Hot, Hot, Hot!

Now that the cooler weather is coming I’ve had the furnace cleaned to get it ready for the coming season. The man that came to clean and service it was a nice looking man, they hadn’t sent him before. I must say, he was getting me hot while I looked at him. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but wanted to let him know if he made a move, it would be welcomed. I bent over and let him get a good look at my tits down my blouse, with no bra on. I think that gave him the signal he needed.

When he came up to collect payment, I was ready for him. I asked if he’d like to have a tour of the house. I knew it sounded quite ridiculous to say that to a serviceman, but it was a way to get him into my bedroom without being so direct as to ask it outright. He smiled and I thought he got the drift of things and he said he’d love to have a tour. I didn’t take long to get to the bedroom. Once in there, we wasted no time.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed at his belt to release his already hard cock. I took him hungrily into my mouth and he was grateful to be sucked. he didn’t let me suck on his dick too long before he pulled me up and pushed me down on the bed and stripped me bare. I saw his bobbing cock advancing towards me and spread for him. He slid into me and I wrapped my arms and legs around him and we bucked against one another, seeking our release together. it was hot, it was primal and very satisfying. I have no idea if I will see that man again, but he was a hell of a good fuck.

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