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Bear Santa

Is Santa gay? Or maybe bi? I bet you never asked yourself that question before, have you? Well, let’s assume he’s straight, but some have had odd Santa Claus fantasies. One caller that is gay, and many wonder why a … Continue reading

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It Moved

A fantasy for many men is well, another man. Some need to be coaxed into it and this is where the forced bi scenario comes into play for many. They can’t accept that they in fact do want another man … Continue reading

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Oooh, Lady!

We all know most men would “want to tap that” lady in the pics, but many gals would too. Having sex with another woman is one of the top fantasies for many ladies. All that soft skin, curves, lovely hair … Continue reading

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Cock Suckers Dream

As I have said before, nearly half of all callers to phone sex lines want to suck cock. Some don’t feel guilty about such desires, others are wracked with guilt and shame at having such thoughts they were no doubt … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secret

So many of us have secrets, but some of the things I hear on the phone never cease to amaze me, especially ones who keep these things from their wives or girlfriends. A man called today and was telling me … Continue reading

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