I Saw Him Standing There

When I’m alone I like to dance, and chances are, I’m naked. I do it all the time alone in my room. I’ve done it since I was in my early teens. Once when I thought I was alone I was dancing and then my door began to open and I realized my brother was standing there, watching me. He had his hard cock in his hand, so I assume he’d been standing there watching me for more than a couple of minutes. I was shocked to see him, but for some reason did not stop dancing. My firm, teenaged titties were bouncing as I did.

He sure noticed them bouncing, since his dick was hard as a rock. We were alone in the house and he moved closer towards me and touched my breast with his left hand as he was stroking his cock with his right. I let him. He toyed with my nipple and got it all hard. I felt I was getting wet. I laid down on the bed and parted my legs and began to touch my pussy as he stayed at the edge of the bed and masturbated. It felt really naughty, but we watched each other masturbate.

I opened my pussy lips, and yes, I was already dripping wet. I dragged some of the juices up over my clit and it felt so good. I was just teasing that clit so lightly as I watched him stroke away on himself. His eyes were glued to my cunt, like mine were to his dick. I came on my hand and he soon shot his load. Some of it landed on my stomach and I grabbed a few Kleenex’s to wipe it off. No one ever found out about this, we did similar things a few times, and it was really hot, but it never went any further between us.

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