Soliciting The Homeless

One of my callers likes to go around to homeless women he finds attractive and make them an offer they can’t refuse. He knows they are hungry, cold, tired, and desperate and he offers them a place to stay for the night, get cleaned up, fed, clean clothes, all in exchange for sex. He’s too cheap to go to escorts, so he finds homeless women or even the occasional runaway and offers them this. Not all he’s approached are receptive, many homeless are mentally ill and he said within a few minutes or less of talking to them, he can tell if they are normal or crazy. Some are just down on their luck, those are the ones he strives to find.

Hard to think some would go to these extremes to find sex for the night, but he actually thinks he’s some sort of hero for offering them a meal and a shower and some new clothes, usually old sweats or something, in exchange for sex. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gotten lice, crabs or any other diseases from these women, a shower can only do so much after all. He said most are grateful and will give him a blow job and let him fuck them before being able to sleep on his couch for the night.

He looks at it as helping people and getting a bonus in return. People have pretty odd ideas of what help is it seems. He said he’s gone back and picked up a few of the same women he liked more than once, one even stayed for the weekend a few times. He said she gives really good head and he likes her. So men, if you’re feeling desperate and are afraid to go to a hooker, skid row is where you could be looking for a hot night of survival sex.

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Married Cocksucker

The number of guys that call and confess they either have sucked cock in the past or are continuing to do so at every available opportunity is quite staggering. Married cocksuckers especially confess they are doing things behind their wives backs without them having a clue about it. Here’s some advice: get a divorce. It’s not fair to expose some poor, clueless woman to God knows what disease because you’re too much of a pussy to get out of the relationship and embrace your faggotry full time. I’m usually on the man’s side when they aren’t getting any sex and I encourage them to find affection elsewhere if they won’t leave, but fucking around with another dude is not part of that encouragement.

You want to suck dick? Good, go for it, but tell her and if she’s ok with it, carry on. Most people are selfish though, they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want all the pleasures and none of the sacrifices. This latest one when I asked where he’s finding all these random guys to suck off, he said he has ads online advertising his oral services. Still having sex with his wife, too. Disgusting degenerates, they deserve to get what’s coming to them, but the poor wives who never consented to be exposed to diseases do not. I swear I’d slice some guys balls off, chop them up and flush them down the toilet if they did that to me.

Are you one of the perverts that does things like this? You phone girls up to listen to your sick secrets, don’t you? I won’t tolerate it, but many other girls will be happy to listen to your depravity. You stroke your cock and feel like you’re pulling one over on the poor, clueless bitch. Your day will come my friend, your day will come.

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Spanked By The Boss

Recently I began to get spanked by my boss. I never thought I’d be in such a situation, but I was. Things have been very tight, the creditors are closing in. I’m not sure why I didn’t just ask my boss for an advance on my salary, I’m sure he’d have given it to me, but I was too prideful to do so. So I did the one thing I should not have. I stole it. I needed three thousand dollars to get caught up on my bills and I was in charge of the petty cash box at work. I had access and complete trust of the workers. So I started to skim a bit off the top each week. It was working like a charm, until I was caught that is.

I was asked to stay after work and I didn’t think much of it, since I’d gotten away with it for months, so I did not think that was the topic at hand, so I wasn’t nervous. Then he told me when we were alone that he knew what I’d done. I was terrified he’d call the police and fire me, as he had every right to do. He said he wouldn’t do that, but that there would be a price for what I’d done. I was wondering what I’d have to do. Then it hit me, I knew.

He said he was going to make me his sex slave fort he next three months, any time, any where he demanded, I was to serve him and not complain. He said he liked it rough and that I was to strip down right then and get a spanking for being such a naughty, naughty girl. I did as I was told and bent over his desk. He took off his belt and then whipped my ass hard with it. He then fucked me from behind, thrusting so hard he made the desk move I was bent over. Yet oddly, I did not hate it or resent it. I had a feeling these next three months not be so bad after all.

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I Fucked The Man I Babysat For

I used to babysit a lot for extra money on the side and some of the dad’s were pretty hot and also sex deprived. So many of the wives were cold and I know many of them were not servicing their husbands. That’s where I came in. I looked after their kids and I fucked their husbands in many cases as well. Funny I was doing a lot of the wifely duties and no benefits of marriage. Sometimes these useless wives would go away overnight to visit a sister or mother or something and I’d stay the night. Sometimes the dad stayed as well, he just didn’t want to deal with the kids for the entire time the wife was away.

Several times when the kids were asleep one of the dad’s would make their way to my room for some comfort. I liked this one dad so much, I used to fantasize something would happen to his wife and I’d step in and take her place, aren’t I awful? He had a nice dick and I loved to suck on it. He said his wife hadn’t done that in years. I was happy to do it. He’d give me tips and was really nice to me, he was also great at licking pussy, which he said she wouldn’t let him do either.

Every chance we got we would go at it. I loved paying him attention he was so lacking at home. He’d fuck me in the car sometimes when he’d drive me home after sitting for the kids. It was usually a quickie since of course he had to get back home to the wife that never gave him any love, yet he wouldn’t leave for anything. Makes me wonder what some men use for brains. I have many fond memories of the times we fucked and played.

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Sexy Men in Uniform

For all those that fought for their countries, thank you. There are men sexy men in uniform that ladies will frequently fantasize about. How many were not won over by Richard Gere in the white Navy dress uniform? It’s a sexy look. Most ladies will love a man in uniform. Men in the military are more often alpha males with a stronger character, they have courage and are more brave than many, and that kind of man attracts the ladies. Are you a sexy vet that fought all over the world and has many tales of girls in every port you bagged and have many fond and debauched memories about?

It can be fun to hear callers stories about their many sexual misadventures. Some servicemen have called and complained about how difficult it is to get any privacy to even masturbate. I’ve heard that I think from every one that’s ever called and then they finally get a couple of days off and they will call in and have some well deserved alone time. Some higher ranking ones have called over the years that were high up enough to have their own private living quarters, and they were very grateful to have them.

I can recall one serviceman that’s called several times over the years that had no girlfriend since he was always being moved around, and he cherished his annual trips to Nevada where he’d visit a brothel. He would only go to ones where it was legal, he wanted to not ever get in trouble for doing something that wouldn’t be approved of if found out, so it was an annual highlight for him. Many have to go long periods without sex or sexual companionship, and even masturbation is hard to get the privacy for, so ones in active duty are usually a deprived and horny lot I’ve found from the ones that call.

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