Pleasure Delivery

There’s this sweet, young delivery boy that brings me my medication from the pharmacy. He always blushes when he sees me and I kind of like teasing him when he’s in that state. I asked him if he had a girlfriend because he was so cute and his cheeks flushed red and he stammered no. I asked if he’d like one and he turned an even deeper shade of pink. He meekly said, he guessed so. I knew this submissive young man just needed to be guided, led by an older woman to see all that was out there sexually.

I knew I was the last delivery of the day so when I reached behind him and closed the door, he began to look a bit worried, which made me laugh. I said not to be afraid, that I don’t bite unless asked. He let me lead him by the hand down the hall to my bedroom and I started to undress, and then I undressed him and sat him, near frozen with silence and I got down on the floor in front of him and took his already rock hard cock in my hand and start to pump it and kiss it. I heard him groan lightly and he just melted. It was fun to take control of this young, submissive boy.

He was able to hold out longer than I thought he would before blowing into my mouth. He then leaned back on the bed and it seemed only seconds until he was hard again and I straddled him and began to ride his cock. When he felt me lower down onto his cock, he said he was a virgin. “Not anymore,” I responded. He let me take total control and I soon came on his young dick and felt him squirt inside of me and it was a lot of fun. I told him afterwards to always make sure I was his last delivery, he nodded his head and left.

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Growing Interest in Trannies

There’s a lot of guys calling phone sex lines these days that want to talk about trannies and being with them. Even more are mentioning going to shemale escorts, or wanting to even if they haven’t had the nerve to just yet. Some older men are calling that are in a stage of late transitioning, where they are now senior citizens and feel they have been living a lie their whole life and now that they don’t have much of their lives left, it’s time to be “who they really are,” and that is apparently a woman.

So many callers that want the trannies or shemales swear up and down they are not gay, they don’t want men, but they sure do crave cock and want a cock on a person that looks like a woman. One caller actually said “there’s nothing as feminine as a woman with a cock.” I was speechless at such a ridiculous statement, but people will feel what they feel no matter how absurd it seems to most other people. The growing trend of them being in the public eye has made them more desirable to many men that are seeking something different sexually than they have ever sampled before.

They aren’t hurting one, it’s just quite a different fetish to be sure, and one more and more are showing an interest in as it goes more and more mainstream. Most of the male callers wish to be dominated by the trannies, they want to be the submissive partners. Many mention waiting their current female partners to use a strap on or a dildo on them, so they seem more submissive to begin with, to have a real cock fucking them would only make that even more so.

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Being Neighborly Around The Christmas Season

The young man that shovels my walk and driveway lives down the street and is a very handsome young college student, strong as anything, and I’m happy to have him do the job. There was a record breaking snowfall here within the last few days and the poor guy was run off his feet doing shoveling for the neighbors. He was glad for the money, but his body had really taken a lot of physical abuse. His arms, shoulders and back especially. After he was done my place and I was going to pay him, I asked if he was done for the day and he said yes, I was his last house he was doing before going home.

I wanted to give him a bit of a break and said I was very good at giving massages, and would it be ok if I gave him one to help him out? He looked so grateful. I told him to lay face down on the sofa and told him to take his sweater off, which he did. I got some lotion and rubbed it all over him and worked his tight, sore muscles with my hands. He was in knots. I could feel him physically relaxing as I worked on him. I used to like to give my boyfriend massages, but didn’t have one now.

He finally rolled over and I worked on the front of his arms and his chest and I could see he was pitching a tent in his pants and he apologized for that, I said it was perfectly normal and not to worry about it. I even unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started to give it a bit of a rub down as well and he sure didn’t stop me. I felt the poor boy deserved a happy ending after working so hard, and he seemed plenty appreciative of my little gift to him. Once he’d relaxed, he got dressed and went home to bed. It’s always nice to be neighborly around the Christmas season.

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Bear Santa

Is Santa gay? Or maybe bi? I bet you never asked yourself that question before, have you? Well, let’s assume he’s straight, but some have had odd Santa Claus fantasies. One caller that is gay, and many wonder why a gay man would be calling a phone sex line to talk to women, but they do, trust me, he has a gay Santa Claus fantasy where he comes down in the middle of the night to get a drink and Santa has just finished laying the gifts around the bottom of the tree, and just before he goes back up the chimney, Santa sees him there watching him and he smiles at him.

The caller goes over to Santa to thank him for his gifts and he looks down and notices Santa is sporting a bit of a “package” himself and he reaches down to touch Santa’s cock through his red velvet pants and he indeed finds Santa hard. He asks Santa to stay a while, and Santa sits down on the sofa and the caller gets down on his knees and reaches up and pulls out Santa’s cock. It’s surreal he’s actually imagining giving Santa Claus a blow job, but he is. He feels Santa has given to him each Christmas for his entire life, and now he wants to give something back.

Santa apparently has a big cock, in the caller’s fantasy anyway, and with a huge, bulbous head on it and he relishes licking and sucking on the head of it, and in his fantasy it tastes like gingerbread. Imagine a gingerbread tasting cock, hey, that would be better than what most cocks taste like anyway! So he deep throat’s Santa’s cock and licks and swirls his tongue around his huge cock head and licks all the oozing precum off and before you know it, Santa is cumming down his throat, and the cum tastes like eggnog. Again, a vast improvement to what actual cum tastes like. So Santa thanks him for his “gift”, and he loads up his bag f presents and heads back up the chimney to deliver the rest of his gifts to people around the world, newly energized by having had a Christmas blow job.

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Healing Hands

Recently I had a bad fall, I tripped and fell down a few stairs and hurt my one ankle pretty badly so I was recommended for some physio therapy. I had to go a few days a week to have it exercised properly to heal correctly. The therapist was a good looking young man that was fresh out his training program. My case was a fairly simple one, so they were giving him the more simple cases to work on first before he was given more complicated ones. His hands were very warm, and I couldn’t help but get aroused as he touched me and I couldn’t help but notice how he often seemed to be sporting an erection through his pants when he’d have my foot in his hands.

I certainly didn’t complain, he looked pretty big, and I wondered if I ever might get to see it without the pants on. My treatment was coming along well, and as the sessions were coming to a close I knew I’d not have any more opportunities to see him again, so I invited him to dinner and he said he was afraid he might get in trouble, but I assured him not a soul would know, so he came by for dinner and well, I turned out to be dessert.

He confessed he had a bit of a foot fetish, so whenever he handled my ankle and foot, he got aroused, and he was attracted to me besides that, so it just added to the attraction. I reached over and felt his large cock through his pants and he was as hard a as rock and I slipped my hand inside of the pants and began to stroke him and take his cock out. I gave him a lovely hand job, but didn’t want to give away to much too soon, so he’d be interested and come back for more. I stroked his meaty shaft and smoothed the drips of precum all over his cock and with a few strokes of my hand, he was soon shooting his load. I look forward to feeling that cock in my pussy, soon.

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