers to suck before replacing them with his hard cock. I suck on them hungrily as he looks deeply into my eyes.

I know in mere seconds I will have his cock between my lips and be sucking even more hungrily on it, tasting its sweet precum, and feeling his full balls bounce against my chin with every thrust of his cock down my throat. My pussy is wet and I feel his fingers open my moistened slit as he begins to rub my lips, purposely avoiding my clit for wanting to arouse me too quickly. I open my legs wider for him and he begins to circle my love bud with a fingertip gently, not too forcefully. I buck up against his hand, wanting more.

He soon begins to rub harder, more rhythmically as he finger fucks me and teases me. Working my breast in his other hand, toying with my nipple, I know an orgasm is not far away, and I suck on his cock as he plays with my pussy, standing at the edge of the bed. I love how he feels in my mouth, I love how he toys with my sopping cunt. I cum with his dick in my mouth and as soon as I do, he shoots his load down my throat and I swallow every drop of his sweet cream. Oh how I want it to happen for real, my sexy co worker…

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Hubby Caught Me

What can I say, my hubby has a small cock. It’s not so small that he can’t get the job done, but it’s just not big enough for my personal tastes. So I took a lover, one with a nine inch cock, and my pussy has been happier than it’s been since before I got married. I wouldn’t rub my husband’s face in it, my dissatisfaction, so I saw my lover on the side. My husband was going out of town for a week on business, so I knew I could entertain my lover at home for a change. No chance of being caught. Well imagine my surprise when he came home a night early and he did indeed catch us fucking in our bed.

The look of shock was immense, I froze, my lover froze, but instead of reading us the riot act, to my utter shock, he unzipped his pants and took out his little dick and started stroking. My lover began to thrust again into me and fuck me, we started off again, as if a bit unsure, but hubby was clearly enjoying this unexpected scene he’d stumbled upon. I watched him stroke as I got fucked.

I was soon lost again in my lover and paid no attention to my masturbating hubby standing off to the side of the bed. He groaned with pleasure as he watched his wife get fucked and I soon came, then my lover came, then my hubby came. The room was filled with our sounds of near simultaneous orgasms. My lover then left and hubby asked if he could lick the cum out of my cunt. I was a bit surprised, but was happy to let him do so. I laid back and he lapped at my pussy until he made me cum again and he cleaned every drop of cum out of me. This all might work out nicely after all.

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Desiring The IT Guy

I was a bad girl last week. I’ve had the hots for the IT guy that comes to our office for the last year or more and I finally decided to make my move on him. I knew he was coming over to work on the computers and always is crawling under the desks as he does so and I decided that day to wear a short skirt and no panties, so when he was under there I was going to flash him and see what happened. I knew I’d be the last one in the office, so no chance of getting caught.

He was there as planned, under the desk and I parted my legs to give him a view of the pussy and it wasn’t long after I felt a head between my thighs. I leaned back in my chair and pulled my short skirt around my hips to give him better access. All of a sudden I felt his tongue opening up my pussy lips and flicking at my clit. I reached down and grabbed his hair and pushed his face into my crotch even more and he really went to town, French kissing my shaved cunt right there under the desk as I sat there writhing in my office chair.

He then slipped two fingers into me, smearing my wetness around as he worked on my clit with his probing tongue. I was grabbing at the chair armrests, my knuckles absolutely white, as he brought me to orgasm with his mouth. I screamed out as he made me cum. He then pulled me up out of my chair and bent me over the desk and fucked me hard from behind. His cock filled my cunt and he pumped into me for all he was worth and he shot jet after jet of cum into me. We collapsed on the desk, caught our breath, and then he left. I should have done this a long time ago.

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