I Fucked The Garbage Man

Not too long ago there was a new garbage man on my route I noticed when looking out the window. He was a very built young guy, very muscular and in shape. I guess hauling heavy bags all day will certainly build up your arms and shoulders. I found myself placing the bags at the curb shortly before the truck would come down my street so I could get a better look at him. I know it was ridiculous, but I wanted to get a closer, better look at this guy. I got it. He was a good looking man.

He knew I was out there waiting for him and smiled and winked at me. A few days later when it wasn’t even garbage day I saw him outside and I went to say hello. We chatted and went for coffee. I liked him and I invited him back to my house. Things quickly progressed once he was in the door. I complimented his strong arms and I was then swept up in them and carried to the bedroom. He peeled my clothes off and ran his hands all over my nude body. He stopped to rub my pussy, which was now dripping wet and slippery.

I bucked up to meet his hand, and he soon stripped off his own clothes and slid his dick right into me. I gasped at his fullness. He soon got a rhythm going and we fucked for what seemed like hours. I came on his cock and when he pulled out of me I took that dripping shaft in my mouth and licked it clean. I swallowed his load and had more dripping from my cunt, he was a fabulous lover and every bit as strong as he looked. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of one another.

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Vampire Fetish

Perfect to talk about during this Halloween season. Some callers are into vampire fetish. They love the whole gothic horror thing. Vampires can be sexy, or movies like the Twilight series wouldn’t be so popular. I can recall seeing the Dracula film with Frank Langella (1979), and thinking it was a sexy movie and I was only a little girl! The way a vampire seduces his female prey, he need not attack her, she will come to him willingly. It’s just a sexy scenario. Does sinking your fangs into the pale, lovely neck of a young ingénue appeal to you at all?

One caller did not tell me he was thinking of a vampire call and I assumed it was just a normal call, if you can call these calls normal, lol. Then all of a sudden he said he was coming up behind me and cupping my breasts, (still normal), then he brushes the hair aside off of my neck and leans down and his fangs come out. I did not see this coming whatsoever. Then he plunges them into my creamy neck and begins to drink my blood, all the while I am leaning back into him, feeling a little weak from the blood loss, yet irresistibly drawn to him.

Giving in and allowing someone to seduce you, to drink from your very life essence, it is absolutely sexy if you’re into that sort of thing. Not everyone is, but some love the supernatural type of fantasy to explore on their phone sex calls. If vampire fantasy roleplay appeals to you, why not call one of our experienced ladies and see how they can fit into your bloodsucking fantasy? Sink your teeth into one of us, and you will be back for more! Happy Halloween, my blood thirsty naughty boys!

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Feeder Fetish for Males

Now I had an unusual caller last night. The few calls I’ve had about feeder fetish have always involved the man wanting to fatten up the woman. This caller was a fat man himself. He said he was around three hundred pounds. In his fantasy, he wanted a woman that would love his fat, want to rub his belly and knead it like bread dough and want to fatten him up even more. He wanted to talk about going away on vacation and coming back to his lady fifty pounds heavier and me loving this new weight gain.

It got pretty gross, him talking about holding his stomach up while I’d be working on his cock. It of course would be buried if he let the stomach go. Also he spoke of hauling his large, hanging stomach up onto the sink as he jerked off, it made it easier for him to get a handle on his cock with the large stomach out of the way. He liked to hear about me cooking and baking for him to further fatten him up. I am not sure how many women would be interested in this kind of relationship, there must be one somewhere, but I cannot think this is appealing to many women in any way, shape or form.

Sex would be very awkward if the man was this large, the stomach would indeed get in the way of the cock. It was sort of a self feeder fetish, or him wanting a lady that had it for the man. I’ve never in all the years had a call like it. There’s all sorts of different people out there with different needs and kinks and wants, they just need someone to discuss them with that can help them in some way explore their fantasy.

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He Sucked His Mom’s Boyfriend’s Cock

One of my more colorful callers this week was a man that claimed for years he’s been sucking off his mom’s boyfriend. Now that is not out of the realm of possibility I suppose, but of course what he said next pushed it there. She watched him do it, regularly. Uh huh, suuuure she does, lol. It gets better. Not only does she watch her college age son service her boyfriend, she apparently told all her friends he’s basically for rent, so to feel free to bring their boyfriend’s over and he’ll suck them off as well.

He said he’d be laid back on the bed, head hanging over the side and five to ten men would come by all the boyfriend’s of her friends, and he’d service them orally while the ladies all watched and giggled at him doing it. Now doesn’t this sound so realistic and plausible? They are so serious when they describe their far fetched little scenarios they have playing in their minds, it’s quite comical honestly to listen to them spin these fantastic tales they claim are all true. You just sit there and listen and encourage them to elaborate. It makes them feel good to have someone to share these things with.

What mother wouldn’t be thrilled to watch her grown son service all her friends men? She apparently instructed him well on how to pleasure the boyfriend, and she even watches her son get fucked by him as well as suck him off. What a mom. Teaching sonny boy the important things in life, like how to service a man and keep him coming back for more. Many of the callers have some very out there fantasies they seem to live out in their minds repeatedly. No harm thinking about things, I do have my doubts as to the authenticity of these claims though.

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He Masturbated On His Roof

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear an odd tale you never have before. A man called the other night and said when he used to live in a bit more secluded area, one of his favorite places to go and masturbate was his roof. He moved to a bit more crowded and close toghter area, so he cannot really get on the roof to rub one out anymore, since he’d bee seen by too many people, but of course he still fantasizes about it. That would surely be an entertaining site ofr the neighbors, especially the ones across the street or ones that lived in a nearby apartment building or condo that had a balcony facing such an event. The binoculars would for sure be coming out.

In today’s world, the even would likely be quickly streamed on some website or the other before the poor exhibitionist knew what was happening. He’d be lost in his masturbation too much to care it was being livestreamed on the internet. It’s just a different world today. A few decades ago, a neighbor or two might get such a glance, but unless they had a camera nearby to capture it, no one would ever be the wiser. The sun on his skin, the breeze on his belly, the sheer enjoyment of masturbation outdoors.

Men love to show off for the most part. Not all of course, but some for sure, so the thrill of doing such a thing could be seen. Honestly I’d love to do a poll of roofers and find out how many had rubbed one out on their lunch break on rooftop somewhere. I never thought of such a place to masturbate until this man’s call, but he surely cannot be the only one that has stroked his cock on a roof.

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