Tit Fuck

My boyfriend has always loved my tits, I’ve always said he’s obsessed with them. He loves a tit fuck nearly as much as a regular fuck. The first time he said he wanted to give me a pearl necklace, I seriously thought he was going to buy me a necklace at the jeweler’s, lol. I soon learned he wanted to lay that hard and throbbing cock between my ample tits and have me squeeze my breasts around it and pump it up to my mouth and suck on it. I love to look him right in the eye as I stroke his cock to hardness and then lay it between my breasts.

I grasp my titties and wrap their billowy softness around his member and he begins to pump. I usually drizzle some lube or lotion in between my tits first so it makes for a smooth ride. The slippery wetness coating his cock as he fucks those tits and I stick out my tongue to caress the tip of his hard prick as it pumps forward up under my chin. He’s a bit of a heavy cummer, so I always get quite the load and quite the “pearl necklace”.

He said he developed the love of a good titty fuck from his first girlfriend when he was young. She wouldn’t allow him to fuck her pussy, she wanted to keep her virginity, so he gave her tit fucks a lot of the time as well as oral, so he really grew to enjoy them a lot. When he was single and he didn’t have a girlfriend for a while, he even bought one of those silicone artificial breast toys that is made for a tit fuck and he really enjoyed that when he masturbated. Now that he has me, he’s got some real tits again of course to fuck whenever he wants to.

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