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Cum For Me

So many guys are in lockdown currently and are struggling for privacy are grabbing it when they can, sometimes calling and whispering since they might be heard if they speak in a normal tone of voice. One caller last night … Continue reading

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Phone Sex and You and The Virus

Have you been cooped up lately due to the widespread lockdown? You likely have a lot of time on your hands and are masturbating more than usual. Calling for some phone sex can absolutely help the time go by faster, … Continue reading

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Water Play on The Toilet

With the current toilet paper shortage due to the Coronavirus crises, ones are looking for alternate ways to clean themselves after using the toilet. Bidet sprayers are growing in popularity because of this. One thing most ladies love is a … Continue reading

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My Brother Masturbated Me

When I was in my teens I had several sexy experiences with my brother. When it started, I didn’t even know about it for a while. How didn’t I know about it? I was asleep. I thought I was having … Continue reading

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I Masturbated at Work

I have been so horny lately, I’ve been masturbating more than usual. I know I shouldn’t take the risk, but today I masturbated at work in my office. I locked the door and got out my pocket sized vibe and … Continue reading

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