Don’t Put It In

I can well recall my hot teen years when I was so wanting to save myself for just the right boyfriend. I wouldn’t let guys fuck me, but we did oral and non penetrative sex. I would get so wet when they would lay their dick in between my cunt lips like a hot dog in a bun and I’d just grind on them. They could easily make me cum by doing that and of course since they didn’t put it inside of me, I was still technically a virgin, and I felt good I was saving myself for someone in the future. Though why looking back, I cannot imagine.

I would anticipate doing this during our whole date. Kissing, touching, giving them hand jobs and letting them rub my clit, but it was the feel of their cock on my actual cunt lips that drove me crazy. I wanted it inside of me so bad and I knew they wanted to slip it in as well. Some would even cum on my cunt, which wasn’t very smart, since penetration or not, the cum could still have easily gotten me pregnant by dripping into me. I actually knew one girl that did get pregnant that way and she’d never even let him put his dick inside her.

I was masturbating a lot and talking to them on the phone as well, phone sex was so hot in the teen years, always something new to explore that you hadn’t done before. I let lots of guys I dated do this to me, and it was always hot with every one of them. Even now before I will go all the way with a guy playing like this can be fun, a good way to tease them and me, but still cum at the same time. I enjoy all kinds of sex play, even when not going all the way. It doesn’t always have to be full on fucking to have fun.

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My Husband’s Friend Tyrone

My hubby doesn’t really have a small cock, but he’s really into cuckold. He loves the idea of seeing me with another man, especially a black one. I’d never been with a black man before, but he brought a friend home named Tyrone and asked me if I’d consider fucking him. I could see the bulge in his pants and knew I wanted that nigger dick. I said yes, I’d be willing to try and fulfill his cuckold fantasy. We all went to the bedroom. Tyrone got undressed and I’d never seen a dick so big in my life. I didn’t know how I’d be able to take it in my pussy.

We used plenty of lube though and made it fit. I was stretched to the max as he pushed that what must have been an eleven inch cock into me. I’d never come close to taking one that size before. I knew my husband was going wild watching this happen. He was sitting off to the side of the bed in a chair and stroking away watching me, his wife, take it from behind. I was really getting a good pounding, but I was loving it at the same time.

I took a few loads in my cunt and came all over that enormous dick and then Tyrone left. My hubby could not wait to get down between my legs and feast on his friend’s still warm cum that was oozing out of my pussy. I could feel his tongue just scooping it out of me, and then lingering on my clit and flicking it a few times between laps of cum. It felt really good. I was so stretched open and relaxed, and a bit sore as well. I just laid there and let him do his thing to my cunt and it felt great. I think cuckold might be a good thing for our marriage.

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He Fucked My Ass

I was never really interested in anal sex, it just didn’t seem to be my thing. Until this new boyfriend of mine convinced me to try it again and he promised it would be pleasurable for us both. I was skeptical, but decided to let him at least try and I’m glad I did. He started by having me have several drinks so I was plenty relaxed beforehand, and I think that helped a lot. He got a special anal sex lube that’s of a lot thicker consistency than regular lube and will make it as smooth a ride as possible.

He went down on me to make me all juicy and gave me a couple of orgasms with his tongue, then asked if he could touch and lick my ass, and I said go ahead, so he eased me into it and started off slowly, not forcing me. Then he had me get on all fours and slathered his hard cock up with the anal lube. I relaxed as much as I could and said go ahead, push it in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and once I relaxed and totally got into it, as I was fingering myself with my fingers as he fucked me, I did indeed cum and with his dick inside of me, which he loved.

He said feeling the contractions that way were fantastic, that although it was my pussy contracting, he could sure feel it in my ass with his dick in me. I said you may cum now, and he shot me full of his hot, sticky load, right into my tight, virgin ass and it was fucking hot. I said I’d definitely be up to trying this again in the future. So we shall see if I grow into a total anal sex aficionado or not, only time will tell.

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Christmas Crush

We all want to have sex with the ones we are crushing on, nothing new about that. There’s a man in my condo building that I’ve had my eye on for months. He seems to be single and has been friendly, but not made any overtures. So I found out his email address and I was a bit bold the other week and sent this email revealing my crush to him and linking the video below, to really hammer home my desires. He got the message and when I got home there was a rose and a candy cane taped to my door with a small card and an invitation.

I went and knocked on his door and he invited me in and we had some wine and he said he’d been getting over a breakup and had liked me, but he just hadn’t been ready yet to put the moves on someone new, but since I made the first move, he was glad. We had dinner together and the next night as well. I asked him to come to my unit and he did and I had it all decorated for Christmas and romantically lit. We went into the bedroom and he said he hadn’t been with anyone since his last relationship so he hoped he wasn’t out of practice.

I reached over and kissed him and he soon proved he was not out of practice. I reached my hand down his pants and found him rock hard. I stroked his cock for a while and then he began to undress me and then himself and he laid on the bed. I got on top of him, straddling him, and then slipped his cock into me and started to ride it. He felt very nice in my pussy and he loved to massage and fondle my breasts and my nipples were soon erect at his caresses. I felt him grab me by the hips and glide me back and forth and we were soon in a very sexy, very pleasurable rhythm. I was getting close to cumming, and I leaned back a bit and really began to thrust my body against his and I was soon lost in my orgasm. My cumming triggered him, and he was soon squirting into me, it was pretty hot! I’m glad I pursued my Christmas crush.

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Masturbating To Your Grandmother’s Underwear

A sissy called and was telling me all about his pitiful life. He’s thirty one, doesn’t work and is being supported by his grandmother. He does all the cooking and cleaning and housework. He also takes her panties and masturbates with them. He has a tiny three inch dicklet and he cums on the crotch of her worn panties and then licks it off. He says she’s caught him a few times and she knows he’s a pervert, but she likes having the live in help, so she turns a blind eye towards his perversions.

I asked him what was going to happen when grandma dies, who will support him then? He said she has several friends who he does odd jobs for and he anticipates one of them will invite him to go live with them and they will support him. Good lord, what a weirdo. No shortage of them. It’s likely all in his own deranged mind, but hey, it’s his fantasy and his dime, so enjoy it. He said he masturbates a lot, no surprise really, since what woman would want him? He likely craves cock, but I can’t even see what man would want a loser like him.

Thank goodness for phone sex lines so the weirdoes, perverts and losers have somewhere to cal and vent to people about their odd situations. Masturbating to your grandmothers underwear when you’re in the prime of your life, and have no ambition to do anything else but scrub her toilet and cook her meals, hard to think the women and men aren’t beating down the door to get to a winner like that! Masturbate away, worm, it’s the only sex you’re ever going to get. One used to call that would sit in the room next to his sleeping grandmother and masturbate watching her wearing her clothes, he’d likely have scared her had she woken up to that Norman Bates like scene!

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