My Friend’s Man

I know it’s risking a friendship to go after their partner, but many of us have crossed that line. Recently my best friend got involved with this new man and after I met him, I tried to avoid her actually, since I liked him too much. She asked why I was avoiding her and obviously I couldn’t tell her why. She thought I didn’t like him. If only she’d known I wanted to fuck him from the moment I laid eyes on him. I chuckled to myself, I wondered what she’d have said if I had been honest and told her no actually, I DO like him. I like him so much I wanted to fuck him from the minute we met, so that’s why I stayed away.

I think this sort of thing actually happens a lot with friends. He picked up on this immediately as well. We happened to run into one another when he was alone and he said as much. It didn’t take long for him to come up behind me and kiss my neck and grab my breasts and make my nipples hard in a hidden corner of the restaurant we were in. I was there with another friend and he was there with a business partner when we spotted one another and got up to say hello.

I knew this was not going to bode well with my friendship, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted him, and he wanted me. When we were finished with our dinners and our guests left, we went back to my place. We fucked and sucked all night long, and I wanted him for myself. He was so good at licking pussy and I rode him hard. It had been a long time since I came so many times in one night, but he made me feel fantastic. I am not sure how long the secret will last, but I will be fucking him every chance I get.

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