Watching Mom In The Shower

It goes without saying that many callers have fantasized about their mom a lot over the years. Many spied on her while she was getting dressed, sleeping, or even when she was in the shower. They will stand at the crack in the door and stroke their young cocks as they watch their mom soap up and rinse off and if they are lucky, they might even get to see her masturbate in the shower. Watching her rub the soapy washcloth over her full breasts, drag it over her tummy, and down to her pussy, sometimes clean shaven, other times hairy.

Perhaps watching as she parts her cunt lips and lets the spray of the shower massager strike her clit in an intense stream of water, her back against the shower wall, one leg up on the side of the tub, their young, hard cock in their hand as they watch their mother masturbate, totally unaware their son is watching their every move and stroking his cock at the same time as he lustfully watches her and she has no clue. They can hear her moans she’s trying to suppress since it feels so good to have the water play over their clit, and her sounds arouse him all the more.

Then after she cums, they watched her dry herself off as they continue to watch her, stroking their young cock faster and faster, just exploding before they dash off to their room so she won’t catch them as she exits the bathroom on her way back to her room totally unaware of what’s happened, that she’s aroused her son and made him cum without even knowing it. He will think back to these stolen moments many times over his life as he masturbates. Mommy can have a huge effect on her little boy and his fantasies, not a doubt.

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