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Hand Job On The Open Road

One thing my boyfriend loves is when I start to jack him off in the car when he’s driving. I told him I thought it was dangerous, but he said he’s had it done countless times, even gotten head before, … Continue reading

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We Did It In The Dressing Room

My boyfriend is always looking for risky situations. The heightened sensation of possibly getting caught really turns him on. He said he saw a porno of a couple doing it in some dressing room at the mall and would I … Continue reading

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Sexy Plane

Lots of people hope their vacation getaway will bring them some sex and romance, but for some, the naughty part can begin before they ever get to their intended destination. Stories of couple joining the mile high club are becoming … Continue reading

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The Wedding Service

I did something I’m not too proud of this weekend, but I couldn’t help myself. I went to a wedding and I was seated in the back since I wasn’t a close friend of the bride or groom, and there … Continue reading

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A Hot, Fucking Ride

I was visiting a friend recently in her new luxury high rise condo, it was a lovely building and she paid a good deal for it. We visited a few hours and had dinner and then I left to go … Continue reading

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