Family Ties

My brother and I were always close, but something happened recently that brought us even closer. I’d thought I was home alone and was masturbating and because I thought I was alone, I was loud, as I like to be when I know I have privacy, I’m a real screamer. Well it turns out I was not alone, he’d come home just after I’d started and I had not heard him, since I was lost in my masturbation pleasures. He’d been watching me from the crack in my door and stroking his own cock. When I came, I saw him standing there and he had a wicked grin in his face.

I just went over and shut the door and said nothing. A few days later, I heard him jerking off when our parents were out and I went to his door and pushed it open, he told me to come on in and watch, which I did. I got turned on just watching him and he told me to get naked and get on all fours on the bed, which I did. He slid his bare cock into my pussy and began to fuck me, and it felt better than any guy I’d ever fucked before.

I knew it was very naughty to let my brother fuck me, but it felt so good and we weren’t hurting anyone, so we fucked like this every chance we got when our parents were out and even sometimes when they were asleep. We’d sneak into each other’s rooms and fuck on the floor so the beds didn’t squeak, never got caught once. My brother had the nicest cock I’ve ever had to date. We had so much fun.

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