Anal Masturbation

There’s no shortage of callers that are using toys when they call. Not all of them are pocket pussies or Fleshlights. Many are anal stimulation toys, like prostate massagers or one I watched recently on cam that has his own fucking machine. I’d seen pics and videos of these fucking machines before, but they were always used by women. He saw one and knew it was the right thing for him. He is afraid to ask his girlfriend to fuck him up the ass with a strap on, he knows she wouldn’t do it, so he bought this machine. He’s afraid she will find it in his apartment, but he uses it several times a week and he said he cums harder from this than anything. I told him he’s a fag in denial, lol.

He said just using the toy is enough to make him cum. He doesn’t even need to rub or touch his cock. This toy will make him squirt his load, and a big one, from the anal stimulation alone. I saw him do it. He lubes up the cock on the machine and he leans himself back into it. He positioned it so he can sort of lean on the edge of the bed as he does it and he cock got hard on its own, no touching required.

He was grunting in pleasure as this thing fucked his ass, and I could tell he was in sheer ecstasy as he used it. He’s never had cock up his ass, but been a lifelong toy user. He said he can’t even imagine what a real cock would feel like, but at least this one is safe and no worries of diseases. He said he’d be embarrassed if his girlfriend walked in while he was using it. I don’t know, I think subconsciously he wants her to. I saw him cum a lot after this thing had fucked him for around seven minutes. Maybe you use toys as well, why not call one of our operators and tell us all about it?

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