Get Me Dirty, Wash Me Clean

Last night I had sex in the shower with my man. It was hot, like it always is. I thought I was home alone and had been working all day cleaning, getting all sweaty. So I got in and was washing myself and I hadn’t even heard him come in. He’d been away on business and I wasn’t expecting him until the morning. What a nice surprise to have him join me in the shower! He soon took over soaping me up and I started to soap him up and soon his cock was all hard in my hand as I lathered him up.

We rinsed off and then he began to kiss me and push me forward and I soon had his hard cock buried balls deep in my pussy as the hot water rushed over us and the pounding water added to the sounds of us moaning and fucking. The bathroom creates a louder than usual echo as it is, so the sounds were bouncing off the walls and making it even more arousing, hearing our sounds so loud and so vibrant. I took the shower massager in my hand and held the spray on my clit as he fucked me from behind.

I always love when he pounds my pussy from behind. My tits were all slippery and he fondled them and made my nipples all hard. He pulled me hard, right back onto his cock, and I soon came in a gush from the water pressure on my clit. He squirted his load into me and all was rinsed down the drain. We kissed a while, enjoying the hot water all over us and then dried one another off. Shower sex can always be a fun time to indulge in. Clean, sexy and usually an even more intense orgasm than usual.

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I Was His Whore

I love my husband, but he has a little problem. He’s little, that’s the problem. You know where he’s little too, don’t you? Yes, down there. He’s a good provider and cultured and funny and intelligent, he has no end to his many positive qualities, but there’s that problem that isn’t going away. I have a high sex drive, so what am I to do? Be satisfied with masturbation and his fumbling attempts at cunnilingus and using his hands? He’s simply not good at either, and I can never reach climax from his administrations of passionate behavior, so we live like roommates basically.

I need sex, and a lot of it, to feel satisfied. He learned of my taking lovers a while ago, and he knows he’s a cuckold. He hasn’t been allowed to watch yet, but if I’m feeling charitable in the future, I just might let him see how a real man does it. He might learn a thing or two. I haven’t decided yet. My lover is a tradesman, he came over to do some electrical work and there was a “spark” between us, get it? LOL. So he’s been fucking me every since he rewired the house a few months ago.

Sometimes he stops by on his lunch break, other times he might have a space between jobs and fits me in. I love it. Sometimes I get a hot, passionate quickie, other times when he has longer to spare, I am made to feel like a queen getting attention lavished upon me by his huge, hard cock and his skillful tongue. My hubby sees the satisfied look in my eye, and he knows he wasn’t the one to put it there, but he says nothing. I know he thinks about what I get up to as he jerks his little penis. Well, it’s working out for now, I shall have to see how it goes.

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Want a Sloppy Blow Job?

What guy doesn’t love a sloppy blow job? Most do for sure. Not every guy can cum from one, but some love them so much, they say they’d be happy to have nothing but blow jobs the rest of their life. So for some, it’s the appetizer, for others, it’s the most enjoyable main event there is. Do you get horny even hearing those sucking, slurping sounds that a woman makes when she’s deep throating your cock, or do you just love the eye contact when she’s got your dick balls deep down her throat? Different aspects appeal to different men.

Some callers are so into the sound of it, they are literally content to just close their eyes and listen to you suck on a pen or making gagging noises. Some are easy to please that way. Others literally want you describing every last thing you would do to their hard cock if it was in front of you. Lick, suck, flick, tease, swirl that tongue around it to give it a tongue bath, there’s no end to the delight your erotic description can deliver to them. They have a lubed up hand and are stroking like there’s no tomorrow on that dick they are imagining you slobbering over.

Oral sex can be a wonderful thing if given to you by a skilled partner. It is truly a delightful experience for the one receiving it. Not everyone enjoys giving it though, so you need to always find the right mix of give and take, since some do not want to give, if you want to just give and not get back, that’s fine, but if you do want it back and aren’t getting it, that’s a real problem. So many callers in long term marriages are not getting it at all. Some have never gotten it even once in their lives and have accepted they never will.

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He Fucked a Gymnast

When I was in school, like many girls I took gymnastics. I might not have been the best, but when it came to being flexible, I was extremely flexible. This had many benefits to my future sex life even after I stopped doing gymnastics. I could do the splits incredibly well. One of my first lovers was a friend of my father’s. My father had sent me over with some papers to sign and he invited me in and things quickly turned naughty between us. He complimented me on my figure, and I knew most people were astounded to see how well I could do the side splits, so I asked him if he wanted to see something neat. He said sure, and I did them right there on his floor.

He had this funny expression on his face and then I noticed he started to get hard in his pants. His crotch was just above my face level as I was on the floor. I knew this had aroused him and I laughed and got up. He asked me if I found him attractive, and I did and said yes. He reached over and pulled me close and kissed me and soon we were stripping down and he asked me if I’d ever fucked in the splits position. I hadn’t, but was willing to try.

He sat on the sofa and had me get on top of him and he helped position my feet on the arms of the sofa and we began to fuck. I cannot say it was the most comfortable position I’d fucked in, I wasn’t too experienced at this point. We did however make it work and he helped lift me up and down on his cock, and after we were finished, he licked my pussy clean of all of his cum he’d shot inside me. He did have a talented tongue, not a doubt about that! Being flexible has it’s rewards.

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He Used to Strip

One of my callers likes to talk about the part time job he had in college. He was a male stripper and had many fun adventures with older ladies when he was. He was working his way through school and was also a bit of a fitness freak, so he had a very good physique and a friend of his that was stripping told him he should try out and it was not long after that he started at the nightclub his friend was working at. He was surprised how many of the ladies practically threw themselves at him. He had no shortage of offers or company.

It was not after too many dates that some of these women began to offer him money for his “services” and he took them up on it, wanting money for his tuition. I’ve seen him on cam, and he is a handsome guy still. Some of the women that would come with friends for a girls night out could get pretty randy and grabby and he had more than enough pussy for the time he had the job. He tired of it after college, but said he was making money hand over fist, and cash, with these lonely, older women after him and his young cock.

Now he likes his peace and quiet and is alone, but he gets lonely at times, so he calls in for some interactive fun on the phone. He said he’s nearly an expert at licking pussy, since it was the most requested service a woman would request. Many had husbands that wouldn’t do it, so they were happy to pay for his attentions. I have to admit, I have thought about how good he must be after going down on heaven knows how many women and bringing them pleasure. You do hear from all sorts of interesting people.

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