The Neglected Husband

One thing we phone sex girls hear a lot about is the neglected husband. The wife won’t fuck them anymore, and their minds wander around to possible available females they might be able to easily fuck. Many have an eye for the young ones, youth being so appealing and all that, so the family babysitter can be someone that will catch their eye. They see them a lot, maybe drive them home after they looked after their kids, and perhaps she’s a nubile young student with a hot little figure. She very well might first enter the man’s mind when he’s masturbating, or he might have a sex dream about her and then start to think about her.

Some of these young girls aren’t so innocent and for an extra bit of money, they might easily be persuaded to give the man a blow job or a hand job. They see their perky breasts, tight, young ass, maybe the wife has let herself go after squeezing out a couple of kids and she has zero interest anymore regardless, so the poor schlub turns his libido to the babysitter. One called a few nights ago and said he’d given the babysitter an extra fifty bucks for a blow job and she was happy to do it. He only lasted a few minutes, so she got paid well for a few minutes work.

If you were having lots of satisfying sex with your wife, you likely wouldn’t be here on a phone sex site reading this. You’re horny, you’re lonely, and you likely have a cold bitch at home that has zero intention of giving you any pussy. Have you played around with a babysitter before? What happened, was it hot? Is it ongoing? Are you worried wifey might find out about it? We’d love to hear all about it.

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