Cock Tease

When I was seeing my first boyfriend, I didn’t want to give in too quickly, so I made him wait. One thing I would do was glide back and forth on his hard prick with my panties on. He was kind of a panty freak, and he loved my unique selections I had for his viewing pleasure. He loved the feel of the fabric against his dick as I’d glide back and forth on him. It would drive him wild. I would it he was lucky, allow him to watch me masturbate afterwards. That would usually get him horny again and I would tell him this time he was on his own.

He loved to get worked up and jerk off for me. I’d see his hard cock come back to life after I’d ridden him and rubbed my panty covered crotch all over his dick. He liked my lace panties in particular, since the coarseness of the fabric felt better on his cock than silky ones that offered his cock no friction whatsoever. I was happy to wear which ones he liked. I could cum multiple times and he loved watching me stroke my clit to orgasm and tease myself. His eyes riveted to my dripping pussy.

I’d put on a bit of a show for him and really spread wide, lips open and shiny wet from my slick juices that poured out, circling my stiff clit and then bucking back and forth. This sort of teasing play went on for a couple of months until we fucked for the first time. The first time, I let him lick my pussy, since as I was masturbating he was so turned on from watching me, he begged to be able to lick me and things soon went on from there. It was a lot of fun in those days.

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Store Room Fuck

I picked up some part time work at a store and one of the things I do is arrange the stock in the back room to make it easy to grab for customers as well as put it out on the floor. One of the men that worked there was really hot and he caught my eye shortly after I was hired and we were assigned the same shift. One night after we locked up and I was finishing up in the stock room before leaving, I felt him come up behind me and grab and fondle my breast. He kissed my neck and ran his hands all over me. I knew I was getting wet from his touch. I did not stop him.

He started to undress me and I let him. I was soon totally naked standing there in the store room and I felt his hard cock against me from behind. He kicked my feet apart and pushed me over the desk and I felt his cock nestle into my pussy and plunge into me, filling me up. I gasped and bit my lip when I felt him enter me. It felt so good to have him inside of me. I’d fantasized about this since I first laid eyes on him.

He thrust in and out, working his thumbs over my nipples, arousing me greatly. I reached down and rubbed my clit as he fucked me from behind. He sped up his thrusts and I sped up my pussy teasing motions to coincide with his thrusts. I knew I was about to cum and I wiggled my fingers in a way that I came all over and just as he felt me cum, he shot his load of jism inside of me and sprayed my pussy until it dripped down my thighs. We caught our breath and got dressed and went home. I cannot wait for my next stock room adventure with him after work.

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Hot Love

It’s so exciting when we find someone new to play with and spend time with. The new man of my hour has been taking me to heaven nightly with his eight inch cock. He’s a pleaser and he doesn’t even expect oral sex back, he’s content to just worship me and my shaved pussy. It’s nice to be the receiver of pleasure and not have to worry about the other person. How selfish I must sound! Hey, lots of guys are selfish, there’s some selfish women out there as well. For some that love to give pleasure more than get it themselves, it’s a match made in heaven when you meet a giver and you like to be the taker. Some prefer to give than to get.

He loves to give me massages, especially my feet, which I’m certainly not going to complain about, it’s sheer ecstasy when he loves to rub them, and then me, for as long as I want. I’m like a relaxed, moaning heap by the time he’s done with me. Then he goes down on me. I almost feel guilty taking so much pleasure, but not quite. He loves to spend as much time as I’d like down there, bring me to as many orgasms as I’d like before he himself then mounts me and has an orgasm himself.

He sounds so sexy the way he moans and breathes, he even gives me pleasure from his sounds as he fucks me. He does enjoy the way I move and bring him to orgasm, he certainly gets pleasure out of our relationship. It’s a very good sexual match between us. His cock is larger than average and he knows how to use it well. Even though he gives me as many cunnilingus climaxes as I want before fucking, he can usually get me there yet again with that dick of his inside of me, rubbing against my clit with every thrust.

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The Horny Old Lady Down the Street

Doesn’t every neighborhood have one? You know, the horny neighbor lady that all the women on the block are concerned about possibly seducing their husbands or their sons? A caller the other night was telling me how he’s currently fucking the neighborhood slut on his block, but the fact is, she’s a senior citizen. He said she’s plenty hot for her age though, and he said she’s one of the best fucks he’s ever had. He likes older women, as many callers do, but he’s never been with one quite this mature before. He offered to help her a few months ago when she was unloading some packages from her car trunk, she accepted his help and he came inside. He left four hours later.

He’s been going over a couple of times a week since, and he said she’s one insatiable GILF. He’s seen a couple of other men from the neighborhood stop by at her place as well. Tongues are wagging, but she doesn’t seem to care. She’s happy to have some fun. She’s a widow and has a small business she does from home, so she’s always around and able to set her own hours, and she apparently loves sex and younger men and is happy to play no strings attached with any willing partners that strike her fancy.

He said her pussy is tight, hairy, like many senior ladies, but he likes how enthusiastic she is in bed. He thinks her husband may have died since he couldn’t keep up with her voracious sexual appetite. She’s found plenty of boy toys to fill the void it seems. She loves to bake and often offers her lovers homebaked treats on their way out after the afternoon delight. Sounds like a good deal, a fuck, and a slice of home made pie. What more could a man ask for!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When I was younger, I fooled around with a few girlfriends of mine. We had all kinds of fun, and tried all kinds of kinky things. I was more experimental with them than with my boyfriends I had in the near future. Licking one another’s pussies, using double dildos, mutual masturbation, there was all kinds of fun to be had. Sleepovers were particularly fun. None of our parents had any idea the sorts of things that were going on behind closed doors. They’d never have allowed the sleepovers if they knew.

One friend I had that had discovered masturbation before me asked if I’d tried it yet and I said no and she wanted to show me how so she asked if she could touch me to show me, and I said sure. I’ll never forget how her fingers felt on my untouched pussy and how she went right for my clit and I was soon getting wet with excitement and how good it felt once I did. My mom sold sex toys at the time, like those parties like they have for Tupperware, only for sex toys. When she’d get these sample kits sent for the parties, sometimes I’d take a couple that were for the display. She never seemed to notice.

I was a naughty girl with my friends and the stolen sex toys. I first was penetrated by a dildo and showed my friends as well and they would try it as well. Once I had a real cock in me, it was almost a disappointment in comparison to the dildo. I spent plenty of time masturbating and playing with my girlfriends. We’d often have contests to see who could cum more times in a short amount of time. I usually won. I could cum very easily. Oh, the sweet memories of youth.

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