Healing Hands

Recently I had a bad fall, I tripped and fell down a few stairs and hurt my one ankle pretty badly so I was recommended for some physio therapy. I had to go a few days a week to have it exercised properly to heal correctly. The therapist was a good looking young man that was fresh out his training program. My case was a fairly simple one, so they were giving him the more simple cases to work on first before he was given more complicated ones. His hands were very warm, and I couldn’t help but get aroused as he touched me and I couldn’t help but notice how he often seemed to be sporting an erection through his pants when he’d have my foot in his hands.

I certainly didn’t complain, he looked pretty big, and I wondered if I ever might get to see it without the pants on. My treatment was coming along well, and as the sessions were coming to a close I knew I’d not have any more opportunities to see him again, so I invited him to dinner and he said he was afraid he might get in trouble, but I assured him not a soul would know, so he came by for dinner and well, I turned out to be dessert.

He confessed he had a bit of a foot fetish, so whenever he handled my ankle and foot, he got aroused, and he was attracted to me besides that, so it just added to the attraction. I reached over and felt his large cock through his pants and he was as hard a as rock and I slipped my hand inside of the pants and began to stroke him and take his cock out. I gave him a lovely hand job, but didn’t want to give away to much too soon, so he’d be interested and come back for more. I stroked his meaty shaft and smoothed the drips of precum all over his cock and with a few strokes of my hand, he was soon shooting his load. I look forward to feeling that cock in my pussy, soon.

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