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Desiring The IT Guy

I was a bad girl last week. I’ve had the hots for the IT guy that comes to our office for the last year or more and I finally decided to make my move on him. I knew he was … Continue reading

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Handsome Foreigner

The office I work in is an international one, people come by from other branches all over the world for weeks or months before going on either to another branch or returning to their main one, so I’m used to … Continue reading

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School Dance

I volunteered to be a chaperone at my son’s Halloween Dance along with a few other parents. It was pretty tame, everyone in costumes, the parents and teachers made the refreshments, the kids looked cute. The adults all wore costumes … Continue reading

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Work Place Fun

Lots of callers have a work place fantasy, either they want to be the employee who is being blackmailed by their boss into giving them sexual favors in order to keep their job, the other way round, or they are … Continue reading

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Workers Compensation

Many women have fantasies about their bosses, and many bosses have fantasies about their secretaries. Lots of times though it’s best not to mix business with pleasure, as problems may result if things go awry. Jennifer was determined to get … Continue reading

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