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My Boyfriend’s Dad

I love my boyfriend and had never planned on cheating on him, especially with his own father, but things got a bit weird this past weekend. My boyfriend, who’s a doctor, had taken me to his family’s summer cabin for … Continue reading

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My Best Friend’s Guy

I know I should feel bad about what I did, but I just don’t. I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend. She hasn’t found out about it yet, not sure if she will, but I don’t see it going well … Continue reading

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The Wedding Present

This is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and I’ve already been to a couple of them. I went to one this past weekend. I was actually surprised to get an invite to it since the groom … Continue reading

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Secret Cuckold

My boyfriend is a cuckold, but he doesn’t know it yet. I’ve been cheating on him with another man with a much larger cock than he has, and been enjoying it tremendously. His cock is one of the largest I’ve … Continue reading

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Fuck Me Hard

I love my boyfriend, but sometimes I just need a bit…..more. I fool around a lot actually and really can’t help myself. Last week I had a plumbing situation, and I called and the regular one was busy, so he … Continue reading

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