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Lesbian Hot Tub

Recently I went away for the weekend with a friend of mine, it turned out to be a lot more than I bargained for, but not in a bad way. The place we stayed at had adjoining rooms and there … Continue reading

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Getting Off In The Shower

Masturbation is a wonderful activity, and variety in how you do it can absolutely make things a bit more exciting. The location for instance, doing it in bed is likely the most obvious choice, but doing it in the shower … Continue reading

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Bidet Masturbation

Recently I was housesitting for some friends that had a beautiful new home, that’s why they had me stay there, they were afraid someone might break in while they were away for the weekend. They had the home custom made … Continue reading

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Sex In The Bath

Sex in the bath can always be fun. Last night my boyfriend and I had a little bubble filled romp in the tub. I’d been expecting him later and I was soaking in the tub getting ready. Ii heard the … Continue reading

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Sex In The Shower

A fantasy for many women they have gotten to indulge in is shower sex, or in the tub, but a standard tub might be a bit crowded for that, but a shower is doable. My concern would be the hot … Continue reading

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