I laughed when I thought of a combination of the word cuckold and vacation and came up with cuckation. Since that’s what it would be if I took a vacation with my husband where he was going to be cuckolded. We went to the Caribbean last month and he knew the deal going in, I’d be fucking as much BBC as I wanted. His four inch penis doesn’t get me very far pleasure wise, I can promise you that much. He knows he’s a write off in the bedroom and that I need the cock of a real man sized cock to get me off, so I told him a trip to Jamaica would be a buffet of big, black cocks for me.

We fly down and right away I spotted one sporting a nice bulge in his pants, the guy that brought the luggage into the room. He could tell by the way I was eyeing his crotch what I had in mind and he said he was done for the day and I replied, “Oh no you’re not.” and grabbed him. My pale faced, tiny dicked hubby sank down in the corner chair like some old slack jawed dog watching us as we fucked on the bed.

His big nigger dick had to be nearly ten inches and my hubby was soon stroking his little dick as that cock stretched me open and I groaned with delight at finally having a huge dick in me. He beat that little dick feverishly as I took a pounding from that black dick and the sounds of his balls slapping against me echoed throughout the room. I came so fucking hard. I asked the baggage guy if he could stop by again the next day when he was done for the day and he grinned and said of course. Then my hubby tipped him as he left the room smiling.

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If Only Callers Looked Like This

One thing some, not all, phone sex girls do is watch callers on cam as they masturbate. Some girls have literally watched thousands of these exhibitionists masturbate for them as they are giving them phone sex. Now if only all guys looked like that on cam, a lot more of us ladies would be game for watching, but as you can well imagine, these are not Versace models that are rubbing their dicks for us, most times they are older, fat, hairy and well, for lack of a better word, gross.

We will on some occasions appease you, not all girls do as I mentioned earlier. Many men seem to think it is a true privilege for us to be able to watch them rub their dicks. There have been some funny stories girl share in the forums about things they have seen during these cam watching sessions, some gross, some funny, some seemingly painful. I’ve watched a few, but rarely do, but the ones I have been memorable. A few strip teases, one with balloons clipped to himself, on the nipples and over the cock.

Most of their wives and or girlfriends would not grant them an audience like this, they are literally paying people to watch them dance around and take their clothes off and strip. Quite a comical dance once involved a towel being swished across a rear end and a baseball cap being used to cover the cock and then removed and then put back like some kind of fan dance. There really are no words when you see something like this, but it’s their doe, and if the girl is willing, put us on a show.

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Fucking The Hairdresser

Recently I started to go to this new salon a few friends of mine recommended I try out. There was this good looking hairdresser that worked there they recommended and I booked an appointment with him. He even had his station separated with a curtain to give his clients more privacy and as the appointment progressed it was interesting. I was having my hair colored and during the time the color was processing I assumed he’d leave and attend to another client and leave me there alone to read a magazine or something, but he didn’t.

He said he had another more fun way to kill the time and he thought I’d like it, as my friends had that had recommended him to me. I was a bit curious what was going to happen, and he slid his hand up my skirt and pulled my panties down. The entire time we were only the thickness of a curtain away from the people on the other side, and he was soon buried in my pussy with his face as the sound of talking, laughing and hair dryers went on and the people on the other side had no clue what was going on.

It was kind of hot knowing I was getting my pussy licked and people were only an arms length away through that curtain. He was good at licking pussy, hopefully he was as good at doing hair. My clit was sucked and licked and worked on and I bit my lip t keep from crying out. I came and he slipped my panties back on and pulled my skirt down, then he took me to rinse the color out and styled my hair, doing a great job. I will have to be sure to thank my friends for telling me about this extra special salon!

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Let’s Get Physical

Recently I joined a gym to get in a bit better shape and there were some really fit looking guys there that really caught my eye, so I got a few cute leotards and tights and looked really sexy when I went to the gym and I started to catch the eyes of some of them. I flirted with the guys I was most interested in and it wasn’t after too many visits I had my pick of them. I used to go on less busy nights so I didn’t have to wait for equipment and it was less crowded.

I soon followed one guy back nearly to the locker room after he was finished and asked him if he’d like to sit in the steam room for a while and he grinned and said sure. We were all sweaty and sticky and going into the steam room just made us more so, but I loved it. I could see his body glistening, and I reached over and slid my hand down his arm, and soon the towels we’d had wrapped around ourselves were on the floor, and I was stroking his cock and he was fingering my wet pussy. The club was pretty deserted, so we weren’t really afraid of anyone coming in and interrupting us.

I got on all fours and he was soon pounding me from behind, the sounds of his fucking me and his balls slapping against me echoing throughout the room. I soon came on his juicy cock and the billowing steam enveloped us as we fucked. He shot his load into me and we were a sweaty, cum covered mess, but I loved it. We soon left and hit the showers, but I know we will have fun again soon, if not in the gym, at one of our own places.

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Let Me Lick Your Pussy

This new man I’ve been seeing, he’s great looking, has a good job, ambitious, there’s only one little thing wrong. And I do mean a little thing, if you catch my drift. His cock is not quite three inches long when hard. So he knows he’s not going to really be able to please a lady with his cock, so he is one of the best pussy lickers I’ve ever been with. He can literally go down for hours on end, not sure how his tongue and jaw can last as long as they do without tiring, yet they do, and I’m glad for it.

He told me about his little problem soon after we met and said he made up for his lack of a big cock in other ways, so I was willing to give him a shot as a boyfriend, and I’m glad I did, I’d have deprived myself of the most talented tongue I’ve ever been with if I hadn’t gone out with him. He’s got a certain way about how he does it that’s not like anyone else I’ve ever been with before, a determination about it. He just loves to make women cum, and cum we do!

I keep myself freshly shaved at all times, and he loves a nice, smooth cunt to adore and worship, and he will softly suck on my clit until I go insane, just the right amount of pressure, making me grip the sheets in ecstasy as I cum over and over and over again, while his lips make love to my pussy. After I’ve cum as much as I want or need to, he then mounts me and fucks me and I can barely feel him inside, but it’s certainly the least I can allow him to do after all he’s given me in the way of pleasure.

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