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Dinner Cruise Quickie

Most people if they are going to go on a dinner cruise would be going with another person, but I’m not currently in a relationship and wanted to go on this dinner cruise that had a really good last minute … Continue reading

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Chinese Food Delivery Guy

Now if there’s one things Asians are known for, it’s that they usually have the smallest dicks on the planet. I researched global cock sizes in the past and the Koreans had the smallest with an average of three inches. … Continue reading

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Taking It Out In Trade

Recently I needed a ride to the airport and didn’t have the money for it. It was going to cost a few hundred dollars. Cabs are often as much as the plane ticket, which seems absurd, but it’s true. There’s … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physical

I’m quite into fitness, I have several very good quality workout machines at home and was looking to upgrade to them to even sturdier models recently, so I placed my current ones online for sale. This man emailed me back … Continue reading

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Reno Magic

Recently I went to Reno over the weekend with a couple of girlfriends and they each quickly met guys they went off with. I was playing the slots alone when this good looking yet slick looking man approached me and … Continue reading

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