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The Horny Librarian

I’ve worked as a librarian in the past and always loved the calm, quiet environment the library offered. I also got to study many young men that were reading and absorbed in their books and studies. They likely had no … Continue reading

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Fucking The Lawn Guy

Summer is almost here, the warm weather already is and the lawns are getting their first mowing of the season. The yard maintenance company I use always hires several more workers fort he summer. Usually college students. They are young, … Continue reading

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Stroking My Pussy Thinking Of You

I’ve always loved to masturbate, ever since I was very young, I lived in fear I’d get caught and had a few close calls, but thankfully never was. Even now, I do several times a week, especially when there’s someone … Continue reading

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Pleasure Delivery

There’s this sweet, young delivery boy that brings me my medication from the pharmacy. He always blushes when he sees me and I kind of like teasing him when he’s in that state. I asked him if he had a … Continue reading

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The Boy Across The Road

I have naughty thoughts about the young boy that lives across the street. I’ve had my eye on him for years and now that he’s eighteen, I think I’m going to make my move on him. I don’t think he … Continue reading

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