The Hot Cop

I was at a large outdoor gathering recently and due to security concerns, there were a fair number of cops around, and one caught my eye because he looked more like a model than a cop. I kept staring at him and I know he noticed me, since he smiled at me, though I couldn’t see his eyes behind his sunglasses. After the event was over, he came up to me and introduced himself and I apologized for staring, but said he was just so handsome I couldn’t not stare. We struck up a conversation and he asked me for coffee.

He as off duty after the event and we talked for a while and ten he invited me back to his place and normally I’d not do such a thing, but I wanted to have him fuck me senseless and he knew it. We arrived at his place and tore each others clothes off and wow, what a cock he had, it was bigger than average and did he know how to use it. I was on my knees worshiping that monster and staring right in his eyes as I sucked on it and licked all of his sweet precum off of the tip of it.

I knew I was going to love feeling it inside of me, and I was already dripping wet from having sucked his cock and I got on all fours and he pushed it in from behind and I loved it. He grabbed me by the hips and really drove that dick in all the way up to the balls. I reached down and played with my clit as I was getting fucked and it was long until I came and moaned so loudly. I was shot full of his jizz and it was dripping down my leg. I am so glad I went to that event and met him today, it was well worth it.

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Eat it Up!

Once in a long while I will consent to watch a caller on cam, I do not enjoy it and make it clear I do not, they know this and want to have you watch anyway. In some cases they like knowing you dislike it and are doing it anyway. Some of the callers absolutely enjoy making you squirm and do things or talk about things you are uncomfortable with. One of the guys that likes me to watch is very much into eating his own cum. Now callers will frequently lick it off their fingers and hands, or even shoot it onto a mirror and lick it off, but this one likes to cum on food and consume it.

He’s shot on everything from popcorn to ice cream, it’s really gross as far as I’m concerned, and he knows I think this, it makes him laugh to make me queasy. He pays double the rate to make up for the distastefulness of it all, but still, something’s you wish you had not seen, and once they are in your mind, there’s no getting them out. Last week he thought it would be funny if he had an actual piece of cream pie. I swear I will never have another piece of banana cream pie as long as I live, he’s ruined it for me.

He had the piece of pie in a bowl, and then he shot his load all over the toasted coconut that was on top of the pie and then he got a spoon and ate the whole bowl of it, cum, pie and all, in a few mouthfuls. I was feeling nauseous, but he was enjoying every mouthful and laughing at me. I was just trying to concentrate on the money I’d get for witnessing it all.

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Forcing Himself On The Neighbor

One of my regular callers has fantasies about his neighbor and creeping into her home when she’s asleep, sleeping naked of course for easy access, and creeping into bed with her and spooning her in bed until she wakes up and realizes he’s holding her like this. That would kind of be a scary way to wake up having gone to bed alone and waking up and feeling someone with their arms wrapped around you! Of course he’d whisper in her ear how much he wants to fuck her and he’s going to, whether she wants him to or not, there’s no consent in the matter.

Of course when he slips his cock inside of her she soon warms to the idea and begins to moan, even though she’s kind of being raped by the neighbor. He wants her so badly though, he just cannot help himself from doing this and he loves to fuck her. He also has an obsession with whipped cream in the shaker cans and filling up he pussy and ass with the whipped cream and then licking it out. I cannot even begin to imagine the nozzle of a whipped cream can up my ass and filling it…

He loves to think of her cumming over and over again on his cock even though she never asked for this in the first place or invited him in any way, it didn’t start out willingly, but of course ends with her begging for his cum inside of her and how much he wants to turn her into his whore and have her tell him the door is unlocked for him at any time to come on over and fuck her and fill her with his seed. Some do love the idea of taking another by force, it really gets them going like nothing else.

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My Spying Nephew

I stayed with my brother and his family for a few days recently, I hadn’t seen them in a few years and was passing through town and they said I was more than welcome to stay with them, so I accepted. My nephew had grown into a very handsome young man, in his late teens and very sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Later that night in the guest room, I was undressing and it was quite late, I’d stayed up late talking and catching up with my brother and I was sure I could feel someone watching me, but the door was closed.

I went to the door and pulled it open quickly, and there was my nephew, crouched down on the floor, eye to the keyhole and sporting quite the tent in his pants and looking embarrassed. He was speechless, I told him in a hushed voice to come in and he did, he sat on the bed with a sheepish grin and I asked him how long he’d been spying on me and he just blushed and sat there on the edge of the bed. I asked him if that boner needed to be looked after and he blushed even deeper.

I boldly reached over and unzipped him and took his cock out and started to stroke it, he was like a steel rod, I smoothed the precum over his head and he moaned softly in great pleasure. I increased my pressure and strokes and he was breathing so heavily, it was really turning me on listening to him. I parted my legs and he took my cue and slid his hand up my thigh and into my damp panties and found my pussy and he slid his fingertips over my stiffened clit and I was soon bucking against his hand and pumping his young cock even harder and we soon came at the same time, but had to be quite so as not to wake the rest of the family or have them knowing what we were up to. It was a fun visit, to be sure. I need to stop by more often!

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Happy Ending

I have always loved a good massage, I’ve treated myself to ones many times over the years. The spa I use recently got a few new employees, and one of them was so good looking, I couldn’t resist asking him if he ever gave “happy ending massages” and he said that could be arranged. I wanted to see what he was like, so I told him I’d tip him extra, and he gave me a wonderful, relaxing massage with these fragrant oils and when I rolled over on my back, I tossed the towel on the floor and said I looked forward to what he could do for me.

I was just expecting hands, not oral or anything, and he rubbed me down so wonderfully, I was just writhing under his touch, and he knew I was getting worked up and was teasing me accordingly. He finally went for my pussy with his well lubed up hands and I was loving every second of it and he found my clit already stiff and waiting for him. He had a certain way of moving his fingers that just drove me wild and I knew he was so well practiced there was no way he wasn’t doing this on the regular.

He knew exactly the right spots to touch and I was thrilled I’d asked him, I’d have hated to have missed out on this kind of pleasure. I was brought to the brink of orgasm and back again several times and then just exploded, but bit my lip to keep from alerting others. I didn’t want my shrieks of pleasure echoing throughout the spa alerting everyone to the naughty goings on. I wasn’t going to tell a soul, I told him that, loose lips sink ships and all of that, you never know who will say something to the wrong person and then it’s ruined for everyone. He appreciated my discretion and I said I’d book another one the next month.

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