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Watching Mom In The Shower

It goes without saying that many callers have fantasized about their mom a lot over the years. Many spied on her while she was getting dressed, sleeping, or even when she was in the shower. They will stand at the … Continue reading

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Seducing My Son

My teenage son and his girlfriend have been fucking for a while now, I’ve heard them and just not said anything. I know he’s sneaked her in when he thought I was asleep a few times. What he doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Spying On Mommy Masturbating

Many things callers tell me they saw in secret, in other words, they spied on someone, usually a family member, like mom or their sister. Sometimes in the shower, other times masturbating. Watching mommy masturbate is a very hot fantasy … Continue reading

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Mommy Daughter Threesome

My mom and I have always been close, but last week we got a whole lot closer when she brought home this new guy. He was a lot younger than she is, he was only a couple of years older … Continue reading

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Suck Big, Black Cock For Mommy

I hear lots of different spins on the mommy fantasy from guys. Usually ones that want to get caught and have mommy join in and show them how its done. One of my good regulars though had a bit of … Continue reading

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