Desiring The IT Guy

I was a bad girl last week. I’ve had the hots for the IT guy that comes to our office for the last year or more and I finally decided to make my move on him. I knew he was coming over to work on the computers and always is crawling under the desks as he does so and I decided that day to wear a short skirt and no panties, so when he was under there I was going to flash him and see what happened. I knew I’d be the last one in the office, so no chance of getting caught.

He was there as planned, under the desk and I parted my legs to give him a view of the pussy and it wasn’t long after I felt a head between my thighs. I leaned back in my chair and pulled my short skirt around my hips to give him better access. All of a sudden I felt his tongue opening up my pussy lips and flicking at my clit. I reached down and grabbed his hair and pushed his face into my crotch even more and he really went to town, French kissing my shaved cunt right there under the desk as I sat there writhing in my office chair.

He then slipped two fingers into me, smearing my wetness around as he worked on my clit with his probing tongue. I was grabbing at the chair armrests, my knuckles absolutely white, as he brought me to orgasm with his mouth. I screamed out as he made me cum. He then pulled me up out of my chair and bent me over the desk and fucked me hard from behind. His cock filled my cunt and he pumped into me for all he was worth and he shot jet after jet of cum into me. We collapsed on the desk, caught our breath, and then he left. I should have done this a long time ago.

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