My Boyfriend’s Dad

I love my boyfriend and had never planned on cheating on him, especially with his own father, but things got a bit weird this past weekend. My boyfriend, who’s a doctor, had taken me to his family’s summer cabin for one last weekend of the summer, and we had just arrived and been there less than an hour when he got a call to come back to the hospital with an emergency, he said he would be at least eight hours, but he’d be back, so I settled in and made myself some dinner, and had a swim and was relaxing when I heard someone, and I thought he had come back early, but it wasn’t him, it was his father. He hadn’t known we were going to be using the cabin this weekend.

I’d only met him once briefly and he was a nice man, my boyfriend had sure gotten his good looks from his dad, and I told him his son wouldn’t be back for hours, so I made him a plate from the dinner I’d made and we talked, and things got a bit personal, but I cannot say I minded, I liked this older man very much, and he was very charming and he must have liked me just as much, since he soon leaned over to kiss me. I didn’t stop him.

We were soon fucking on one of the chaise lounges beside the pool, and he was just as good in bed as his son was, and I was so mad at myself for allowing this to happen, but I just couldn’t resist for some reason. I loved the way he licked my pussy and then fucked me, he could last a long time, and I came several times. We fucked fro hours and he soon left when I said his son might return back any time. I doubt this will happen again, but I cannot say I didn’t enjoy myself.

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Blowing Smoke

Many might not think of smoking as sexy, but some men do find a woman smoking quite hot, especially when they are riding their cock and blowing smoke at the same time. Smokey blow jobs and smoke rings around the cock are also hot to guys into this particular fetish. One caller told me how his girlfriend would almost always light up a cigarette before she’d straddle his cock and give him a good ride. They’d do it in the dark with just the light of the window coming in and he’d see the smoky tendrils drifting upwards as she exhaled.

He can feel his cock getting sucked up into her milking pussy, watch the silhouette of her breasts and erect nipples and watch her head surrounded by a halo of smoke, it makes him even harder than normal when she smokes as they fuck. He can’t understand why it turns him on so. He told me when he was around twelve he tried smoking and his mom caught him and punished him badly, that’s pretty clear to me that’s the root cause of the fixation on it. So he sees smoking as a bad thing a taboo thing, so that makes it all the more appealing to him, so he seeks out these bad ladies that smoke.

The blow job drives him crazy, seeing this dragon like puffing of it from her lips around his dick, obviously there’s no feel to the smoke, just the look of it that gets him ultra aroused. He doesn’t smoke himself, just likes to be with women that do, but of course it’s not as easy to find a smoker as it once was decades ago, since many have quit, but he still likes it when he finds it, and has even visited smoking fetish websites to see sexy pics of women being sexual while they are smoking.

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The Country Sire

One caller I talk to has a unique story, as many of them do. Again you never know if what they are telling you is true or just one of their fantasies. They can make their fantasies sound so real, you really can never be sure. He claims to be a man in his mid fifties who is a sire. Yes, a sire, like a horse. Except he impregnates women, single women he finds, or that are rather referred to him from others he’s provided sire services for. He claims to have now sired around eleven children in the region he’s in, not the same city, but within a few hours radius.

He claims these women do indeed present him with a legal contract to sign absolving him of any financial responsibilities or medical costs, etc. They are apparently wanting a child but not a relationship, which is understandable, yet they don’t want to go the route of sperm banks and clinical medical settings. They want their child conceived the old fashioned way. So he claims he goes to their place for the weekend around their most fertile time, and they spend three days fucking, usually three times a day, and it takes a few attempts usually over a couple of months, and then voila, he’s got yet another little one on the way.

He’s from a rural area, so I jokingly call him “The Country Sire” when he calls and ask him if he’s impregnated anyone since last we spoke. He’s married, but they don’t live together and never had any children of their own, but apparently he’s quite potent and word spread among the children wanting women folk that he’s a good sire to use and doesn’t cause any problems. He said it’s a nice little way to supplement his income as well, since they give him “a little something” for helping them out like this. Who knows, it sounds a little fantastic to be true, but stranger things have happened.

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Confession Time

There’s no shortage of callers that call and want to talk about sucking the cock of another man, it’s one of the most popular topics for calls. I talked for an hour last night to a man that loves to both get his cock sucked and to suck, most callers just want to suck off other guys and not get sucked themselves. This man is married, as many are, and of course his wife has no clue about the extra curricular same sex activities he’s involved in, but he said she likes to lick pussy once in a while herself and he’s apparently watched her do it, so he feels his cock sucking habit might not be quite as traumatic as it would be for most partners to learn about, which may be true.

He has never talked to another woman about this stuff before, and he was just so grateful to have someone to finally confess to. One thing he said is how he’s watched porn of guys giving blow jobs, and how strange they look with the cock of another man in their mouth and how he hates to think he looks like that. I laughed and said to insist the lights be out and total darkness before he sticks the dick in his mouth.

He was quite concerned about how other women would feel about this if it was their own husband or boyfriend, would they be ok with knowing they’d had a cock in their mouth. I said most wouldn’t, and that’s what he thought. Some men are consumed with how they appear to others, and know that the result would likely be negative if these facts came out, that’s why they keep these secrets from their women, they know it’s not going to be warmly received.

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Fuck Me, Darling

The number of guys that call and have fantasies of being fucked by a woman wearing a strapon is a lot higher than one would imagine. Many callers are already using anal stimulating toys on themselves, this is very common, yet they claim they do not want to be fucked by men, so they want a woman to drill their ass hard, yet most wives or girlfriends are not going to go for this sort of activity. Some will of course, but not the majority. They seem to think most women are by nature dominant and would be happy to do this to a guy and their own woman is just not like that. Trust me guys, most ladies would not be ok with doing this to their guy.

If I hadn’t seen some on cam over the years I would think they were lying when they tell me the sizes of the toys they are using on themselves, but after seeing it with my own eyes, I know some of these guys are like size queens and the size of the toys they are using on themselves is not to be believed they are so big. They must really enjoy being stretched out that way to use such massive toys on themselves.

One caller claims he occasionally sees a man with an eleven inch cock and that it can take up to three hours to get it in with him laying on his side in the fetal position. It sounds more like torture than hot fun to me, but he says once it’s in he just loves the fullness. Some men have more desire than common sense for sure, and they will push their physical limits more than ones would think even possible. So if you can find a gal to step into a strapon harness and give you a good go up the ass, more power to you!

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