Waiting For The Call

One caller that’s very much into sexy lingerie emails a few hours before he calls and has me slip into some sexy lingerie for him. Many times he’s been the one that has bought what I’m wearing. He loves to send Amazon gift cards to me during our calls and he tells me to get something pretty for myself. He loves knowing I’m wearing something he gave me the gift card for. He is a nice man and I do genuinely like him. He has a sexy voice and I cannot say he doesn’t turn me on. He likes longer calls, so we are never rushed.

I sit there all in my silky things waiting for his call. The phone rings and it’s him. I know he’s going to ask me what I’m wearing, so I tell him and he starts to get hard. He has me trace my fingertips over the crotch of my panties and then slip them off and dip them into my pussy. I can hear him starting to breathe heavily over the phone and begin to rub his cock. I could hear his well lubed hand stroking himself as I played with my pussy and told him I wanted to fuck him so badly.

He said he’d bend me over and slip his dick into me from behind and really give me a pounding. My nipples were hard and I rubbed my clit faster and faster, driving myself wild and then cumming all over my hand. He tried hard to keep from cumming when I did and he managed to. He always liked to cum when I did a second time. It doesn’t take me long to recover and go for a second orgasm. I caught my breath and then worked myself up again and said I was ready to cum. I moaned and came explosively and when he heard me, it triggered him and he shot his load. Another satisfying call for my favorite caller.

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My Friend’s Man

I know it’s risking a friendship to go after their partner, but many of us have crossed that line. Recently my best friend got involved with this new man and after I met him, I tried to avoid her actually, since I liked him too much. She asked why I was avoiding her and obviously I couldn’t tell her why. She thought I didn’t like him. If only she’d known I wanted to fuck him from the moment I laid eyes on him. I chuckled to myself, I wondered what she’d have said if I had been honest and told her no actually, I DO like him. I like him so much I wanted to fuck him from the minute we met, so that’s why I stayed away.

I think this sort of thing actually happens a lot with friends. He picked up on this immediately as well. We happened to run into one another when he was alone and he said as much. It didn’t take long for him to come up behind me and kiss my neck and grab my breasts and make my nipples hard in a hidden corner of the restaurant we were in. I was there with another friend and he was there with a business partner when we spotted one another and got up to say hello.

I knew this was not going to bode well with my friendship, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted him, and he wanted me. When we were finished with our dinners and our guests left, we went back to my place. We fucked and sucked all night long, and I wanted him for myself. He was so good at licking pussy and I rode him hard. It had been a long time since I came so many times in one night, but he made me feel fantastic. I am not sure how long the secret will last, but I will be fucking him every chance I get.

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I Saw Him Standing There

When I’m alone I like to dance, and chances are, I’m naked. I do it all the time alone in my room. I’ve done it since I was in my early teens. Once when I thought I was alone I was dancing and then my door began to open and I realized my brother was standing there, watching me. He had his hard cock in his hand, so I assume he’d been standing there watching me for more than a couple of minutes. I was shocked to see him, but for some reason did not stop dancing. My firm, teenaged titties were bouncing as I did.

He sure noticed them bouncing, since his dick was hard as a rock. We were alone in the house and he moved closer towards me and touched my breast with his left hand as he was stroking his cock with his right. I let him. He toyed with my nipple and got it all hard. I felt I was getting wet. I laid down on the bed and parted my legs and began to touch my pussy as he stayed at the edge of the bed and masturbated. It felt really naughty, but we watched each other masturbate.

I opened my pussy lips, and yes, I was already dripping wet. I dragged some of the juices up over my clit and it felt so good. I was just teasing that clit so lightly as I watched him stroke away on himself. His eyes were glued to my cunt, like mine were to his dick. I came on my hand and he soon shot his load. Some of it landed on my stomach and I grabbed a few Kleenex’s to wipe it off. No one ever found out about this, we did similar things a few times, and it was really hot, but it never went any further between us.

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The Intimate Shave

Many callers seem quite interested in the state of the pubic hair of the lady they are talking to on the phone. It seems you really cannot please all callers. Most seem to like it shaved, but you do get occasional, older usually, callers that prefer a natural bush. Older men have asked and when I say I’m shaved bare, they seem disappointed since they wanted some Sasquatch snatch. How it matters for over the phone I haven’t quite grasped, but people like what they like. Other men have said they went out on a date with a lady and were looking forward to going down on her, she takes the panties off, and shaboom – full on werewolf pussy going on, and suddenly they are the ones getting a headache and going home early for the evening.

It’s comical some of the experiences callers have shared of surprises they were not expecting “down there.” If I was a man, I’d only be going down on a shaved one as well, so I totally get where they are coming from. One the other week was telling me all about his own personal pubic hair shaving routine, that evolved into waxing routine, and he wanted to know all the particulars of how I groom, which I’m always happy to talk about if a guy wants to know. Where, how often, when I started, how long I’ve been keeping shaved, I feel like I’m being interviewed for a woman’s beauty magazine at some of the detailed questions I get asked.

Some say you should appreciate your partner for who they are, but if you’d like them to shave, just ask them. The worst they can say is no. It’s always best to ask things like this before things get too intimate, since if shaved is all you want and they can practically braid theirs and have no intention of changing that, it’s best to weed them out at the get go.

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Fuck Buddies

Recently I lost a boyfriend. He had to move for a job and I was not uprooting my life to go with him, so we ended it. A good male friend of mine also was just getting over his relationship, his girlfriend had gone back to her last boyfriend. So here we both were with no one, no prospects, so we had a conversation about “helping one another out.” If you get my drift about ‘help.’ So we decided to become fuck buddies, and I’m honestly pleasantly surprised. A guy can seem very mild mannered and tame and you wouldn’t think he’d be anything special in the bedroom, but there’s times when what they are like in the bedroom is nothing like how they are in person.

I thought we’d have nice, gentle but satisfying sex. Oh no, we’ve had explosive, intense, red hot sex! We started with him going down on my pussy, and he was extremely talented with his tongue. I had a feeling there were even better things in store, and I was right. After pleasing me with his tongue, then I got his cock in me and I was going wild. I never had any idea he was this hot in bed all the years I’d had him as a friend. I only wish I’d known sooner.

He pinned me down, choked me, spun me on all fours and grabbed my hair, he made me feel like his used slut, and I loved it. I hadn’t cum so hard in years. My cunt ached and dripped for him. He spanked me and made me his submissive whore. I never wanted it to end. Afterwards I was speechless. All I can say is I hope we are fuck buddies for a long time. He knows how to please a woman.

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