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Bidet Masturbation

Recently I was housesitting for some friends that had a beautiful new home, that’s why they had me stay there, they were afraid someone might break in while they were away for the weekend. They had the home custom made … Continue reading

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It’s Exciting To Watch

Masturbating in front of a mirror can be very arousing, you not only get to feel the fantastic sensations your fingers are making, or a toy if that’s your preferred method of masturbating, but you get the added level of … Continue reading

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Getting Caught

Recently I did a favor for a friend and things got a bit difficult. This friend of mine has a teenage son and while he’s old enough to look after himself, she didn’t trust him not to have any wild … Continue reading

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Stranger On A Train

I had to travel recently by train and I saw something quite arousing and unexpected when I did. Anyone that’s ever traveled by train can tell you there’s a lot of vibration and rocking motions, especially in certain areas. When … Continue reading

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Helping Out

When I was younger and used to babysit a lot, some of the guys weren’t much younger than I was, but they couldn’t really be trusted to be alone, so I’d be hired to make sure they didn’t do anything … Continue reading

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