The Intimate Shave

Many callers seem quite interested in the state of the pubic hair of the lady they are talking to on the phone. It seems you really cannot please all callers. Most seem to like it shaved, but you do get occasional, older usually, callers that prefer a natural bush. Older men have asked and when I say I’m shaved bare, they seem disappointed since they wanted some Sasquatch snatch. How it matters for over the phone I haven’t quite grasped, but people like what they like. Other men have said they went out on a date with a lady and were looking forward to going down on her, she takes the panties off, and shaboom – full on werewolf pussy going on, and suddenly they are the ones getting a headache and going home early for the evening.

It’s comical some of the experiences callers have shared of surprises they were not expecting “down there.” If I was a man, I’d only be going down on a shaved one as well, so I totally get where they are coming from. One the other week was telling me all about his own personal pubic hair shaving routine, that evolved into waxing routine, and he wanted to know all the particulars of how I groom, which I’m always happy to talk about if a guy wants to know. Where, how often, when I started, how long I’ve been keeping shaved, I feel like I’m being interviewed for a woman’s beauty magazine at some of the detailed questions I get asked.

Some say you should appreciate your partner for who they are, but if you’d like them to shave, just ask them. The worst they can say is no. It’s always best to ask things like this before things get too intimate, since if shaved is all you want and they can practically braid theirs and have no intention of changing that, it’s best to weed them out at the get go.

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