Tap That Pussy

When I was in my teens I wasn’t ready for sex yet, so my boyfriend at the time had us do all kinds of things besides fucking. We did eventually fuck, but after many months of non penetrative sex, I was so horny I couldn’t wait anymore. One thing he used to do was tap his cock against my clit until I’d cum. He’d rub it up and down my wet slit and I’d be just writhing for him. I wanted him to slip it inside of me, but not enough to actually do it. Not for months anyway. So he’d tap it on my clit. Sometimes I’d separate my cunt lips to expose my clit even more.

I’d call it playing Morse code, lol. It was kind of silly, but you do silly things when you’re young. Because we’d waited for many months, it was actually better. We knew one another’s bodies very well from touching and licking and kissing, so when we finally did fuck, it was really fantastic. I would get so wet for him, when he’d tap on my pussy and clit like that, the strings of sticky cum would be attached to the head of his dick and just still be connected to my pussy, like when you’d have a juicy kiss and some strings of spittle would be connected between your lips when you’d separate.

People these days jump into sex too soon I think. By teasing one another like this it creates a real build up, a real anticipation of being together. He was one of the hottest lovers I’ve ever had, even though he was my first. To this day I have lovers tease my pussy this way before they enter me and I’ve never grown tired of it, I love it. Good things come to those who wait.

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Raped By a Fembot

I don’t get too many fembot or sex android calls, but once in a while I do. A man called the other night with an unusual fantasy. He wanted to be raped by a fembot on a long intergalactic voyage. The fembot had been reading about human sexuality and was curious about it, and there was a male human passenger on board the craft, just the two of them, and she decided to learn all about sex from him, but he was not interested in being the teacher for the horny fembot. He had no choice.

The fembot was of course many times stronger than any human man, and could easily overpower one, and did. The fembot just didn’t want to take no for an answer. There was no violence, just she would not stop touching him, fondling him, and finally fucking him and making him cum. He told her to stop repeatedly, but she would not listen. He had to give in because she was stronger than he was. She told him this was going to be a new nightly thing they would be doing and he protested to no end. He enjoyed what the fembot did to him, but it was against his will. He came into her against his will.

There would be no way to escape someone on an intergalactic spaceship, nowhere to run. The fembot is strong and determined, you really have no recourse but to give in. This was a different spin on the usual fembot fantasy. Most men into the fembots are dominant and want the fembot totally submissive, programmed to give them pleasure at any time. This was quite the opposite. There are many odd fantasies out there, I for one can attest to that from what callers reveal to me. Does the lure of the fembot arouse you?

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Thinking of You

Some callers think they are the only ones that fantasize, but they are not. Sometimes a favorite caller will get stuck in our minds and we will be thinking of them when we masturbate on our own time. They can have a type of voice we like, or make sexy breathing sounds, or have a fantasy that we very much enjoy. There’s all kinds of things that make us fantasize about a certain caller. Masturbation is of course a lot of fun, we all do it, but a certain fantasy can get you going like nothing else, as we are sure you know. Most callers have many and varied fantasies they are calling to talk about and discuss and act out as best they can over the phone.

There’s an intimacy with phone sex that some cannot even get with their real life partners. The intimacy of touching yourself can also for many be a far better orgasm than you can share with a partner. No one knows how to touch you as well as you do, so masturbation can produce the absolute best quality orgasms for some of us. True there’s not the emotional component when alone, but talking to someone as you masturbate can greatly heighten the experience.

Some of my callers are sexy to listen to as they stroke their cocks, so of course it’s natural to imagine what they must be like in bed, what their cocks really feel like as they’d be fucking you. Some of course that we have seen on cam, if they are good looking, this can lead to you thinking about them even more, once you’ve seen that cock in action, even if only on the computer screen. You likely enjoy watching ladies masturbate and watch porn of them doing just that. Teasing their pussies and stiff little clits, getting more and more aroused with each pass of the fingers over that juicy cunt. Naughty boy, maybe we are thinking about you…

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Surprise Cock

The ever growing allure of the shemale and tranny continues as more and more callers reveal fantasies surrounding this topic. One recurring fantasy many seem to have is picking up one of these special ladies at a bar, thinking it’s a real woman. Only when they are making out is “the surprise” discovered. At first they are shocked, but it quickly turns to unbridled passion. In real life I think the chances of it leading to violence would be high, yet it’s quite the requested fantasy. The hand snaking up the skirt, only to find the bulge that awaits. The previously unknown about cock.

Some men calling with this fantasy have hired tranny escorts and have real experiences with them. Others have never found a real one, especially if they live in a non metropolitan area and they just can’t come into contact with them. Some make do with shemale porn and only wish they were the ones getting fucked in place of the ones onscreen. Sucking that hidden cock, getting their man pussy’s stretched open for the first time, it’s all just so arousing to the man looking and sometimes not even looking but finding, that “special girl”.

Have you desired to suck on such a cock? Finding a cock undress a skirt when you’re fooling around with someone you just met, maybe have had a few drinks and not seeing as straight as usual, a mistake like that could happen. Some men love the best of both worlds they get in such a sexual partner, the fake breasts, the cock, all of it. Think of that dick in your mouth, as you slowly French kiss it, while teasing your own dick in your hand. You’re so aroused, you know she’s going to shoot that load down your throat, and as soon as they begin to shoot, you will in your own hand, as well. Naughty boy.

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My Mom’s Friend Masturbated Me

A friend of my mom’s came to stay with us recently, she was divorced and very pretty, I’d always liked her, she usually visited a few times a year, but I usually wasn’t around when she did. She stayed with us for a week recently. My mom however had a work emergency and had to leave for several hours, leaving me alone with her friend. We had a good talk and she told me all about her divorce. She left her husband because he found out she was having an affair – with another woman.

I was a bit shocked, but open minded. She then asked me if I’d ever had any same sex experiences and I said no, but I’d read some lesbian erotica and found it arousing. Our conversation took an intimate turn and she reached over and kissed me. I found myself instantly aroused and kissed her back eagerly. Her hand was soon finding its way under my skirt and to my panties, which were quickly dampening with my growing arousal. I spread my legs open further for her and she slipped them inside the silky fabric, finding my wetness and smoothing her knowing fingertips across my clit, teasing me.

I was soon panting at her attentions, as she deftly masturbated me and quickened her pace. Separating my cunt lips as she worked my clit with fast but gentle fingers. I bucked my hips up towards her hand and knew I was going to cum. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and just enjoyed her touch and had never so much enjoyed anyone touching me, not even my boyfriends. She increased the firmness of her touch and I soon cried out and came on her hand and felt a little embarrassed as I came and then calmed down. She said not to feel any embarrassment, to just enjoy it for what it was and I did. She left the next day, but I will never forget her masturbating me there on that sofa in my mom’s living room.

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