Fucking the Teacher

Now you never know whether to believe a callers story or not, but sometimes the way they tell it is just too realistic to question its reality. This caller was telling me how he’s had a thing for older women his entire life since the first woman he was with as a teen was one of his high school teachers. He thought she was just beautiful, and he was failing the class, so she offered to give him some after school instruction and things happened from there. He’d be looking down her blouse and she’d admonish him, but of course, she didn’t need to wear such low cut things to school.

He thought she liked him, since as she’d admonish him, she’d have a smile on her face and talk in a flirting manner, so one day he reached out to cup her breast and he rubbed her nipple with his thumb and she didn’t stop him. Each lesson after school she’d let him go a little further, until one day she sucked his cock and she let him finger her. The week after that they fucked with her bent over the desk and him taking her from behind.

They soon began to meet at her condo after school. She was taking a real chance on getting caught, but he said he knew how good he had it, so he kept his mouth shut to everyone. This went on the rest of the school year and they had a lot of fun and a lot of hot sex and she taught him alright. He learned how to be a patient, considerate and skillful lover from her and said it’s paid off many times in his life. He only prefers older women. He said they’ve spoiled him for ones his own age. The ones his own age just do not have the experience or the appeal to him, so he’s always stuck with older women. It was hot to listen to.

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Sex in the Sand

I’m lucky my family has a cottage at the beach and we go there all the time. I used to take boyfriends there as my own private little love nest. The family never knew about that of course. There was a stretch of beach that was private, and many times I’d go out there with my boyfriends and we’d make love on the beach. You did usually get sand in all the wrong places of course, but then you could shower off afterwards and wash it off and out of yourself. Thank God for shower massagers, they are not only good for masturbating, but getting sand out of all the nooks and crannies.

The shore washing up and tickling my toes as I rolled in the sand with one boy or another as he cock slid in and out of me, the sun beating down on us, or sometimes the moon with a glow. The sound of the waves and the seagulls, the stars in the sky, it really is a wonderful way to make love, under the open sky out in nature. Raking my nails up and down their back as we rolled around, legs intertwined, them pumping harder and harder into me.

Sex outdoors is a whole sensory explosion. Sex in bed is fun of course, but outside, there’s just so much going on, it heightens the entire experience. I just love it. It’s a wonder my family never found out. I was nearly caught a few times, but not quite. I even used to enjoy masturbating outside on the beach when it was deserted, it was on private property, so it’s not like there were many people going by that might see anything, so you could pretty much do what you want and not get seen by anyone. I highly recommend it if you have the privacy to do so.

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Honey Of a Hand Job

Do you love a hand job? You likely do, what guy doesn’t? A firm hand caressing your cock exactly as you like and instruct them to do. Lube makes it even nicer and more slippery. Warm hands and slippery fingers caressing up and down your throbbing hard shaft, cupping your balls and giving them a light squeeze. Some phone sex callers have said a properly done hand job can give them an even better orgasm than intercourse does. That would be dependent of the skill on the one giving them the hand job, of course. An inept person that doesn’t do it properly would be worse than none at all.

Have you ever had the perfect hand job? Did they touch you just as well as you masturbate yourself, or maybe even more so? Callers often like to describe in vivid detail all the sorts of things they’ve done sexually that they enjoyed the most, and by sharing that with we operators, they are sort of reliving the experience, to an extent. Guided masturbation is close to this sort of thing, the operator telling the man how to touch himself, how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft, stopping and starting.

We aren’t your actual girlfriend of course, but we can do the guided masturbation call if that is your pleasure. Hand jobs can be very sensual for a man during kissing. Maybe he’d be rubbing the lady’s pussy he’s with at the same time, mutual masturbation. Though it’s easier for a woman to master a hand job, than for a man to master how to touch a woman and get her off, since we all like different types of touch. Hand jobs can be wonderful things, and guided masturbation is pretty fun as well. Why not give us a call and see how you like it?

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We Fucked at Work

My boss and I are having an affair, no coercion involved. I knew the day I came in and interviewed for the job I was attracted to him. It did not take long before I was doing things to get his attention, like bend over wearing short skirts with no panties on, give him his coffee and lean my cleavage right into him. He picked up on it and ran with it. We started to get together after I’d been there less than two weeks and that was a year ago. I love his cock. I love stroking it, sucking it, and I sure love being fucked by it and he knows it.

He’s married, and it’s usually just easier if we fuck at the office, usually during lunch or after work, though he has stopped by my place many times as well. He gets nothing at home, but he gets plenty from me. Just last week I knew he was horny when he came into work. The unmistakable bulge in his pants gave his condition away. I teased him all morning, knowing we wouldn’t have adequate privacy until lunch, when most other office people were out of the office and we could lock his door and have some hot afternoon delight.

I’d bend over the desk and he’d usually fuck me hard from behind, then I’d suck my cunt juices off of his cock and lick it clean. I’d spend the rest of the day feeling sticky with his cum inside of me, slowly oozing out into my panties. Many times I’d be so horny, when I’d go home I’d masturbate, using what cum was left inside of me as lube if he couldn’t stay after work for another round of fun. I do love fucking him, and he makes me very horny. I don’t think any of the other office workers know, but who knows…

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Men Attracted to Smelly Women

Some men are not seeking a fresh out of the shower lady to have some fun with. You might be thinking, oh sure, a day without a shower, I like them then. Some are even more extreme. I get this call last night from a caller, and he’s called before, and he asks how long is the longest I’ve ever gone without a shower? I said well, how ironic you should ask, since I just had surgery last month and I was in such bad shape and so weak, it was nearly three weeks. I’ve never felt like such a disgusting grub in my life. Thankfully I work at home, live alone, and no one had to suffer my stink, lol.

I was so weak, it was literally all I could do to wash my hands after using the bathroom and to brush my teeth, that much I managed, the rest, I could not. I literally was on verge of collapse. I smelled God awful. I got a bit of strength back after that time and ordered a shower chair and was clean from that point on and quickly regained my strength and got back to normal. He was practically shaking with arousal as I told him my sad tale, telling me he’d love to lick my three week unwashed pussy and underarms.

It’s hard to imagine anyone would truly want this, yet I’ve heard the desire for “fishy pussy” before, so he’s certainly not alone in his bizarre fetish. Dirty feet, unwashed pussy and ass, stinking underarms, to some men, they are more arousing than the most expensive perfumes you could purchase. I don’t know where they’d get their fix, some would skip an occasional shower, but when you’re talking weeks, I don’t even want to know. Homeless people? No clue who they are getting their love on with to indulge this fetish.

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