Masturbating To Your Grandmother’s Underwear

A sissy called and was telling me all about his pitiful life. He’s thirty one, doesn’t work and is being supported by his grandmother. He does all the cooking and cleaning and housework. He also takes her panties and masturbates with them. He has a tiny three inch dicklet and he cums on the crotch of her worn panties and then licks it off. He says she’s caught him a few times and she knows he’s a pervert, but she likes having the live in help, so she turns a blind eye towards his perversions.

I asked him what was going to happen when grandma dies, who will support him then? He said she has several friends who he does odd jobs for and he anticipates one of them will invite him to go live with them and they will support him. Good lord, what a weirdo. No shortage of them. It’s likely all in his own deranged mind, but hey, it’s his fantasy and his dime, so enjoy it. He said he masturbates a lot, no surprise really, since what woman would want him? He likely craves cock, but I can’t even see what man would want a loser like him.

Thank goodness for phone sex lines so the weirdoes, perverts and losers have somewhere to cal and vent to people about their odd situations. Masturbating to your grandmothers underwear when you’re in the prime of your life, and have no ambition to do anything else but scrub her toilet and cook her meals, hard to think the women and men aren’t beating down the door to get to a winner like that! Masturbate away, worm, it’s the only sex you’re ever going to get. One used to call that would sit in the room next to his sleeping grandmother and masturbate watching her wearing her clothes, he’d likely have scared her had she woken up to that Norman Bates like scene!

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