Bidet Masturbation

Recently I was housesitting for some friends that had a beautiful new home, that’s why they had me stay there, they were afraid someone might break in while they were away for the weekend. They had the home custom made to their specifications, and one thing I noticed they had in the master bathroom was something I’d never tried before, a bidet. I know some of the upper scale homes are having them done with them now, it’s more of a European thing.

I wanted to try it and oh goodness, now I want one of my own. I initially tried it after I used the toilet of course, but within seconds discovered it has a much better use. You can use it like you masturbate in the shower with the shower massager, but you don’t need a whole shower to enjoy this water induced orgasm. I turned on the taps and felt the tickle of the water on my pussy and then felt it touch my clit, so I increased the water pressure as much as I could and turned the tap on much hotter, and held my pussy lips back to fully expose my clit. It was sheer heaven, I loved it.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on the bidet that weekend, I had the cleanest pussy in town! It really is a wonderful fixture and now I’d love to see about getting one installed for my own home. Sometimes you’d love a water induced orgasm, but don’t want a whole shower again, this is the perfect option for that. I’m sure most women that own these have long ago discovered the wonderful sensations they can give you so easily and quickly.

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Naughty Gift Basket

Recently a client that wanted to send me a naughty gift sent me a gift basket of sex toys. I was surprised, I thought when they said gift basket there would be chocolates, or maybe wine and cheese and crackers or tea and fancy jams, that kind of thing, but this one was a red hot, X rated gift basket with an assortment of dildos, lubes, ticklers, handcuffs, a blindfold, all kinds of treats in there. Needless to say my boyfriend was delighted at the gift basket and couldn’t wait to try out all the naughty things.

He carried the gift basket up the stairs and unwrapped it on the bed and we started to unwrap the items one by one. Within an hour I was tied to the bed spread eagle with silk scarves, had the blindfold on, some scented candles were burning, a CD of sexy music was playing and I was having one of the feather ticklers dragged lightly across my now rock hard nipples. I was teased for hours and brought to the brink of orgasm several times before being allowed to go over that edge.

Then it was my boyfriends turn and I had him handcuffed on his knees on the floor and was whipping him lightly with a flogger that had been in the gift basket. I placed a dab of the chocolate body paint on my clit and then sat astride his face as he was on his knees and told him to lick it off, which he did until I came all over his face. Needless to say, we had a fun time with all the items in the sex toy gift basket and there’s still some items we didn’t even open yet, more pleasure filled evenings await to try them out. My client will no doubt enjoy a full report on the naughty things I did with the items in the gift basket.

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Spying On The Cougar Next Door

I am a voyeur, I know, it’s bad, and I’ve worried about getting caught, but I find it very hot to watch people have sex when they don’t know they are being watched. It’s like my own live porn show, except the people performing don’t know anyone is watching them. This cougar moved in next door a few months ago, and she has some regular young male visitors that come by weekly, and they come by late at night when it’s dark and her bedroom is opposite mine, with only our yards between us, and I have a telescope set up in my room I can watch her with, and with my lights out, you’d never know it was there.

I’ve seen her have sex with eight young men in the last few months, I usually masturbate when I watch them. They are less than half her age and I wish I could find young men like that to fuck me, but I’m a bit too shy to go out looking for them, so I live vicariously through her sexual exploits and enjoy watching all the naughty things she gets up to. She likes them really young, as do I, very slim, but well muscled and lean, god, they are so hot and she sure keeps them coming back for more.

She’s very slutty, letting them cum on her face and fucking her ass, there’s nothing she won’t do, and they creep in at all hours and I’ve gotten off so many times watching her get fucked. She’s attractive, but no raving beauty, but her body sure makes those young lads happy to give her so many cum loads. Maybe one day one will see me watching and come by my house afterwards for some fun, one can hope.

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Sexy Halloween

Last night I went to an early Halloween party and had a very fun and naughty time. Everyone was in costumes and we were asked not to remove our masks for the entire night, so we were talking to people and not seeing who they really were. I met this very sexy and interesting man and was having a wonderful time and he asked me if I’d like to go to one of the empty bedrooms and I couldn’t say no, his voice was so sexy and what I could see of his face under and around the mask I found very appealing.

He asked once we were alone if I’d like him to remove it and I said no, I think for the party mystery was best, so he did not take it off, I didn’t either. He kissed me and touched me and we were soon rolling around on the bed and taking off our costumes and getting totally naked other than the face masks. His cock was huge and I knew I wanted it inside of me, and within a few more moments, I did. He pinned me down and slid that huge cock inside and I winced at its girth. I didn’t know if I could take it all in, but I managed to do just that.

I wrapped my legs tightly around him and started to buck my hips up and down underneath him and his cock felt fabulous deep inside my shaved pussy. I could feel his breath on my neck and I wanted to know what he looked like, but we agreed not to look at least for the party. We had fantastic sex and at the end of the night exchanged business cards and numbers and agreed to meet that next night for dinner, so the big reveal would have to wait until the next night, but I knew it was going to be worth it.

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I laughed when I thought of a combination of the word cuckold and vacation and came up with cuckation. Since that’s what it would be if I took a vacation with my husband where he was going to be cuckolded. We went to the Caribbean last month and he knew the deal going in, I’d be fucking as much BBC as I wanted. His four inch penis doesn’t get me very far pleasure wise, I can promise you that much. He knows he’s a write off in the bedroom and that I need the cock of a real man sized cock to get me off, so I told him a trip to Jamaica would be a buffet of big, black cocks for me.

We fly down and right away I spotted one sporting a nice bulge in his pants, the guy that brought the luggage into the room. He could tell by the way I was eyeing his crotch what I had in mind and he said he was done for the day and I replied, “Oh no you’re not.” and grabbed him. My pale faced, tiny dicked hubby sank down in the corner chair like some old slack jawed dog watching us as we fucked on the bed.

His big nigger dick had to be nearly ten inches and my hubby was soon stroking his little dick as that cock stretched me open and I groaned with delight at finally having a huge dick in me. He beat that little dick feverishly as I took a pounding from that black dick and the sounds of his balls slapping against me echoed throughout the room. I came so fucking hard. I asked the baggage guy if he could stop by again the next day when he was done for the day and he grinned and said of course. Then my hubby tipped him as he left the room smiling.

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