Cum For Me

So many guys are in lockdown currently and are struggling for privacy are grabbing it when they can, sometimes calling and whispering since they might be heard if they speak in a normal tone of voice. One caller last night was so horny, he hadn’t cum for three months. He’d just gotten home after serving in the army and as soon as he got home with his parents, the lockdown was issued and he hadn’t been able to get out to see his girlfriend to fuck, he hadn’t had adequate privacy in the military to masturbate, and many men that serve have told me that over the years, I feel badly for them.

So once his parents had gone asleep, he called and spoke in hushed tones as he stroked his cock for me. After he said he’d gone three months without an orgasm, I gave extra effort to be good, the poor devil surely deserved a good orgasm after a quarter of a year. He wanted talk of a long, slow, juicy blow job as he stroked his neglected cock. I talked about slurping away on his hard shaft and looking deep in his eyes as he fucked my mouth. He loved it.

So many deprived guys and cocks out there that crave attention. Cocks that haven’t been sucked for many a year, some with conservative wives have never had a blow job, ever, yet they refuse to seek attention elsewhere. Many are masochists, I am convinced of it, but we phone sex gals do our best to help in whatever way we can, even if only for the length of a sexy phone call as you stroke that cock. Masturbating on the sly from parents or a wife in the next room, even though they are a grown up, they still must be secretive about their orgasms.

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