Act Like My Girlfriend

My favorite types of calls are girlfriend experience calls. The guys are sweet and seeking a more intimate type of call where they love to shower you with attention and praise and possibly tell you they love you, and would like for you to say it back. Not all operators like this type of call and find the callers clingy and possessive at times. Some of us however love these types of calls and wish they were all like this. They say making love, not fuck, it’s a whole different attitude these types of callers have. They are romantic and they can be wonderful calls if you enjoy that type.

Are you a man seeking this sort of call? One that perhaps does not have a relationship with a woman at the moment and you are seeking some kind of connection with someone as you pleasure yourself. The closeness you can feel to another person, even one you’ve never met and only spoken to on the phone, can be an intense one. You can feel wonderful and even loved, even if it is just for the length of the call. To feel good for a little while can boost your whole day, even if you understand it is fantasy just for that time of the call.

Masturbating to porn can seem like a hollow experience at times. There’s no personalization, no romantic feelings. Yes, not all guys are seeking that sort of experience, the vast majority are not, but for ones that are, you can find that special person to talk to you will call again and again. Are you often overwhelmed by your emotions when lost is sexual and love fantasies. You can feel quite close to someone if you are talking to them as you masturbate. Girlfriend experience phone sex can be a very special way to masturbate, call and find out tonight.

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Fucking The Lawn Guy

Summer is almost here, the warm weather already is and the lawns are getting their first mowing of the season. The yard maintenance company I use always hires several more workers fort he summer. Usually college students. They are young, strong and many times fine looking young men. I love to just sit outside and watch them work as I sip away on my iced tea or lemonade. They can’t see me gawking at them through my sunglasses, so I enjoy it. I’ve even gone in and masturbated afterwards they turned me on so much.

Their glistening muscles in the sun, knowing how hard their bodies are. There was a new young man last week and he was really good looking. I didn’t really have anything to lose, so I came on to him and told him I found him very attractive, and would he like to come inside for a cool drink. He smiled and agreed. I was the last job of the afternoon for him, and offered him use of the shower, which he also gratefully accepted. I took his clothes and washed and dried them so they were fresh for him.

When he came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, I called him into my bedroom. I was wearing my lingerie only and I soon saw the rise in the towel and it soon fell to the floor. I soon had that young, hard cock in my mouth, licking him in the cool of my air conditioned bedroom. He laid back on the bed and I straddled him. He stripped my underwear off and I soon was riding that hard cock in my cougar pussy and loving every minute of it. I adored the way he fucked me, hard, yet at a slow pace, driving me wild and begging for more. He finally got me on all fours and really let me have it and he grabbed me by the hips and I soon came from the force of his thrusts. I felt him shoot inside of me and we both lay there catching our breath. I certainly plan to invite him in again, he was a hot fuck.

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Lick That Cunt

If there’s one thing my boyfriend loves to do, it’s go down on my shaved cunt. Callers often ask what is my favorite thing to do sexually, as I ask them as well. Having my pussy licked is likely at the top of the list. When a guy is good at that, a lot of other things can be overlooked or forgiven, like a bit smaller than average cock size. So many little dick guys will claim they are fantastic at licking pussy, and it’s an over compensation skill they have mastered, since they know their dicks are not going to get the job done, so they’d better be good at licking pussy to make up for it.

Luckily my guy is just fine in the size department, he just loves going down on a woman. I’ve had other good ones before as well, but not as good as him. When he knows he’s done something I won’t be thrilled with, he usually likes to butter me up and give me a few screaming orgasms before telling me. His tongue is something else. I love to masturbate and my fingers are better than any man’s, but there’s no way I can recreate the sensation of a talented tongue down there.

I know there’s a few sex toys that were designed to simulate oral sex with spinning and gyrating tongues, but they are beyond a poor comparison, I’ve tried a couple over the years and nothing will compare to real. I adore the wet, licking, exploring tongue slipping in and out of me, tasting me. Teasing me, getting me wetter than anything else, the gentle or not so gentle, nibbling of the clit. Sucking on it and making me grip the sheets in a state of ecstasy. There’s nothing like it. Many men also love it. Some callers have said not all ladies are as clean as they want, but a few also like the unwashed, fishy pussy smell and taste. There’s something for everyone.

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Paying For a Ride

When I was younger, I took some risks I likely shouldn’t have, hitchhiking being among them. I wanted to go to this nearby town to see the guy I was dating at the time and I didn’t have the money for a cab so I decided to thumb a ride. The guy that picked me up looked a bit rough, but not too dangerous, so I got in. Around ten minutes from my destination, he told me there would in fact be a price for the ride, I’d need to fuck him. I was outraged, but he said I’d best do as he asked. I realized I didn’t really have a choice, so I did it.

He pulled me over onto his lap in the truck and he didn’t even take my clothes off, he just pulled my shorts and panties to the side and had a hard dick to impale me with. I felt him go inside me and he wasn’t gentle. I knew he was really horny thought so I didn’t expect this would last long. I felt his hands groping me and it wasn’t too awful, but wasn’t very fun either. He pumped and pumped into me and I was sure he’d squirt any moment, but still he didn’t cum. Maybe this was going to take longer than I thought.

I started to squeeze my pussy muscles around him to make him blow his load and that seemed to do the trick. As I milked his cock he started to groan and all of a sudden I felt him go off inside of me in a torrent of cum. I was then released from his grasp and he took me the rest of the way and I was off to see my boyfriend. I never did hitchhike again.

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His Dick is Better

My boyfriend has a lot going for him, the only thing that is lacking is his cock size, and he knows it. He knows his little cock has held him back in life and from getting the woman of his dreams. I told him I’d be his girlfriend, but only if I was allowed to fuck other guys on the side. He heartily agreed and looked forward to it. He loves when I make disparaging comments about his size, it turns him on. He has this friend I’ve always found really attractive and I told my boyfriend I’d be willing to play with him if it was agreeable to everyone involved. It didn’t take him long to arrange things.

His friend was quite flattered I liked him and he was looking forward to fucking me as well. He came over and we all had a few drinks and adjourned to the bedroom. I was soon bent over the bed and feeling his friend’s cock nestling into my pussy lips from behind me and my boyfriend was practically drooling watching it a few feet away, stroking his cock. I began to rub my clit back and forth with my middle fingertip. Slow little counterclockwise circles. I was just tingling. I dipped that fingertip into the mouth of my cunt to get it nice and wet then went back to teasing it. It was then I felt the length of his friend’s cock enter me.

He began to slide it in and out of me as I continued to rub my clit faster and faster. I could feel his balls hitting the back of my clit with every pump of his dick into me. I knew I was going to cum, and I gushed on my own hand and I then felt a torrent of cum unleash within me in squirt after squirt. My boyfriend had also just cum I saw. I think this cuckold thing might work out just fine.

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