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Panty Pleasuring

My boyfriend has a real fetish for panties, he jerks off and rubs his dick with panties all the time, and one other thing he really loves to do is go down on while, you guessed it, I’m wearing panties. … Continue reading

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Life On The Farm

This caller the other night was relating the tales of his youth on the family farm and how it made him curious about sex from an early age. He would get turned on watching the animals mate and he’d often … Continue reading

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Bear Santa

Is Santa gay? Or maybe bi? I bet you never asked yourself that question before, have you? Well, let’s assume he’s straight, but some have had odd Santa Claus fantasies. One caller that is gay, and many wonder why a … Continue reading

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On Your Knees For Me

My house always is having things done to it, to say it’s a fixer upper is an understatement. All that fixing up costs a lot as well, and I don’t always have all I need for repairs. Last week the … Continue reading

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Let Me Lick Your Pussy

This new man I’ve been seeing, he’s great looking, has a good job, ambitious, there’s only one little thing wrong. And I do mean a little thing, if you catch my drift. His cock is not quite three inches long … Continue reading

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