Christmas Crush

We all want to have sex with the ones we are crushing on, nothing new about that. There’s a man in my condo building that I’ve had my eye on for months. He seems to be single and has been friendly, but not made any overtures. So I found out his email address and I was a bit bold the other week and sent this email revealing my crush to him and linking the video below, to really hammer home my desires. He got the message and when I got home there was a rose and a candy cane taped to my door with a small card and an invitation.

I went and knocked on his door and he invited me in and we had some wine and he said he’d been getting over a breakup and had liked me, but he just hadn’t been ready yet to put the moves on someone new, but since I made the first move, he was glad. We had dinner together and the next night as well. I asked him to come to my unit and he did and I had it all decorated for Christmas and romantically lit. We went into the bedroom and he said he hadn’t been with anyone since his last relationship so he hoped he wasn’t out of practice.

I reached over and kissed him and he soon proved he was not out of practice. I reached my hand down his pants and found him rock hard. I stroked his cock for a while and then he began to undress me and then himself and he laid on the bed. I got on top of him, straddling him, and then slipped his cock into me and started to ride it. He felt very nice in my pussy and he loved to massage and fondle my breasts and my nipples were soon erect at his caresses. I felt him grab me by the hips and glide me back and forth and we were soon in a very sexy, very pleasurable rhythm. I was getting close to cumming, and I leaned back a bit and really began to thrust my body against his and I was soon lost in my orgasm. My cumming triggered him, and he was soon squirting into me, it was pretty hot! I’m glad I pursued my Christmas crush.

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