The Sexy Temp

There’s a new temp in the office and I want him badly. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I stare at him like a starving man would eye a steak. I try not to stare too much so he won’t notice, but every night as I masturbate before bed, I imagine it’s him coming to ravish me. I get out my clit sucking vibe and attach it to my aroused, stiffened clit. I turn it on and close my eyes and imagine him standing beside my bed, coming to me in the near darkness, his cock hard, and he offers me his fingers to suck before replacing them with his hard cock. I suck on them hungrily as he looks deeply into my eyes.

I know in mere seconds I will have his cock between my lips and be sucking even more hungrily on it, tasting its sweet precum, and feeling his full balls bounce against my chin with every thrust of his cock down my throat. My pussy is wet and I feel his fingers open my moistened slit as he begins to rub my lips, purposely avoiding my clit for wanting to arouse me too quickly. I open my legs wider for him and he begins to circle my love bud with a fingertip gently, not too forcefully. I buck up against his hand, wanting more.

He soon begins to rub harder, more rhythmically as he finger fucks me and teases me. Working my breast in his other hand, toying with my nipple, I know an orgasm is not far away, and I suck on his cock as he plays with my pussy, standing at the edge of the bed. I love how he feels in my mouth, I love how he toys with my sopping cunt. I cum with his dick in my mouth and as soon as I do, he shoots his load down my throat and I swallow every drop of his sweet cream. Oh how I want it to happen for real, my sexy co worker…

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