Lesbian Hot Tub

Recently I went away for the weekend with a friend of mine, it turned out to be a lot more than I bargained for, but not in a bad way. The place we stayed at had adjoining rooms and there was a hot tub in the one bathroom, and the first night we were there we had quite a lot to drink and we were in the hot tub and feeling very uninhibited and relaxed and we began to talk about favorite sexual experiences we’d had and I mentioned this one time I’d been at a health club and I was actually alone in the hot tub there and I’d masturbated with the water jets and it was kind of exciting to know someone could have walked in at any moment.

We then looked down and saw how many water jets there were and I asked her if she’d ever done anything similar and she had when she’d been at a hotel and I was kind of horny, so I asked her if she felt like doing that right now, and she nodded and we both positioned ourselves over the water jets and began to masturbate together, of course due to all the bubbles we couldn’t see anything under the water, but we both came that way.

Our sexual conversation continued and eventually she asked me if I’d ever fooled around with another woman and I said no, I’d never had the opportunity present itself, so she asked if I’d be willing to try and I was curious, so I said yes, and she told me to position myself on the edge of the tub and she’d lick my pussy. How could I say no to that? So I did, and she went down on me so wonderfully, I swear it was better than any man ever had and I was soon cumming all over her face. I was quite vocal in my cries of pleasure and I enjoyed it very much.

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