Stroking My Pussy Thinking Of You

I’ve always loved to masturbate, ever since I was very young, I lived in fear I’d get caught and had a few close calls, but thankfully never was. Even now, I do several times a week, especially when there’s someone in my life I really like and have a crush on, I fantasize about them when I masturbate. Wondering if they’d enjoy watching me stroke my pussy, knowing I was thinking of them. There’s a new guy at work I’ve really got the hots for, he’s a lot younger than I am, by half, and I’m not sure if he likes older women.

I’ve been staring at him wondering what he sounds like when he masturbates, what sounds he makes, how big his cock is, if he’s good in bed. I don’t want to appear like some fool going after a guy half my age, but I do really want to fuck him badly. I was rubbing my pussy just last night before I went to sleep and closed my eyes and was thinking of his young, hard cock, and how badly I wanted to suck it and then ride it, gripping that young shaft between my cunt lips and glide up and down on it, driving him crazy.

I don’t think he has a girlfriend, so maybe he’s looking for a fuck buddy, maybe he’d like a cougar, we will have to see. I think I will ask him out for coffee and feel him out on the subject, but I’ve been masturbating so much since he came to work there. I think I’d best not tell him about that, I don’t want to scare him off! He might think the cougar is a bit wild, lol, and I am! I want his dick and to be his cougar slut.

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Watching Mom In The Shower

It goes without saying that many callers have fantasized about their mom a lot over the years. Many spied on her while she was getting dressed, sleeping, or even when she was in the shower. They will stand at the crack in the door and stroke their young cocks as they watch their mom soap up and rinse off and if they are lucky, they might even get to see her masturbate in the shower. Watching her rub the soapy washcloth over her full breasts, drag it over her tummy, and down to her pussy, sometimes clean shaven, other times hairy.

Perhaps watching as she parts her cunt lips and lets the spray of the shower massager strike her clit in an intense stream of water, her back against the shower wall, one leg up on the side of the tub, their young, hard cock in their hand as they watch their mother masturbate, totally unaware their son is watching their every move and stroking his cock at the same time as he lustfully watches her and she has no clue. They can hear her moans she’s trying to suppress since it feels so good to have the water play over their clit, and her sounds arouse him all the more.

Then after she cums, they watched her dry herself off as they continue to watch her, stroking their young cock faster and faster, just exploding before they dash off to their room so she won’t catch them as she exits the bathroom on her way back to her room totally unaware of what’s happened, that she’s aroused her son and made him cum without even knowing it. He will think back to these stolen moments many times over his life as he masturbates. Mommy can have a huge effect on her little boy and his fantasies, not a doubt.

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Panty Pleasuring

My boyfriend has a real fetish for panties, he jerks off and rubs his dick with panties all the time, and one other thing he really loves to do is go down on while, you guessed it, I’m wearing panties. The first time he suggested it, I wasn’t really that into the idea. I do like being touched over the panties for a little while when a guy’s going to play with my pussy, that can feel nice and teasing, but you know the skin on skin is just moments away, I don’t want a layer of fabric between me and the guys tongue, fingers, whatever.

So I agreed to try and wore a sexy, fairly sheer pair and he started to rub and kiss me through the panties and I was not feeling the same as when naked, but he told me just to lay back and enjoy it, so I did. He manipulated my panties over my pussy so the lips were wide open and my bare clit was just covered by the thin fabric of the panties and then he laid his mouth on the spot and drooled all over them and made the fabric seem even thinner when it was wet.

He then started to suck me through the panties and it was a slightly different sensation than skin against skin, but I did like it and was certainly able to cum from it. I said I didn’t want this every time, but once in a while I was certainly ok with. The touch of his tongue felt more faint, but was still sexy. The direct sucking through the fabric I did enjoy, it was very pleasurable and I was squirming underneath of him until I came in my panties and made them even wetter than he had alone.

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What Did You Do All Day, Dear?

Some callers like to have you pretend right off the bat as soon as you answer the phone that you are their girlfriend, many times their cheating girlfriend. One caller last night wanted to be a cuckold and have me tell him about my day, the day I spent cheating on him. So he calls and asks what I did all day, so I tell him, well, actually, I was out with another man, a man with a cock three times the size of yours. A man that can last as long as I need him to and not some two pump chump like you are. Not difficult at all, lol.

He acts so shocked, so horrified, how could I do this to him, I say how could I not do it to you, you useless, tiny dicked worm? How nice it is for a change to actually feel a dick fill me up instead of not even knowing if it’s inside of me because it’s so small. He of course is getting turned on by my insults and is stroking his cock as his girlfriend tells him in graphic detail how she spent the day sucking off and fucking this other man, not giving a second thought to her undersized boyfriend.

He is so turned on, he asks if there’s any of that cum still left in my pussy, and I say why funny you ask, I just got in the door and was about to shower, but if you’d rather me wait and you come and clean it out with your mouth, be my guest. Get over here now! And so the cuckold gets a pussy still warm and filled with the cum of another man. Lord knows he doesn’t squirt much, only a few drops really, so he will be in for a tasty treat of some cuckold cream pie.

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One kink lots of guys are into they know their partners are not is anal sex, and licking ass. Not quite sure why so many guys seem to want to be proctologist’s, but they sure do from the number of calls where guys wish to talk about it. As fucking is a very popular request on calls, perhaps because they are denied it in real life, this is why they like to talk about it on the phone, since it is out of reach to many of them. They say their wives or girlfriends are just not going to go there, so they like to talk about drilling that ass as they stroke their cocks on the phone.

It’s tight, it’s forbidden, in many cultures verboten, many religious people as well know it’s strictly off limits. One guy called once and said he wanted to talk about something very taboo, very naughty and I was afraid what he was going to say when I asked him what it was, but apparently it was anal sex, which in his culture was just a total no no, so he wasn’t at ease with it at all, talking about it was as close as he was going to get.

Many of them are too afraid to go to escorts when I mention that as a possibility since their girlfriends wouldn’t go there, but it’s one of the things most desired by guys they are not able to have. Man times it seems it’s the idea of it rather than the actual difference in sensation of a pussy. Yes, it’s tighter, but it’s more the dirty, forbidden aspect of it that arouses them, since most women do not get enjoyment from it, that’s why they don’t do it, they don’t like it, it doesn’t feel good to most. Some of course will do it, but it’s not as popular as regular intercourse and never will be.

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