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Married Cocksucker

The number of guys that call and confess they either have sucked cock in the past or are continuing to do so at every available opportunity is quite staggering. Married cocksuckers especially confess they are doing things behind their wives … Continue reading

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Sloppy Blow Job For You

Most guys love a sloppy blow job. The thought of a wet, slippery mouth closing around the head of their dick and sliding up and down is enough to make most hard instantly. Some prefer a blow job to actual … Continue reading

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Confession Time

There’s no shortage of callers that call and want to talk about sucking the cock of another man, it’s one of the most popular topics for calls. I talked for an hour last night to a man that loves to … Continue reading

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Lesbian Hot Tub

Recently I went away for the weekend with a friend of mine, it turned out to be a lot more than I bargained for, but not in a bad way. The place we stayed at had adjoining rooms and there … Continue reading

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Panty Pleasuring

My boyfriend has a real fetish for panties, he jerks off and rubs his dick with panties all the time, and one other thing he really loves to do is go down on while, you guessed it, I’m wearing panties. … Continue reading

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