Anal Masturbation

There’s no shortage of callers that are using toys when they call. Not all of them are pocket pussies or Fleshlights. Many are anal stimulation toys, like prostate massagers or one I watched recently on cam that has his own fucking machine. I’d seen pics and videos of these fucking machines before, but they were always used by women. He saw one and knew it was the right thing for him. He is afraid to ask his girlfriend to fuck him up the ass with a strap on, he knows she wouldn’t do it, so he bought this machine. He’s afraid she will find it in his apartment, but he uses it several times a week and he said he cums harder from this than anything. I told him he’s a fag in denial, lol.

He said just using the toy is enough to make him cum. He doesn’t even need to rub or touch his cock. This toy will make him squirt his load, and a big one, from the anal stimulation alone. I saw him do it. He lubes up the cock on the machine and he leans himself back into it. He positioned it so he can sort of lean on the edge of the bed as he does it and he cock got hard on its own, no touching required.

He was grunting in pleasure as this thing fucked his ass, and I could tell he was in sheer ecstasy as he used it. He’s never had cock up his ass, but been a lifelong toy user. He said he can’t even imagine what a real cock would feel like, but at least this one is safe and no worries of diseases. He said he’d be embarrassed if his girlfriend walked in while he was using it. I don’t know, I think subconsciously he wants her to. I saw him cum a lot after this thing had fucked him for around seven minutes. Maybe you use toys as well, why not call one of our operators and tell us all about it?

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Tit Fuck

My boyfriend has always loved my tits, I’ve always said he’s obsessed with them. He loves a tit fuck nearly as much as a regular fuck. The first time he said he wanted to give me a pearl necklace, I seriously thought he was going to buy me a necklace at the jeweler’s, lol. I soon learned he wanted to lay that hard and throbbing cock between my ample tits and have me squeeze my breasts around it and pump it up to my mouth and suck on it. I love to look him right in the eye as I stroke his cock to hardness and then lay it between my breasts.

I grasp my titties and wrap their billowy softness around his member and he begins to pump. I usually drizzle some lube or lotion in between my tits first so it makes for a smooth ride. The slippery wetness coating his cock as he fucks those tits and I stick out my tongue to caress the tip of his hard prick as it pumps forward up under my chin. He’s a bit of a heavy cummer, so I always get quite the load and quite the “pearl necklace”.

He said he developed the love of a good titty fuck from his first girlfriend when he was young. She wouldn’t allow him to fuck her pussy, she wanted to keep her virginity, so he gave her tit fucks a lot of the time as well as oral, so he really grew to enjoy them a lot. When he was single and he didn’t have a girlfriend for a while, he even bought one of those silicone artificial breast toys that is made for a tit fuck and he really enjoyed that when he masturbated. Now that he has me, he’s got some real tits again of course to fuck whenever he wants to.

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Pervy Housesitting

I did something I’m not exactly proud of last week. I was house sitting for a friend and she said I could stay there the whole weekend. She has a much nicer place than mine, so I did. I also was snooping around and found her naughty drawer full of her sex toys. I knew it was wrong and bad, but I used one of them. I washed it before and after, but I doubt my friend had any idea she’d be sharing her sex toys with me by agreeing for me to stay at her home. She had this lovely big dildo, the kind with a suction cup on it and I’d always been curious to try that kind. So I did.

I washed it with soap and water first, even though it already appeared to be clean, and then I stuck it down and I lowered myself down onto it and rode that thing until I came all over it. It really stretched open my pussy and I enjoyed it. I washed it when I was finished and put it back where I found it. She will be none the wiser. Lots of times callers will confess naughty things they have done, like take some panties off the floor of their roommate or even their mom or sister, and they know that isn’t right either, but they do it. Women do these things as well.

Have you done something naughty like this you’d like to share you know you can’t tell anyone else? I have other bad things like this I’ve done I’d be only too happy to share talking about if you called to ask. I think you could stroke your cock to these naughty stories of mine and easily get yourself off. I know I like to share things I’ve done as well.

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Special Girl

A caller was telling me how he had a date a few weeks ago with someone he’d met not long before and he was convinced they were a woman. Until the date that is. They had dinner out and then went back to his place and had a few drinks and began to make out and he said they were a really good kisser and he was enjoying himself very much. He then reached his hand down their panties and oh my, did he ever get a shock and a surprise. He literally froze he said upon feeling the small cock in his hand that the “lady” was sporting.

They were not a woman, they were a tranny and oh, are you ok with that? He didn’t know what to think at first. He was very turned on and then this unexpected surprise in his hand. He was so turned on, the tranny said just to go with it and he gave in and the tranny sucked his cock and he said it was the best blow job he’d ever had. He felt ashamed he’d given in, but was so turned on. Even though he hadn’t planned on this, he couldn’t stop thinking about it and went back again the next night.

He totally gave in to his passions and he fucked the tranny, and the tranny fucked him. He said he never knew he wanted cock until he met them. Now he was craving it and wanting to suck on it and have his sucked by them. Sometimes people don’t know what they want until it’s given to them, even when it’s not expected. So he and the tranny have been playing a few nights a week and enjoying one another. He’s not sure he could see ever being attracted to a real man, but one that’s made up like a woman does appeal to him and he has been loving it.

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Piano Man Lover

I always have loved to sing, and many times over the years have done gigs on the side at night for parties and sometimes at a local club. Some of the piano players can be quite the ladies men. They can play so beautifully and you just imagine them being just as good in bed as they are sitting at the keyboard. Last week I met one such hot piano player and after the party had come to an end we were sitting there talking and were all alone. The caterers had left, the hosts had gone to bed, we were it.

He asked me if I’d ever seen “Pretty Woman”, and I said of course I had. Then he asked me if I remembered the scene in the movie where Julia Roberts was on the piano and Richard Gere went down on her as she laid back. I smiled and said yes, I remembered it well. He asked if I’d like to relive that very scene here and now. I was a bit shocked, but intrigued at the same time. I agreed and soon he was reaching up under my dress and pulling down my panties and getting at my pussy.

He touched and fondled me for a while, and then he leaned down to give my pussy a French kiss. Oh my he was good. He was a most talented pussy licker and I soon felt my clit being sucked into his mouth and him driving me insane. I felt my wetness flowing as he ate me out and brought me to climax several times. He placed my legs over his shoulder and really buried his face between those thighs, slurping up my juices. I nearly fainted with pleasure. It was a delightful encounter. I have no clue if I will ever see him again, but it was a night to remember. On the piano.

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