Special Girl

A caller was telling me how he had a date a few weeks ago with someone he’d met not long before and he was convinced they were a woman. Until the date that is. They had dinner out and then went back to his place and had a few drinks and began to make out and he said they were a really good kisser and he was enjoying himself very much. He then reached his hand down their panties and oh my, did he ever get a shock and a surprise. He literally froze he said upon feeling the small cock in his hand that the “lady” was sporting.

They were not a woman, they were a tranny and oh, are you ok with that? He didn’t know what to think at first. He was very turned on and then this unexpected surprise in his hand. He was so turned on, the tranny said just to go with it and he gave in and the tranny sucked his cock and he said it was the best blow job he’d ever had. He felt ashamed he’d given in, but was so turned on. Even though he hadn’t planned on this, he couldn’t stop thinking about it and went back again the next night.

He totally gave in to his passions and he fucked the tranny, and the tranny fucked him. He said he never knew he wanted cock until he met them. Now he was craving it and wanting to suck on it and have his sucked by them. Sometimes people don’t know what they want until it’s given to them, even when it’s not expected. So he and the tranny have been playing a few nights a week and enjoying one another. He’s not sure he could see ever being attracted to a real man, but one that’s made up like a woman does appeal to him and he has been loving it.

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