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He Masturbated On His Roof

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear an odd tale you never have before. A man called the other night and said when he used to live in a bit more secluded area, one of his favorite … Continue reading

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Playing On The Beach

The warm weather just makes me even more adventuresome than usual. I can’t help it, I just want to get naked when it’s sunny, warm and there’s a lovely breeze outside. I was at this beach a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Call

One caller that’s very much into sexy lingerie emails a few hours before he calls and has me slip into some sexy lingerie for him. Many times he’s been the one that has bought what I’m wearing. He loves to … Continue reading

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I Saw Him Standing There

When I’m alone I like to dance, and chances are, I’m naked. I do it all the time alone in my room. I’ve done it since I was in my early teens. Once when I thought I was alone I … Continue reading

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Masturbating To Your Grandmother’s Underwear

A sissy called and was telling me all about his pitiful life. He’s thirty one, doesn’t work and is being supported by his grandmother. He does all the cooking and cleaning and housework. He also takes her panties and masturbates … Continue reading

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