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Let Me Masturbate You

Recently I was in the hospital and had a procedure done for reshaping, part of it involved the pubic area, and I was very concerned afterward that my sexual sensations might be affected, even though I’d been assured they would … Continue reading

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Healing Hands

Recently I had a bad fall, I tripped and fell down a few stairs and hurt my one ankle pretty badly so I was recommended for some physio therapy. I had to go a few days a week to have … Continue reading

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His First Pelvic Exam

One of my more interesting calls this week, the same man called twice for it, was a man that wanted to pretend that he was 19 years old and female getting his first gynecological exam. Yes, he was a female … Continue reading

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Lesbian Labotomies

One of my more colorful clients has been calling with fantasies of lobotomizing women to make them more accepting of his cock. Hmm, I’d say if a woman says no, she’s not interested. Rather than take them by force and … Continue reading

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May I Take Your Temperature, Sir?

One thing I get asked a lot by the British guys in particular, is do I have a nurses uniform. At first I found this odd, I of course get the old Catholic school girl uniform request a good deal … Continue reading

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