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Masturbating at Auntie’s House

This one caller that is very much into panties was telling me how he was house sitting for his aunt and he wanted to try on her panties and masturbate on her bed. He also said she has the whole … Continue reading

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Masturbating To Your Grandmother’s Underwear

A sissy called and was telling me all about his pitiful life. He’s thirty one, doesn’t work and is being supported by his grandmother. He does all the cooking and cleaning and housework. He also takes her panties and masturbates … Continue reading

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Panty Pleasuring

My boyfriend has a real fetish for panties, he jerks off and rubs his dick with panties all the time, and one other thing he really loves to do is go down on while, you guessed it, I’m wearing panties. … Continue reading

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Panties For Male Virgins

One of my callers is a sweet, inexperienced male virgin in his mid twenties and he’s got no experience with girls at all and he’s never even smelled a pussy and he practically begged me if I’d consider wiping myself … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm, Panties!

Unlike the clueless mom of the friend in the above photo, most women would indeed understand why the friend of their son was sniffing their panties-and it’s got nothing to do with the scent of the detergent! I get calls … Continue reading

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