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The Sexy Temp

There’s a new temp in the office and I want him badly. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I stare at him like a starving man would eye a steak. I try not to stare too much so he won’t notice, but … Continue reading

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Desiring The IT Guy

I was a bad girl last week. I’ve had the hots for the IT guy that comes to our office for the last year or more and I finally decided to make my move on him. I knew he was … Continue reading

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Masturbating Over A Hot Guy

I have been so very horny for the last few weeks. I have been masturbating like an absolute fiend and enjoying it thoroughly. The slightest thing can set me off. I got a new romance novel and every time there … Continue reading

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Sexual Tourism For Real Life Age Play

Some callers certainly do enjoy talking about playing with young people. Most go out of their way to tell you “it’s just fantasy.” That they would in fact never do anything they shouldn’t and get in real legal trouble. Some … Continue reading

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Imagine, Imagine…

Sometimes the fantasy of meeting someone we have connected with sexually online can seem a heady one. I’ve talked to people on both sides of this, some have worked out beautifully, others were a disaster. Others yet fell through because … Continue reading

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