Fucking The Teacher


When I was in school, I had it really bad for one of my teachers. Of course even if you’re over the age of consent, you can’t have a relationship with a teacher because they have authority over you, so I waited until I graduated, literally a couple of days after, and contacted my now former teacher and told him how badly I’d wanted to fuck him all year and I was his if he wanted me and he didn’t take long to answer me back and he said he’d thought I felt that way, and he was more than willing to meet me.

We met at his house and it felt so right, and I couldn’t stop smiling I was so happy to finally indulge my fantasy and get to fuck him. As soon as I arrived, I kissed him and he kissed me back with great passion and we were soon on his bed, naked and touching each other, I had his cock in my mouth and he ran his fingers through my hair and called out my name. I badly wanted to feel him inside of me and rolled over so he could pin me down and fuck me.

His cock entered me slowly and slid all the way inside of me, and wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in deeper with each and every thrust. He pinned my hands above my head and pounded me harder and harder and it wasn’t long until I came all over his cock, my tight, shaved cunt milking him inside of me. We fucked all night long, and I returned daily for weeks as we sated our craving for one another. Sometimes there’s nothing like getting fucked by your teacher.

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Shiver Me Timbers

Recently I had to have extensive work done on my home and required the services of a structural engineer. I had spoken to this man on the phone several times before meeting him and he sounded normal enough, but I assumed he was some sort of geek, surrounded by protractors and rulers and geometry tools, crunching his numbers and couldn’t possibly be attractive. I was wrong. When he finally came over to measure for this job I was stunned at how handsome he was, he wasn’t only intelligent and handsome, he was sexy as hell.

He had a long drive back to his city after spending the day at my property to assess the job at hand, so I asked him in for a drink before heading back and things soon heated up from there. He caught me eyeing him up and down and asked if I saw anything I liked and I smiled and said yes. He leaned down and kissed me hard and I could soon feel the bulge in his jeans straining against me. I led him by the hand to my bedroom and we began to fuck.

I unbuckled his pants and took out his large cock and I was soon stripped down myself, and laying on the bed waiting for him to join me. I soon had his large dick in my wet and waiting pussy and we were kissing hard as I bucked up against him, urging him to thrust as deep in me as he could and fuck me hard, it was hot as hell the way he fucked me and I loved it. He didn’t take long to make me cum and then he himself shot his load inside of me. I knew this was going to be one fun home reno with him along for the ride.

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Let Me Tell You How To Stroke It…

One thing that many callers enjoy is guided masturbation, or jerk off instruction, otherwise known as “JOI.” The idea of being told how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft, to touch themselves is an irresistible treat to many men. They are in fact giving the woman they are speaking to complete control of their orgasm, even though the woman is not in the room with them, and many men love to relinquish sexual control to a woman, it’s highly arousing to them.

They will follow your instructions tot the letter and they will only cum when you give them permission to do so. If you tell them to remove their hand completely, they will do it. Unless you have given them permission to touch themselves in a certain way, they will not go against your instructions. It can be fun to give this power up, only until you yourself have to another person, you cannot grasp the appeal, some are just too much of a control freak to allow anyone this power over them, but it’s fun.

It’s like the other person is touching you, and not yourself, you are totally following what they tell you to do, and if they hear you doing otherwise, you will be told to stop it. There’s lots of ways to masturbate, with another person is so much more fun than alone. Doing as they tell you to, it’s just better than doing it the same way you have thousands of times before, even if just for the sake of variety alone, give guided masturbation a try and see if you enjoy it. I bet you will wonder why it took you so long to try it.

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The Hot Babysitter

So many callers have got a thing for the family babysitter. They are typically middle aged, in virtually sexless marriages, won’t leave, and the teenaged babysitter gets them hard and horny and wanting to fuck them. A few have even offered the cash starved young ladies money to do naughty things on the side and many have taken them up on it. Young gals today are more wanting money and willing to do things for it than women of earlier generations it seems.

One said when driving the young ladies home is when things can often take a turn. The wife is at home getting the kids ready for bed, not paying attention to the time, they ask the girls in the car if they’d like to earn some extra on the side, then they either get a hand job, a blow job, or even a fuck before dropping her off. Makes it a lot easier way to earn some money than trying to work some fast food job on your feet and in some crappy polyester uniform.

It’s just a lot easier for opportunities like this to come around now, younger girls are a lot more Lolita like than ever before, so it’s not as uncommon as one might think. There’s no shortage of middle aged men not getting enough sex at home for these girls to take advantage of, and it’s beneficial to both parties. One that called last night said nearly every time he drops off the babysitter, he gets a blow job, it’s his favorite part of the evenings out with his wife, not the dinner, not the movie, or wherever else they are going, but when they get home and he drops the sitter off, that is his favorite part of the night, since his wife allows him to fuck her maybe once a year.

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Swingers Party

This new friend of mine, she’s a nice gal, but she’s a bit wild and I asked her what the craziest thing she’s ever done and I was a bit surprised by her answer. She said she’s into swinging, that she and her boyfriend are members of a swingers group and they regularly go to sex parties with up to a couple of dozen people at them and they have sex with many of the people there. She then asked if I’d ever gone to a sex party like that and I sad no, but I’d considered maybe playing with another couple and swapping, but a whole group, no.

She then invited us to a party the next night and said we should go and see what it was like, we didn’t have to do anything with anyone, but see if we liked it or wanted to, and I was curious, so we went. It was certainly an eye opening experience for us both. I immediately saw a good looking couple I wanted to meet, so I went over to them and liked them a good deal and the husband was a very handsome guy. My boyfriend also liked the wife, so we went off to a private room together and said this was our first time, we’d never gone to any gathering like this before.

They were very welcoming and we started kissing and soon were fondling and then we were all undressed and on the king sized bed and soon making love with one another’s partners. I had not thought things would go like this when we agreed to come, but I was glad they had, we fucked and sucked the whole night and really liked this couple and the husband had a beautiful, thick cock that fit beautifully in my pussy. I was cumming like I hadn’t in ages and I had a wonderful time. I need to get out more!

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