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Tit Fuck

My boyfriend has always loved my tits, I’ve always said he’s obsessed with them. He loves a tit fuck nearly as much as a regular fuck. The first time he said he wanted to give me a pearl necklace, I … Continue reading

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Cum For Me

So many guys are in lockdown currently and are struggling for privacy are grabbing it when they can, sometimes calling and whispering since they might be heard if they speak in a normal tone of voice. One caller last night … Continue reading

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Bukkake Party

Some men want to be the ones covering a girl in their cum at a bukkake party, others want to be the ones covered themselves. A caller the other night had a fantasy that every man he knew, from his … Continue reading

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He Loves Pantyhose

I knew the man I’ve been seeing had a real thing for pantyhose, since he asked me not long after we met if I wore them. I do, I think the bare leg craze looks quite ridiculous honestly, and no … Continue reading

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Let Me Taste Your Cum

I love my boyfriend’s cum, I’ve licked it off of his cock during a blow job, swallowed it, licked it off of my own tits, you name it, I’ve tried it. I thought of trying a slightly different way to … Continue reading

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