Fart Fetish For You

One fetish that seems to be growing in popularity along with the tranny fetish, is fart fetish. It’s hard to understand why such a fetish would hold any appeal, but more guys are asking for it. I even invented a word to describe a fart to them, “sulfury”, lol. I will say I will eat a meal heavy on the onions for a nice, sulfury fart to shoot right up your nose. Cabbage, eggs, all are high in sulfur and produce quite distinctive farts. Lots of guys are into the ass licking, and even smelling, but the ones that want a blast right up the nostrils, well, that’s something else entirely.

I even said to the one guy imagine if I made you go scuba diving and instead of the tanks on your back being filled with oxygen, imagine if it were filled with farts. He went wild at the thought. I don’t think you’d honestly live very long if such a thing was done. No oxygen would mean death pretty quickly, but for ones into fart fetish, what a way to go! I’d think most gals would be mortified to fart in front of their lover, but these guys want it, encourage it, get hard from it.

Fart fetish is silly, weird, gross, but not harmful or hurting anyone, yet most would laugh at the thought or be downright disgusted by it. Farts smell bad, who would want that right in their face? Hard to believe, but some actually do want it. I am convinced that no matter how gross or bizarre, for every weird thing out there, you could find someone with a fetish about it that is masturbating to it. I’ve never watched the two girls one cup video, but I’ve heard about it. If guys are getting off to vomit and scat, is a harmless fart really that big of a deal? I don’t think so.

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