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Spying on Mom

One of the more common stories we phone sex gals hear is men that when they were in their teens spied on their mom getting out of the shower. Ladies really need to get door locks and use them, since … Continue reading

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Mommy Knows Best

The number of callers that are obsessed with mommy is staggering. The first woman in a man’s life, is of course their mother. Usually she is also the one they sexually fantasize about as they masturbate. Many of course claim … Continue reading

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He Fucked His Mom

This caller had a fantastic story they were telling me, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but it was pretty incredible regardless. He told me of how he was adopted as a baby and how when he became … Continue reading

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Keep It In The Family

Lots of male callers have the tried and true fantasy of the mom and daughter threesome. Like mother, like daughter. Maybe mom has taught her daughter a thing or two in the ways of plaseing a man. Also, many guys … Continue reading

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Help Me, Mommy

One fantasy that never gets old for guys is the mommy catching them masturbating and helping them finish off or it just be the beginning to a whole raunchy sex scene between the two of them. One thing that seems … Continue reading

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