The Teacher

This caller of mine is a teacher and he said he’s involved with one of his students. Most stories you hear about are the older woman, younger male stories. I’d never had a caller tell me a story like this before. This student thought he was gay, so he went to his teacher to talk about it since he knew his father would flip out. The teacher was openly gay, so he’s had students come to him like this before in the past but nothing personal ever developed before. He talked with the boy several times after class, then it turned into coffee at a nearby coffee shop, and then the boy came to his home. That’s when things took a different turn.

The boy was totally willing and eager to learn, and the teacher, well, he loves to teach all things. It started out simply enough with just masturbating in the same room together, and then it turned to touching one another and then blow jobs. He said giving the boy his first blow job was the hottest thing he’s ever done and it hasn’t gone to anal yet, just touching and oral but he loves teaching the boy how to do this and that.

He said he taught the boy how to suck cock and balls and how he will love to get more experience when he moves to a big city in a few months when he goes off to college. He thinks he’s given the boy the confidence he was sorely lacking to go out and start to find connections on his own. He said the boy sucks cock very well even though he’s never done it before except on the teacher and he’s worried the boy might fall in love with him, as can happen with a first lover, but he’s tried his best to just keep it teaching and confidence boosting based and he explained that at the start. You do hear all sorts of stories in this business to be sure.

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