Let Me Masturbate You

Recently I was in the hospital and had a procedure done for reshaping, part of it involved the pubic area, and I was very concerned afterward that my sexual sensations might be affected, even though I’d been assured they would not. The nurse I’d been assigned was a male one, I’d never had a male nurse before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. He could see on my chart the procedure I’d had done and I was voicing my concerns about post surgery orgasms and if it would be a problem, reduced sensitivity, etc.

One day my roommate was out of the room at her physical therapy and I would be alone for at least two hours, and he came in and I was again talking about this. I was a bit stiff and just couldn’t reach down myself to check, so he said if I promised not to tell anyone, he’d reassure me I was still working just fine. I was so curious, I was glad he’d asked. He drew the curtain around the bed and put some lube on his gloved fingers, and spread open my legs and began a genital massage. I gasped, I could feel everything and told him.

He asked if I wanted him to stop, and I said no. He continued to rub my clit and pussy lips and it felt so good, and I couldn’t move a lot because I was sore, but he was doing a wonderful job, and it wasn’t long with him stroking my clit up and down and increasing his speed, that I soon exploded and he said he was glad to have alleviated my worries about my sexual sensations and I thanked him again for helping me out, and I was sent home the next day, reassured I could still cum just fine.

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