Mommy Knows Best

The number of callers that are obsessed with mommy is staggering. The first woman in a man’s life, is of course their mother. Usually she is also the one they sexually fantasize about as they masturbate. Many of course claim that their mom helped them masturbate or watched them, I’m sure this is all in their fantasies, but there’s no harm in going along with it and indulging them. One last night said his mom was so beautiful, that in her nightgown she looked just like a movie star, and he’d go to his room and jerk off and imagine her coming in to check on him and catch him stroking his cock and she’d just sit down beside him and put her hand on top of his and continue to stroke it for him.

He’d lay back and let her work on it, and when he was particularly lucky, she’d even put his cock in her mouth and suck on it for him. Going down on her own, teenaged son, licking her boys sweet precum off of his cock and then making sure to swallow every drop of it when he’d shoot his load. His mom’s mouth was the first one ever around his young dick, and mommy all but spoiled him for other women she was so perfect.

Some that are older and still live at home often claim they are in a sexual relationship with their mother, that dad died and now they are all each other has in the world, and what is wrong with them finding comfort with one another? Well, I suppose nothing is wrong with it, it’s their own business, but if mom was such a hot tamale, they likely wouldn’t need to be calling phone sex girls, since they’d be fucking mom day and night, right?

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