Get Me Dirty, Wash Me Clean

Last night I had sex in the shower with my man. It was hot, like it always is. I thought I was home alone and had been working all day cleaning, getting all sweaty. So I got in and was washing myself and I hadn’t even heard him come in. He’d been away on business and I wasn’t expecting him until the morning. What a nice surprise to have him join me in the shower! He soon took over soaping me up and I started to soap him up and soon his cock was all hard in my hand as I lathered him up.

We rinsed off and then he began to kiss me and push me forward and I soon had his hard cock buried balls deep in my pussy as the hot water rushed over us and the pounding water added to the sounds of us moaning and fucking. The bathroom creates a louder than usual echo as it is, so the sounds were bouncing off the walls and making it even more arousing, hearing our sounds so loud and so vibrant. I took the shower massager in my hand and held the spray on my clit as he fucked me from behind.

I always love when he pounds my pussy from behind. My tits were all slippery and he fondled them and made my nipples all hard. He pulled me hard, right back onto his cock, and I soon came in a gush from the water pressure on my clit. He squirted his load into me and all was rinsed down the drain. We kissed a while, enjoying the hot water all over us and then dried one another off. Shower sex can always be a fun time to indulge in. Clean, sexy and usually an even more intense orgasm than usual.

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