Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty Nine Me

My boyfriend loves to sixty nine. Giving and receiving at the same time, always fun. I keep my pussy clean shaven, so it’s always smooth for him to delve into my velvety folds. I love swallowing down his hard, dripping cock. I have a tiny, delicate little clit, so he likes to hold open my pussy lips to expose it and make it stick out better for him to lick it and flick it back and forth with his tongue. He does a good job and I love the way he makes my pussy feel. I like to drool all over his dick at the same time, driving him into some kind of frenzy.

He always let me set the pace and matches me. If I lick faster, so does he, so I can basically control how quickly he licks me and I will explode all over his face. He’s a lot easier than I am, so it’s not difficult to get him to cum when I’ve cum. Often as soon as I do, it triggers him to and he will cum all over my tits if I pull him out of my mouth when I feel his balls tighten up and I’m not in the mood to swallow.

I usually do though and he likes me taking his cum down my throat. I get very creamy and he enjoys licking every drop of that sweet cream out of my cunt. I can usually cum a couple of times, so he will often make me cum as much as I need to before blowing his load. I’m happy as long as I get to cum as much as I need to. His cock is always pleased at what I do to it. Then he usually slides that dick right into me and will get hard again quickly and start to fuck me until I’m exhausted and can take no more.

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Dry Humping

The new guy I’ve been seeing is a tease. That’s a switch, right? He is making me wait for his cock. He doesn’t jump into sexual relationships easily, so we’ve been making out like teenagers and no penetrative sex. Just dry humping and hand job and kissing. It’s hot, but it’s kind of frustrating to. I haven’t made myself cum from dry humping since my school days, but you certainly don’t forget how. He gets so hard, I just place my crotch over his and grind on him and I am absolutely able to make myself cum by doing that. It’s a bit of work when there’s easier ways!

I have always loved having my pussy rubbed while I was kissed, so that kind of attention is nice. Most guys are just wanting to get right to fucking, so a lot of the fun foreplay stuff does get left behind in youth it seems, at least with the guys I see. It’s kind of refreshing to take our time like this, but I’m worried once it does happen it will be anti climactic, since the anticipation of something very often is greater than the actual event. You look forward to something so much, and then it happens and it’s, mmmh, that wasn’t as great as I’d hoped it would be.

I do hope this won’t be the case here, but I’ve been giving hand jobs a lot, he won’t even let me suck it, just touch it. It’s a real return to basics kind of sex life, but it will proceed I’m sure, and if it doesn’t, I have other fish to fry so to speak. Not sure how long he intends this to go on, but I am getting so I really need some cock, it’s just been too long for this to go on indefinitely.

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Dirty Dancing

Recently my boyfriend and I have taken up dancing as a hobby, and it’s had a surprising effect on our sex life. It’s gotten even hotter and more active than it was. So many callers will say after a workout they are hornier than ever, since the exercising gets the testosterone pumping. Well sexy dancing is an exercise as well, and after pretty well all of the classes, we’ve been having great sex. Last night we got home and were just ripping one another’s clothes off as soon as we got in the door. It was a mad dash for the bedroom.

I’ve really enjoyed learning all the sexy dance moves, but the increase in our sex life has been an unexpected bonus for us. Multiple orgasms, really hot quickies, rough sex, spanking, it’s been all kinds of fun. It’s made me a bit more limber as well, so I can get into a few more positions than I normally have in my repertoire. It’s been a real hit with us both. I rode his dick last night until I came three times. I just stayed on him when he got soft after cumming and I waited for him to grow hard again.

I rocked back and forth on top of him as he massaged my breasts, working his thumbs across my hard nipples. My cunt was so wet and gooey on his dick, we were a sticky mess. I milked his cock into me with every motion I made, grinding my hips in little circles. I love feeling his cum squirt into me, filling me up and then dripping out of me. His cock and balls so coated with my love juices. He’s even gone down on me afterwards and cleaned me all out of his cum, he can be a nasty boy at times, and I love it.

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Cum For Me

So many guys are in lockdown currently and are struggling for privacy are grabbing it when they can, sometimes calling and whispering since they might be heard if they speak in a normal tone of voice. One caller last night was so horny, he hadn’t cum for three months. He’d just gotten home after serving in the army and as soon as he got home with his parents, the lockdown was issued and he hadn’t been able to get out to see his girlfriend to fuck, he hadn’t had adequate privacy in the military to masturbate, and many men that serve have told me that over the years, I feel badly for them.

So once his parents had gone asleep, he called and spoke in hushed tones as he stroked his cock for me. After he said he’d gone three months without an orgasm, I gave extra effort to be good, the poor devil surely deserved a good orgasm after a quarter of a year. He wanted talk of a long, slow, juicy blow job as he stroked his neglected cock. I talked about slurping away on his hard shaft and looking deep in his eyes as he fucked my mouth. He loved it.

So many deprived guys and cocks out there that crave attention. Cocks that haven’t been sucked for many a year, some with conservative wives have never had a blow job, ever, yet they refuse to seek attention elsewhere. Many are masochists, I am convinced of it, but we phone sex gals do our best to help in whatever way we can, even if only for the length of a sexy phone call as you stroke that cock. Masturbating on the sly from parents or a wife in the next room, even though they are a grown up, they still must be secretive about their orgasms.

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He Fucked Me From Behind

My boyfriend had been away for the last three weeks on a business trip and I knew he’d be really horny by the time he got home. I knew he’d masturbated of course, as had I, but he always comes home very horny when he’s away from me that long. I honestly like that it makes him even more hungry for me when he’s been away and his cock is throbbing just for me. He came home and within minutes we were going at it, kissing and touching and caressing one another with abandon. Our clothes were soon stripped off and we were on the bed together.

He said he’d been fantasizing about taking me from behind all week and I told him I wanted it hard. He got on top of me from behind and was squeezing my tits and I felt the hard head of his cock poking me from behind. I parted my legs and felt it bury its way into the crack of my ass and further forward to my creamy cunt that was so desperately waiting for him to sink balls deep inside of her. I leaned forward a little to give him further access and he plunged forward and into me.

I felt him going into me and we moved together as one in unison as we fucked like animals. I felt my pussy clench down on his cock as I came the first time. My pussy was slick with my wetness and so was his cock. He slowed for a moment to allow me to catch my breath. He stayed within me the whole time. I was ready to start up again and he thrust forward again and we were soon going at it hard when I came again, and then I felt him go off inside of me, fuck it was hot. It’s very primal being taken from behind, and I really enjoy it.

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