Pervy Housesitting

I did something I’m not exactly proud of last week. I was house sitting for a friend and she said I could stay there the whole weekend. She has a much nicer place than mine, so I did. I also was snooping around and found her naughty drawer full of her sex toys. I knew it was wrong and bad, but I used one of them. I washed it before and after, but I doubt my friend had any idea she’d be sharing her sex toys with me by agreeing for me to stay at her home. She had this lovely big dildo, the kind with a suction cup on it and I’d always been curious to try that kind. So I did.

I washed it with soap and water first, even though it already appeared to be clean, and then I stuck it down and I lowered myself down onto it and rode that thing until I came all over it. It really stretched open my pussy and I enjoyed it. I washed it when I was finished and put it back where I found it. She will be none the wiser. Lots of times callers will confess naughty things they have done, like take some panties off the floor of their roommate or even their mom or sister, and they know that isn’t right either, but they do it. Women do these things as well.

Have you done something naughty like this you’d like to share you know you can’t tell anyone else? I have other bad things like this I’ve done I’d be only too happy to share talking about if you called to ask. I think you could stroke your cock to these naughty stories of mine and easily get yourself off. I know I like to share things I’ve done as well.

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