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Fuck Buddy Roommate

My roommate and I ended up spending a lot of time together in lockdown the last few months, and neither of us had a partner to begin with. What can I say, isolation, desperation, and familiarity all led to one … Continue reading

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Tit Fuck

My boyfriend has always loved my tits, I’ve always said he’s obsessed with them. He loves a tit fuck nearly as much as a regular fuck. The first time he said he wanted to give me a pearl necklace, I … Continue reading

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Piano Man Lover

I always have loved to sing, and many times over the years have done gigs on the side at night for parties and sometimes at a local club. Some of the piano players can be quite the ladies men. They … Continue reading

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The Sexy Temp

There’s a new temp in the office and I want him badly. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I stare at him like a starving man would eye a steak. I try not to stare too much so he won’t notice, but … Continue reading

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Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty Nine Me

My boyfriend loves to sixty nine. Giving and receiving at the same time, always fun. I keep my pussy clean shaven, so it’s always smooth for him to delve into my velvety folds. I love swallowing down his hard, dripping … Continue reading

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