He Fucked Me From Behind

My boyfriend had been away for the last three weeks on a business trip and I knew he’d be really horny by the time he got home. I knew he’d masturbated of course, as had I, but he always comes home very horny when he’s away from me that long. I honestly like that it makes him even more hungry for me when he’s been away and his cock is throbbing just for me. He came home and within minutes we were going at it, kissing and touching and caressing one another with abandon. Our clothes were soon stripped off and we were on the bed together.

He said he’d been fantasizing about taking me from behind all week and I told him I wanted it hard. He got on top of me from behind and was squeezing my tits and I felt the hard head of his cock poking me from behind. I parted my legs and felt it bury its way into the crack of my ass and further forward to my creamy cunt that was so desperately waiting for him to sink balls deep inside of her. I leaned forward a little to give him further access and he plunged forward and into me.

I felt him going into me and we moved together as one in unison as we fucked like animals. I felt my pussy clench down on his cock as I came the first time. My pussy was slick with my wetness and so was his cock. He slowed for a moment to allow me to catch my breath. He stayed within me the whole time. I was ready to start up again and he thrust forward again and we were soon going at it hard when I came again, and then I felt him go off inside of me, fuck it was hot. It’s very primal being taken from behind, and I really enjoy it.

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