Sexy Delivery

Now some callers tell you these stories and expect you to believe they are real. Some are a bit far fetched, but it’s their dime, so you listen to their little fantasies as though they are reality. This caller this week was telling me how with the lockdown, his wife’s been shopping online even more than usual out of boredom, and one of the items she bought was a sex toy from Amazon. She was greatly anticipating its arrival and when the delivery guy arrived with it and a few other items, she coyly asked the driver if he wanted to know what was inside the box. He said sure, at first not really interested.

She tore open the box and showed him the sex toy and she asked him if he’d like to see her use it. (As if he’d have the time!) Once he saw the item, his eyes widened a bit and he started to look a bit more interested in the entire affair. It was a large dildo, the type with a suction cup on it you stick to a wall or a table top. She stuck it to the top of the glass coffee table and she quickly pulled off her clothes and straddled it.

He began to get a hard on. I could see all of this from the next room, he said. He didn’t make his presence known. She began to ride the toy and the Amazon guy began to take out his cock and stroke it while watching her. He began to stroke his at the same time. She was getting both of them off by her doing this. I doubt many deliveries would be as interesting to the driver that day as this one was. She came and so did both the men. The driver went on his way, and I’m sure it would be his most memorable delivery of the day.

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Cucked By a Ghost

Cuckold is one of the most common topics for a call, but the other day I got a call from a man that had a bit of a different spin on cuckold. One I’d never even thought of in all my years in this business, let alone had a caller mention. He wanted to watch his woman get fucked by a ghost. Neither of them would see the ghost, he’d just watch her get positioned and get taken by them. He’d be able to go to her from behind and watch her cunt lips opening as the ghost cock entered her and stretched her open. He’d watch her spread open wide on her back and seem like she was being eaten out, all the while he’d be stroking himself.

It was odd, since most men that want to be cucked want to see the guy actually fucking her, he would only see her going through the motions, he’d not see any of the ghost whatsoever. It was a very interesting conversation to be sure. Sex with otherworldly beings has been around since the days of the Bible, a very long time, but it’s not that common, most would say it’s not real, it’s just a figment of the imagination of the one supposedly getting fucked.

No one will ever really know for sure what goes on with ones we cannot see unless such an event happens to us, which is pretty unlikely. He wanted to watch her suck his ghost cock, her mouth open, taking in an invisible dick and licking it. Not sure if the ghost was supposed to actually cum and deposit anything into her, but it was not a usual call by any means. People do certainly have some odd fantasies they like to share. So if you’ve ever imagined Casper The Friendly Ghost doing a number on your girlfriend, be sure and call one of us up and let us know!

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He Sucked to Survive

This older client of mine told me he had to do something recently he was not proud of to keep his job. He said he was told he was going to be forced into retirement and he couldn’t afford for that to happen and he told this to his new, younger boss. The younger boss said there was only one way he’d keep from firing him and that was if he’d agree to give him regular blow jobs. My client is not gay, and he was sickened by the idea, but he has a disabled wife at home counting on him and he needs a paycheck to survive for himself as well. He didn’t see any other option than to agree to it.

He said it began the next day at work on the boss’s lunch break. He was called into the office and told to get down and suck. He reluctantly did so, but he noticed his next paycheck was a bit larger than it had been, so he was getting a bit of a bonus for this as well as being able to keep his job. So he’s gotten used to the lunch time blow jobs. He said he’s even learned some tricks that please the boss so he blows sooner and it’s over with faster. The poor man, I felt so bad for him, but in today’s tough times, one does what one needs to, to survive.

He said as time has gone on, he even has looked forward to some of the sessions, it’s the only sex of any kind he’s had in years. His wife hasn’t been able to do anything for him and he said masturbation was pretty much it for him, so he wonders if in time the boss might want to eventually fuck him. He has no clue, but he knows he needs to keep his job. So many sad stories out there. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

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Phone Sex and You and The Virus

Have you been cooped up lately due to the widespread lockdown? You likely have a lot of time on your hands and are masturbating more than usual. Calling for some phone sex can absolutely help the time go by faster, and make your masturbation routine a lot more fun than just watching porn. No one wants to be cloistered away, but talking to another person is a safe alternative than going out and risking getting sick. Does the thought of talking to a sweet voiced honey appeal to you while you stroke your cock? Has it been a while since you called a phone sex line for some “me time” fun? We are here and ready to help.

One night stands at this point in time could be a death sentence, a phone sex call isn’t going to hurt you one bit and your cock will thank you. Safe and fun, it’s a win win all around. Maybe even if you have a partner, being cooped up together for so long has made you a bit sick of them. Familiarity does indeed breed contempt. Talking to a sexy lady that’s here for no other reason than to help you masturbate might be a fun thing to do if you can get the privacy to do so. Some callers will even phone from their cars if privacy in the house is just too difficult to achieve.

Phone sex has been around a long time, and it’s not going anywhere. In a time of crises like this where ones are getting bored, it can indeed become a godsend to the bored and the lonely and horny. The operators you are calling are also on lockdown, so we are in the same boat as you. We are fielding calls the same as always and are happy to help you in this time of crisis.

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Water Play on The Toilet

With the current toilet paper shortage due to the Coronavirus crises, ones are looking for alternate ways to clean themselves after using the toilet. Bidet sprayers are growing in popularity because of this. One thing most ladies love is a good water induced orgasm. The use of bidet sprayers is widespread in Asia and the Middle East already, and a popular way for girls to first discover masturbation. Here mostly women use water for masturbation in the shower with the hand held shower massagers. This is a new way for us to play with water and should be welcomed.

Holding open your cunt lips and allowing the water to play with your clit is a wonderfully pleasurable way to masturbate and orgasm and no doubt the men in your life would love to watch you do so. Most men adore watching women masturbate, it often leads to fucking and or helping the woman masturbate. Something you can control the pressure of the water and aim it just at the right spot, sounds like a lot of fun! I’m betting in the coming weeks and months there will likely be a lot more of these sorts of porn clips available as these sprayers gain in popularity and are more widely available.

What a fantastically clean way to masturbate as well, no fuss, no muss, just clean pleasure. No more sticky fingers, just a jet of water on your stiff little clitty. Some men also enjoy the sensation of water on their cocks when they masturbate, so it may become more popular for them as well. No matter the item, no matter how obscure, somehow, someway, someone will find a way to masturbate with it. Even if it’s a fridge or a washing machine. There are men that have fetishes about everything from cars to planes and find a way to masturbate with them. This item however will have the ladies purring like kittens as they enjoy their water induced orgasms more easily than ever.

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