Mommy Caught Him Masturbating

One of the top fantasies men have and call about is being caught by mom. Sometimes it’s actually happened to them, many times decades ago, and it still has a huge impact on them to this day. Sometimes it was a very bad and negative experience, other times neutral where nothing was said, they just turned around and left, sometimes though it was something the boy wanted and even actively set up, not locking a door, being intentionally careless. One man called last night and said when he was a young teen and there was only one computer in the house, such an event happened to him, though I’ve heard many similar tales before.

He said how at three in the morning he was in his mom’s office, naked in her chair, cock lubed up with baby oil and watching MILF porn on the computer and she woke up and came in when she heard noise and saw him there, watching it, sick in his oiled hand. He said he was so enthralled in his masturbation he didn’t even quite jerking when she walked in and they locked eyes. Then she started yelling at him to get his clothes on and get out of the office. I’m sure scenes like this play out constantly all over the world.

He of course in his fantasies wanted her to come in and ask to help and then she kneel down beside him and start jerking it off for him, that’s what he’d have liked to happen. So many boys want mom’s help, no one knows how to do things like mom does, so of course she should be the one to help her son learn all about orgasms and how to have them properly and to the maximum pleasure. Were you ever caught by mom? I bet you’d love to tell one of our understanding and sexy operators about it.

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