A Hot, Fucking Ride

I was visiting a friend recently in her new luxury high rise condo, it was a lovely building and she paid a good deal for it. We visited a few hours and had dinner and then I left to go home. The only issue was in the elevator on the way down the elevator got stuck. She had actually mentioned that happening a few times to her, it was usually less than five minutes until it reset itself and started moving again, but I didn’t like being stuck in there. There was however a handsome man in there with me that was on his way to his unit.

We chatted for a few moments and he called for help, but we were told it would be a good thirty minutes. We sat down and started talking and he was really attractive and he leaned over and kissed me and I didn’t stop him. We were kissing heavily when he unzipped his pants and I straddled him right there in the elevator. I was riding his cock and bucking up and down on him and I was so wet.

He fondled my breasts through my blouse and I was grinding my clit right against the base of his cock. He was kissing me passionately and we could hear mechanical noises starting, so we knew someone was working on the elevator. I came explosively and he soon shot his load inside of me and within a moment or two the elevator was moving again. We got up, straightened ourselves up and then the door opened. The mechanic gave us a bit of a knowing look but said nothing. I went my way and he went his, I will likely never see the man again, but it was a hot, fucking ride!

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