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Sexy Halloween

Last night I went to an early Halloween party and had a very fun and naughty time. Everyone was in costumes and we were asked not to remove our masks for the entire night, so we were talking to people … Continue reading

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School Dance

I volunteered to be a chaperone at my son’s Halloween Dance along with a few other parents. It was pretty tame, everyone in costumes, the parents and teachers made the refreshments, the kids looked cute. The adults all wore costumes … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

With Halloween upon us yet again, many are going out to parties dressed up. I used to love getting dressed up as a child, but don’t have any parties to go to as an adult. Some perhaps in the same boat … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Now that Halloween is upon us once more, fantasies and role plays often come to mind at this time of year as costumes and dressing up comes to the forefront. A sexy witch could cast a sexy spell over you … Continue reading

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