Slide It Inside

Most guys seem to love fucking a woman from behind. It’s about the number one position that guys give when I ask them what’s their favorite position to fuck in. I love getting it from behind as well, the feeling of it is incredible, and they can stimulate my clit or I can if they are too busy grabbing my tits or slapping my ass as they drill that dick into me. I will sometimes use my vibe when in that position, and then will put the vibe on their balls as we fuck and they seem to love it.

Guys can be more into vibes than we would think, and will seldom complain if you use one on them. Fucking from behind might not be the most intimate position, it’s the most animalistic one though and some guys love to get downright primal when it comes to sex and fucking. We are animals after all, and most animals fuck from behind as well. They like it primal too. Animals aren’t fucking face to face for intimacy, they are fucking to breed in the most efficient way possible, and that’s from behind. So if it’s good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me.

My breasts love to be squeezed and caressed, the nipples teased, grabbing them from behind works perfectly to do all of that and more. I like my neck being bitten and even a good ass fucking once that cock has done its job in my pussy. Fucking from behind has all kinds of fun advantages. Is it your favorite position as well? Why not call one of our sexy operators and have a nice little chat about it and you can tell her all you love about taking that pussy and filling it up with your cum, we’re waiting.

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He Fucked His Mom

This caller had a fantastic story they were telling me, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but it was pretty incredible regardless. He told me of how he was adopted as a baby and how when he became eighteen he went on a quest to find his birth mother. With the internet, what once would have not even been possible to track someone down can now be accomplished in minutes or hours. It didn’t take him long to find her and they set up a meeting for dinner. They met a few more times, catching up on their lives.

She’d been a young teen mother and ill equipped to raise a child, and he’d been given to a happy, loving family. Now after a few meetings, he found himself attracted to the woman that was his birth mother and she apparently felt it as well. There’s even a term for this more common than you’d think occurrence called “genetic sexual attraction”, where now reunited family members are suddenly drawn towards each other sexually. This is a known phenomenon. He knew it wasn’t right or natural, yet he couldn’t fight his feelings, and the next time they met, they went to bed.

He told me of the tenderness and intimacy he felt that he’d never felt with any of his girlfriends he’d had sex with before. He said they are continuing their sexual relationship and he’s moved into her home. He said it’s the best sex he’s ever had and they are very happy together. He feels they aren’t hurting anyone and they can keep it a secret, so why not continue on and fuck one another and live as a couple? He had to tell someone, he hasn’t told anyone in his life about this affair, if that’s even what you’d call it. It will be interesting to see how it turns out in a few years.

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Candle Play

I’ve always loved candles, they look so beautiful and a room lit only by candles has a special light all its own. Candles however can be used for a lot more than just setting the mood and beautiful lighting. Massage candles can be a lot of fun, made with cooler burning soy oil, they provide a beautiful and fragrant massage. Dripping candle wax on your lover can also be a fun thing to try. Do use the cooler burning waxes so you don’t burn them. Maybe some of the men though deserve a little hot wax on their cocks!

Tie your partner up and see how much wax you can drip on them and how close you can hold the candle to them before they wince. Remember, if you hold it high and drip it then, it has further to fall and will be cooler than if you hold it close and drip it then. You can be creative. Blindfold them so they don’t know when it will fall on their skin. Tease them. Maybe drip some on their nipples or on their cock and balls. So many men deserve some pain, let’s give into that and make them groan a little bit.

Some like that pleasure with the pain aspect and will get very aroused at that kind of sensation stinging their skin. It can be a lot of fun to watch someone react to various stimuli. Maybe combine some ice cubes into the mix, cold and heat, an erotic combination for temperature play, fire and ice, literally. Cool them down and then heat them up.

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Sexy Plane

Lots of people hope their vacation getaway will bring them some sex and romance, but for some, the naughty part can begin before they ever get to their intended destination. Stories of couple joining the mile high club are becoming more common place, and many don’t even have the decency to go into the bathroom anymore. Just go at it with people all around them. Talk about sex in public! You could easily be arrested is you carry out such an act in a plane though, so it’s likely not worth the risk. That doesn’t stop couples from doing so all the time though.

The idea of sex in a plane is hard to understand the appeal of. Your ears would likely be popped due to the altitude. The bathrooms are the size of a telephone booth with not much room for anything, comfort especially, and likely covered in germs from who knows how many people. In your seat with dozens of people sitting near you and being able to watch, odd. Some callers have related stories of jerking off on a plane, either in the bathroom or under one of the blankets sitting in their seat. I pity the person who gets that cum covered blanket next.

Others have related that on night flights with many asleep, the crew will let you get away with a lot more and not even bother to stop you if you and your partner are doing hand jobs or blow jobs in a semi discrete manner. The risk of being caught is a great aphrodisiac to many, and they will not be deterred from their inadvisable sexual exploits no matter the risk, even under the threat of arrest. Oh well, their choice. It angers some other passengers and amuses others, and with phones taking pics and being posted online mere seconds after something is captured, one would think they might think twice about such antics.

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Cum Filled Cunt

You’d be surprised at the number of callers that are really into any kind of cum play, cream pies, licking their own cum when they masturbate, or out of the pussy of the woman they just fucked. One just last night said his girlfriend had only left an hour before, and he hadn’t washed his face or showered yet and he was still glistening from his own cum being spread across his face after she’d sat on it and he ate her out after filling her up with multiple loads.

There was a guy that used to call years ago and he went to escorts all the time and he said he liked to finish on their faces and then have them sit across from him and have a conversation with his cum dripping off of their face, it really got him excited to see his cum splashed across the face of a woman and then just carry on normally. He also said he liked it if they left after their session without cleaning up and was walking down the street with his cum still splattered across her face so everyone passing her on the street would see her face and know what she’d been up to. Sounds degrading to me, but some guys love it.

Cuckolds frequently say they adore the idea of licking the cum of another man out of their girlfriend’s pussy, since that is evidence another man has shot his load into her, then he loves to have her sit on his face or squat on his face and watch it plop out in globs and into his mouth, they really do love it, the naughty pervs. Fill that cunt up to the rim. Another man used to say he liked the thought of a woman being so filled up even a shower wouldn’t get it all out of her, that she’d have to wear tampons for twenty four hours after having sex to keep it from dripping out all over herself.

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