The Wedding Present

This is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and I’ve already been to a couple of them. I went to one this past weekend. I was actually surprised to get an invite to it since the groom and I had been lovers in the past. I am assuming his new bride does know about that, since she’d likely not have wanted me there if she had. Imagine my surprise when shortly after the ceremony, when the bride and groom were separated with different friends and family members, that the groom came right over to me and whispered in my ear he’d love a quickie for old times sake.

He literally had just said his vows less than an hour before. Who was I to deny him his chosen wedding gift? We stole away into a nearby room at the hotel the reception was being held at and we were fucking on that bed in less than five minutes. He was just as good as I’d remembered he was. I told him he was very naughty and that he should be ashamed of himself for cheating less than an hour after saying his vows. He just laughed and spanked my ass. I could feel his large cock stretching me open like it had so man y times before. I had to admit, no one had stretched me open quite that wide before or since, and I loved the way he would fuck my cunt and make me feel like his dirty whore, he did it so well.

We both came fast and furiously and he was soon back out mingling with the crowd and his new bride, who seemed none the wiser. I was beginning to understand why I’d gotten the invite, he thought he might get one last crack at me and he had. I freshened up and was soon back out there as well. It was quite the memorable wedding reception to be sure.

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Riding My Guy

I love to ride my guy, it’s one of if not the favorite position of mine. I like to do it in the sitting position, since my lover is right against my body, if he;s laying flat on his back, we don’t have that full body contact like when sitting up. It’s fun to be face to face and hug them as you’re fucking them. Last night my boyfriend had a special evening for us planned, he’d made us a lovely dinner and then we had a long, slow, seductive evening of lovemaking planned, and he was so generous.

He gave me a long and wonderful full body massage, and I was dripping wet at the end of it. He used his oiled up hands to massage my breasts, and my nipples were so hard and erect. Then my pussy got a good amount of attention as well. He stripped down and got on the bed with me, he’d laid out some beach towels so we wouldn’t get oil on the sheets. I then got some of the oil and began to rub it over him, and we were soon with me cradling him and straddling him and riding him.

I could feel his cock sliding into my wet and oiled up cunt, and my stiff clit was rubbing against his shaft as I bucked back and forth on top of him. He kissed my nipples and my face as I ride him, and squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands, and caressed my back. The full body skin on skin contact was wonderful and so arousing, I love how he fucks me so sensually. I can control just how much of his big cock I can feel going into me when I ride him like this. I look forward to our next fuck session, likely again tonight!

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The Hot Dog Game

When I was a teen I wanted to save myself for someone I really loved, so the guy that was my first boyfriend of course was always trying to get me to have sex with him, but I just wouldn’t go all the way, and it was several more years until I did with my second boyfriend, but I would let my first boyfriend rub his cock on my pussy, just not put it inside, so we used to play what we’d call “the hot dog game.” Sounds silly, I realize, but he had the wiener and I had the bun! So he’d rub it all over my cunt and my clit that way.

I came countless times that way even though there was no penetration involved at all, it still felt good and we’d masturbate together as well and watch each other and touch each other, but he never put that dick inside of me. Maybe I was being silly not letting him, but at that age I just didn’t feel quite ready yet. Of course we could even talk about the hot dog game in front of our own parents and they had no clue what we were talking about, so it was extra fun to be naughty that way and say such ridiculous things like that.

We spent many a night playing that way. I wouldn’t let him cum near my cunt though, since even with no penetration, you could still get pregnant, I knew a girl that had that happen to her and no one believed her, but I did, since I played the same way with my own boyfriend, so we were careful, but it’s hard when they want to put it in so badly and you tell them no and then when they want to cum on your pussy and you won’t let them do that either. Fond memories of youth and playing those games.

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Harder, Baby

My boyfriend and I have been trying something new after watching some new kinds of porn. He asked me how I felt about rough sex and I said I’d be willing to give it a try, so we did. He asked how I even felt about “rape roleplay” and him taking me by surprise and just fucking me, no warning, no asking. I said I was open to the idea and he had my permission to do this.

So the other night I came in from work and he wasn’t due home for a couple of more hours. The lights were not on, I was going to change my clothes and get dinner started, as usual. As I made my way to the kitchen, I was grabbed from behind. I was shocked, stunned, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I was thrust up onto the kitchen counter and grabbed by the throat. I could feel his fingers and thumb digging into me. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my clothes being torn and pulled open. I had his dick in me faster than I knew what was happening. I wasn’t wet yet, so I can’t say it went in easily, but once I realized that this was the rape roleplay we’d talked about, my juices started flowing and I was soon very into it.

I grabbed at his shoulders and he was breathing so hard as he was pumping into me. I could feel his cock deep inside me, going faster and faster and it wasn’t too long until I came, almost against my will, but I came. His cock soon shot its load inside of me and he called me his whore. I just felt tingles inside of me as he called me that and it was one of the hottest encounters we’d ever had. We needed to play like this more often.

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Secret Cuckold

My boyfriend is a cuckold, but he doesn’t know it yet. I’ve been cheating on him with another man with a much larger cock than he has, and been enjoying it tremendously. His cock is one of the largest I’ve ever been with and is not even in the same league as my poor boyfriend’s tiny member. I met this man at work actually, he was there delivering some things, he works for the courier company we use, and as soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted him. The bulge in his pants also clued me into how big a cock he must have.

I slipped him my business card and he obviously got the drift that I was interested, and I got a call on my cell phone a short while later from him, and we met at his condo later that night and had wild sex. My boyfriend thought I was meeting a girlfriend for a drink, how clueless he really is. I was in bed with the courier stud and getting my pussy stretched out like it hasn’t been since we met. I really had to relax to take in the girth of his meaty cock and once I got to riding him, I was in ecstasy feeling him inside of me.

I love to get a really good pussy pounding, and this guy sure gave me one. I hope to see him regularly, as I could use a lot more of what he has to offer. Sucking his cock really made me so wet, I loved licking the head of that big dick like it was a melting ice cream one, it was so sexy and I had a real handful of him. Then of course we fucked again and I came all over his dick yet again. I look forward to many more naughty encounters with him.

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