The Gym

One of my callers has been telling me about this new gym he joined and how much action he’s been getting since joining. I hear callers all the time telling me how horny they get after working out, so I guess it’s no surprise when a bunch of horny men are walking around naked after working out and showering that some could get an erection and things go from there. This caller has been curious about other men for a long time but until now had never had the opportunity to do anything about it. He’s since taken the plunge though.

It was a slow night at this gym and only he and a few others were around. He’d just taken a shower and noticed a good looking guy going in and he took his time drying off and pretending to get dressed waiting for this guy to finish. The other guy came out and had a hard on and he went into the steam room. My caller followed him. He said within minutes the other guy approached him and had his hand on his cock, jerking him off.

He gave his first blow job in that steam room a few minutes after. He’s done the same for a few other men there and he said he thinks about sucking new cocks night and day now. Last night he took it up the ass for the first time and he said it hurt, but he’s not been able to stop thinking about it and he can’t wait to try it again. I guess the owners of the gym don’t seem too concerned about the hijinks that seem to be going on in the locker room and steam room, since they said they have no privacy concerns. He’s certainly exploring an entirely new side of his sexuality of late since joining and he only wished he’d started this exploration a lot sooner.

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