A Rough Fuck

This new guy I’ve been seeing is kind of into rough sex. He asked me when we met how I felt about about it and I asked how rough were we talking here. The first few times we had sex he was pretty normal, but each time was a bit more rough than the last. I didn’t mind much or I’d have said something, but not sure how I feel about this. He asked me the other night if he could choke me and I said yes, as long as he stopped when I’d give him a signal, which he did adhere to, so as long as I can put the brakes on when needed, I’m ok with it.

Last night I was giving him a blow job and he grabbed me by the hair and started to use it like a handle of sorts and was being a bit rough, gagging me. I could barely breathe. He was thrusting his hips into my face skull fucking me, tears were rolling down my face as I gasped for air. My mascara was all running down my cheeks. He was groaning like crazy, I swear he enjoyed seeing me like that.

I soon had a mouthful of cum that was squirting out the sides of my mouth. He said it was one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had. I was then flipped over on all fours and he was hard again in a moment, and he fucked my pussy hard, the entire bed was shaking as he pounded away into my abused pussy. He did make me cum though, but I felt like I’d gone a couple of rounds in a boxing ring when all was said and done. I’m not sure how much longer I will see this guy, but it’s been an experience to say the least.

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I’m Not Gay, But I Want To Suck Cock

One thing we phone sex girls hear daily, usually more than once, is how many guys want to suck cock and fantasize about other guys, all the while saying they are not gay. What exactly do you think makes you gay? Falling in love with guys? Since apparently actually fucking them or sucking them does not mean they are gay in their eyes. Many would disagree, but they wish to live in some kind of denial, but they want to suck cock and in many cases have sucked it at some point.

They close their eyes as they masturbate and stroke their cocks and imagine sucking on big, hard, throbbing cock that is sliding into their mouth and making them gag. The oozing precum at their lips they hungrily lick off the tip of it before it shoves right down their waiting throats. They get so hard thinking about it, many times being dressed in some kind of ladies lingerie at the same time. Some satisfy their want and need for cock by visiting a glory hole, others will go so far as to either answer ads on classifieds sites online looking for random sexual hookups or the will post one themselves.

The ones that have sucked it before seem to long for it like a thirsty man longing for water in the desert, it’s an unquenchable desire they have to suck. It’s interesting how many want to suck rather than be sucked off themselves. It’s fairly rare actually to hear of ones that want a guy to suck them off, they want to be the one doing the sucking. Yet they are not at all gay you understand. Of course you aren’t. Just keep telling yourself that…

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Genie In A Bottle

A caller had a bit of an unusual fantasy, he had always been quite taken with the t.v. show I Dream of Jeannie and her being a genie in a bottle. His fantasy was to be shrunken and placed in the bottle that she came out of. A different take on giantess and shrunken man fantasies that some have. Now her bottle had always been very luxurious and comfortable, and he seemed to want be a part of that. There didn’t seem to be much sex in the fantasy, he just wanted to get in that bottle and live there.

Many times men with giantess fantasies or where they are shrunken men I find do not have sex in the fantasies, just the idea of them being very small, sometimes carried around in purses or in the bra of the woman they are with, usually the one that shrunk them down in the first place. It’s an unusual fantasy and not one you get calls about frequently, but they are out there.

When he mentioned that t.v. show, I thought he was going to say he wanted to have sex with the genie, which would be a normal way to go, but when he said the bottle was where he wanted to get into and not the woman, well, you just never know what to expect from some of these callers, people have fantasies going back literally decades that have taken root and they fantasize about all these things as they are masturbating, even being placed in the bottle of a t.v. genie from the 1960’s.

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Rainy Afternoon

Recently it was a weekend rainy afternoon and luckily I had nothing better to do than lay in bed all day and get fucked by my boyfriend. Those lazy afternoons you can just lay in bed and kiss and fondle and fuck until you can’t cum anymore are sheer heaven. No worries of work or time, just enjoying the moment. I was so horny and he pleased me in every way possible. I love getting kissed as my pussy is rubbed, it makes me so wet, and of course when I get dripping wet, he loves to lick my pussy.

My clit was so stiff as he rubbed it back and forth, transferring the wetness from my cunt over my clit, making it all slippery as I bucked against his hand. I had to feel him inside of me, pumping into me. He slid his cock in and I wrapped my legs around him and felt him going in and out with faster strokes, making us both come closer to going over that edge of orgasmic release. I loved how he fucked me. The rain was hitting the window panes as he shot the first of many loads that day inside of my sloppy wet, stretched pussy.

I rolled over with him and straddled him, waiting for him to grow hard again inside of me. He fondled my breasts as I rocked back and forth on top of him, and I felt him grow hard once more and we were soon fucking harder and harder. I loved feeling his cock twitch inside of me and even though I was sure he’d be drained totally by this point, he came yet again in my filled pussy. I just love rainy, lazy, weekend afternoons.

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Do You Have An Itchy Cock?

There’s been an odd caller this week, well there’s weird callers every week, but this guy stands out because of the sheer creativity of his fantasy. He has a thing for having an “itchy cock.” How that is arousing, I can’t imagine, but it starts out with a nurse, so we have shades of a medical fetish here, and she applies a gel all over his cock and the gel has itching powder in it and the more he rubs his cock, the more it itches, but of course he cannot stop rubbing it no matter what.

I am to repeat over and over, “That’s a really itchy cock.” LOL. It’s unreal, both in its simplicity of what’s asked for and in the fantasy itself. I’m trying to think where the roots of such a fantasy must have begun. Perhaps he had jock itch and during that incident saw a really hot nurse? The two situations combined in his mind and here we have an obsession for a nurse giving him an itchy cock. He’s called several times this week, up to three times a day, always with the same fantasy.

Nurses are quite popular fantasy figures, as are lady doctors for many guys that are into medical fetish. I actually find medical fetish calls usually quite interesting as the fantasies are usually very detailed and quite well thought out compared to most fantasies, so they make for more interesting calls. Some men have the desire to be examined gynocologically, which of course is physically impossible, or a prostate exam turns into an embarrassing erection and ejaculation. There’s all kinds of impregnation, sperm collection fantasies. Exploring these sorts of fantasies is quite different and entertaining.

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