Sucking the Janitor

I was working late and drinking a good deal of coffee to stay awake. I spilled some down my blouse and walked to the nearby supply closet to get some paper towel to mop it up. I got a bit of a shock when I opened the door and saw I was not alone. There was a good looking younger man in there filling up his bucket to begin cleaning the floors with. I hadn’t noticed it was so late the night cleaning crew had come in. I’d only ever seen a couple of them one other time. He was in really good shape.

I could see his arm muscles bulging and looked at them, thinking how strong they looked. He said I was the only employee left in the building. I reached for some paper towel to mop the front of my soaked blouse. He advised me to take it off and run it under the sink so it wouldn’t stain. For some reason, I started unbuttoning right then and there. I was standing in my bra before this man I didn’t even know the name of. He took the blouse from me and rinsed it under the large sink he’d filled his bucket in. He laid it over a shelf to dry and told me to go back to my desk. It would dry soon.

I did, and soon he was in the door with his cock in his hand and walking towards me. I didn’t know what to say, though I cannot say I was displeased. He came to my chair and I leaned down and sucked on it and cupped his balls. He fucked my face as I sat in my office chair, in my skirt and bra. I felt like a whore, sucking off some sexy janitor. Oh well, I liked it and so did he.

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I Fucked My Banker

I’ve always had a crush on the guy at the bank I have appointments with when I have something to discuss financially. I know nothing can ever come of it relationship wise, but I wanted to fuck him badly. He’s mentioned before he’s the last one out at night. He works late and no one else would be there. I waited until I saw everyone leave but him and I slipped in and stood at his office door. He said they were closed and I said I wasn’t there for banking. I closed his office door and removed my coat.

I was wearing only stockings, heels and a bra and panty set under the coat. He looked speechless, yet I could also see a bulge growing in his pants. I stepped towards him and placed my finger to his lips to shush him. He didn’t say a word. I knelt on the floor and took his cock out and sucked on it, and he was as hard as a steel rod. His fingers wound through my hair as I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth and he soon pulled me up and onto his desk. He swept his arm across the desk to clear it.

I soon had my panties pulled down and his cock buried balls deep in me as he fucked me hard and fast. I clawed at his shoulders as we fucked. He bit at my neck and the sounds of our heavy breathing filled the room. He pumped into me so hard, my clit got a pounding each thrust into me and I came on his cock in a gush. I felt his cock twitch in my pussy and shoot its load into me in one hot load of cum after the next. He pulled out of me and I put my coat back on and left. He sank back down in his chair and not a word was spoken. I will always treasure my bold move to fuck the banker, it was worth it.

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Morning Sex in the Kitchen

Many guys wake up with a hard on in the morning, there’s no surprise there. Most times when my man wants to fuck, it’s right when we wake up, not a while after. Last week though we were in the middle of breakfast and he had the urge. Right then and there. I suggested we at least go into the bedroom, but no, he wanted my pussy there and now, right as I sat in the kitchen chair. So that’s what we did. I’d only gotten a few mouthfuls of my food down before he was slipping his cock into me.

The chair was banging against the table, I was afraid the orange juice was going to get knocked over. He pounded into me with such lust, he was incredibly horny. Even if I’m not horny when we start, I sure am by the time we finish. He can always get me aroused. I never understand women who won’t give their men fifteen minutes of their time to fuck, even if they aren’t horny. It doesn’t take long, and it makes them happy, so why not? They usually can make you cum as well.

His cock slid in and out, grazing my clit with every pump into me, making me hornier as time went on. My tits were shaking, I knew I was going to cum hard. It’s always a fun way to start the day by having a good orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with a little excitement to get your day off to a good start. I’ve always loved to cum, and he’s always done a good job at making me, so I always give in to him. I’ve never been sorry yet. He squirted his load right at the moment I came. We finished our breakfast and then showered together. A fun way to start the day in my books.

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Sex on a Piano

Years ago I used to work in a bar that had a live piano player. I liked him, and we were usually the last two to leave. It would get hot in there and many times after the customers and staff would leave, I’d take off my dress to cool down. I sang sometimes and he accompanied me. So we’d be relaxing for a bit before heading home and I asked him if he’d ever seen “Pretty Woman,” he said yes, years ago. I asked him if he recalled the scene on the piano and he smiled and said yes. I asked him if he’d like to recreate that scene. He did not take long to say yes.

I was already sitting on the piano as he was softly playing out some tune known only to himself. He moved his hands from the keys to my legs and was running them up and down them and I parted my legs for him. He soon peeled off my panties and began to kiss up and down my inner thighs and then went for my pussy. I felt his warm, wet tongue open me up and caress my juicy folds. I writhes on top of the piano, my feet resting on the keys.

He made me cum with his mouth and I soon heard his zipper as he lowered it, getting his cock out. I felt it impale me and I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me. Me on my back on the piano, and him standing as he thrust into me. It was kind of an unexpected fuck, but I couldn’t say I haven’t fantasized about him before like this. I was just finally getting to live that fantasy out, and it felt good. After we finished, we straightened our clothes and then left, as if nothing had happened.

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Going Down

Last night I got a very special treat from my husband. He gave me a massage and then afterwards when I was all relaxed, he flipped me over and spread me wide. I knew I was about to feel his tongue all over my dripping pussy, licking the copious amounts of wetness that were flowing all over my pussy. His mouth caressed my shaved cunt. Delicately parting my pussy lips, sucking the smaller inner lips first, tickling my clit with his tongue, making me beg to have him suck on my clit. That pressure of him taking it and sucking it, oh how I love it, it makes me cum so hard. And I did.

I was so juicy, he climbed on top of me and slid his cock into my cunt, driving me insane with pleasure, I knew I’d have my second orgasm from having his cock in me. He kissed me and I could taste myself on his lips. We kissed passionately and deeply as we made love. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling me as close to him as I could get. It was so good. I pumped him deeper and deeper into me, feeling his cock so deeply within me.

We rolled over and I was on all fours, him driving his dick into me from behind. My tits swung wildly with each thrust of his cock into my pussy. I could hear our flesh slapping against one another as we fucked. I reached underneath and rubbed my clit so fast, my hand would have been a blur as he pounded into me. I pressed my middle finger against my clit as I came, drawing out the orgasm. He squirted into me and we collapsed on the bed, breathing in jagged bursts until we calmed down and caught our breath. It was an intense sexual encounter, as most of ours are.

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