Dirty Dancing

Recently my boyfriend and I have taken up dancing as a hobby, and it’s had a surprising effect on our sex life. It’s gotten even hotter and more active than it was. So many callers will say after a workout they are hornier than ever, since the exercising gets the testosterone pumping. Well sexy dancing is an exercise as well, and after pretty well all of the classes, we’ve been having great sex. Last night we got home and were just ripping one another’s clothes off as soon as we got in the door. It was a mad dash for the bedroom.

I’ve really enjoyed learning all the sexy dance moves, but the increase in our sex life has been an unexpected bonus for us. Multiple orgasms, really hot quickies, rough sex, spanking, it’s been all kinds of fun. It’s made me a bit more limber as well, so I can get into a few more positions than I normally have in my repertoire. It’s been a real hit with us both. I rode his dick last night until I came three times. I just stayed on him when he got soft after cumming and I waited for him to grow hard again.

I rocked back and forth on top of him as he massaged my breasts, working his thumbs across my hard nipples. My cunt was so wet and gooey on his dick, we were a sticky mess. I milked his cock into me with every motion I made, grinding my hips in little circles. I love feeling his cum squirt into me, filling me up and then dripping out of me. His cock and balls so coated with my love juices. He’s even gone down on me afterwards and cleaned me all out of his cum, he can be a nasty boy at times, and I love it.

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