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He Loves Pantyhose

I knew the man I’ve been seeing had a real thing for pantyhose, since he asked me not long after we met if I wore them. I do, I think the bare leg craze looks quite ridiculous honestly, and no … Continue reading

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Let Me Taste Your Cum

I love my boyfriend’s cum, I’ve licked it off of his cock during a blow job, swallowed it, licked it off of my own tits, you name it, I’ve tried it. I thought of trying a slightly different way to … Continue reading

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Cum Filled Cunt

You’d be surprised at the number of callers that are really into any kind of cum play, cream pies, licking their own cum when they masturbate, or out of the pussy of the woman they just fucked. One just last … Continue reading

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Eat it Up!

Once in a long while I will consent to watch a caller on cam, I do not enjoy it and make it clear I do not, they know this and want to have you watch anyway. In some cases they … Continue reading

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What Did You Do All Day, Dear?

Some callers like to have you pretend right off the bat as soon as you answer the phone that you are their girlfriend, many times their cheating girlfriend. One caller last night wanted to be a cuckold and have me … Continue reading

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